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What The Fuck!

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who was at the door?

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Andy POV
“What the fuck!” I hear from downstairs. It woke me up. I must have not had much to drink last night because I don't have a hangover. I get and go downstairs to find Ashley and Charlie where they fell asleep in the living room last night.
“Charlie, what are you doing?” I recognise Frank’s voice.
“What’s going on?” I ask walking into the room seeing Ashley on top of my sister and Frank standing in the doorway with hurt and anger painted on his face.
“Frankie!” she slurred and got up to stumble over to him and give him a sloppy kiss.
“Ashley, my room. NOW!” I growl at him.
“I charge by the hour” he giggles. Great, he’s still drunk Ashley only giggles when he’s drunk. I grab the collar of his leather jacket and pull him up the stairs.
“You are staying in here until you sober up.” I tell him after closing the door. “What the hell were you thinking? Charlie is going out with Frank. I am not having you ruin their relationship because you got drunk.”
“She’s beautiful.” He smiled.
“Just, please tell me you didn’t do anything but kiss her.”

Frank POV
“What the fuck!” I yell walking into the living room at about 10 am. It was a Sunday so I thought Charlie would be sleeping he hangover off from the previous night. She always got drunk when she went out with Andy’s band.
I was wrong. I walk in to find Ashley on top of her, playing tonsil tennis.
“Charlie, what are you doing?” I ask.
“What’s going on?” Andy grumbled sleepily from behind me. I could feel hot tears running down my face.
“Frankie!” Charlie drunkenly came over to me and planted a messy kiss on my lips.
Andy took Ashley away, leaving me alone with my drunk girlfriend who was cheating on me.
“Why” I ask sitting down on the sofa where they had spent the night.
“Why what, Frankie” she smiles and wraps her arms around me as she sits down next to me.she still had on the body paint and make up from last night.
“Why cheat on me?” I say holding back the tears.
“I didn’t.” She pulls a confused face.
“Oh, so I didn’t just walk in on you and Ashley making out” I almost break.
“Ashley and me are only friends. You know you're the person I only love the most.” She pulls me into a tight hug.
“Why did you kiss him?”
“I didn’t. I tried to get up but I'm still drunk and fell over and landed where I was and then he tried to help me up but he fell too and then I told him he was pretty because I was being nice and he kissed me. It only lasted a few seconds and I swear I didn’t kiss back.” She ended up sobbing.
“Shh baby. I forgive you. You were drunk. I know I've done some stupid things when I've been drunk. I'm fine as long as it didn’t mean anything to you and you don't do it again.” I pull her into my lap and she buries her face into my chest.

Andy POV
“So you just made out with her?” I say, slowly calming down.
“Yep, I'm sorry. I think I'm still drunk. I wouldn’t do that otherwise. I don't want to hurt her.” He replies.
“Sure. I'm going to get you some toast and coffee to help you sober up. Stay here.” I instruct him.
“Are you two ok?” I ask going into the living room.
“Yeah, were just waiting for her to sober up properly.” Frank replied. They were watching a horror movie and I could hear Charlie giggle quietly each time someone died horrifically.
“Ok, Ashley’s locked in my room ‘till he’s sober. You want coffee?”

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