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the (not so) grand finale sorry about that :)

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Last one guys. im sorry its a shitty end but its open to a sequel keep checking up for one

Charlie POV
“Frankie!” I say and jump on him as he enters the tour bus. I was currently on my bands buss, Purple Haze. It had become a heavier band than before but I'm never any good at putting genres to anything so I'm gonna call it screamo. Frank and Gee left to make their own band with Gerard's brother Mikey and a friend called Matt. They were pretty good and had recently released their second album.
Warped was great this year so far. There was my band, MCR, BVB, Disengaged, avenged seven fold, the blackout, linkin park, falling in reverse and MSI.
Gerard had broken up with Hayley after he cheated on him with Jaz’s boyfriend, colt. Gee was with the bassist from MSI called Lyn-z and Jaz was with Ashley. Martha was still with Andy and I was still with Frank. in fact, I was engaged to Frank. he proposed to me during the first show on tour. I was in the middle of the song and not only am I the drummer, I also sing, it's more fun now. When Frank came onstage, he simple knelt down and showed me the ring. I stopped playing mid-song and threw myself at him. The whole crowd `awed` at us.
“You’re early” I tell him, we had arranged for the bands to meet after the show.
“I just wanted to see you before you get all sweaty and icky.” He kisses me.
“Thanks.” I kiss him back.
“Get a room.” Jaz says coming out of the bathroom.
“Like you can talk. I go to see my brother last night and what do I find instead?” I accuse her.
“You should have knocked.”
“I did. You were obviously preoccupied.”
“Ok, I'm going to leave you two to get ready.” Frank said leaving the bus.
“Almost ready?” Martha asked walking onto the bus.
“Just got to do my hair.” I say pulling my long black and purple hair into pigtails that hang loosely.
As usual the night went uneventfully. After playing, I stayed to watch MCR, BVB and MSI before going back to the MSI bus. I walk in to find Jimmy sleeping on the floor. I nudge him and tell him to get up.
“Party time?” he asks.
“Where’s the booze?” I reply helping him up.


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i like the story as a whole and i was thinking of changing some names and stuff and giving it to my nan to read but i might wait for my other story that ive just started to do that because its more violent and i want to see her reaction.
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