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You goddamn right.

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Hey guys,so sorry about not uploading sooner,had some shit to attend to.I shall be your new uploader because Katherine is currently California-ing it up.I don't think this will be updated until Sunday or Monday after this,apologies,but I have to enroll ion my new school and shit so...yeah.Here you go.
By the way,I found another summary for "Untitled",which is the reason it's up again.

hey lads-

I just had the most epic moment ever.

So I just ran into the guy I've liked for like my entire life.And his new girlfriend.

In the underwear department of Dunnes Stores.Carrying tampons.

(You will only know that if you're Irish,but hey,whatever.)

It's pretty much like Asda or Walmart to English/Americans.Cheap shit open twenty four hours a day.

So,yeah.I got up this morning,and FOR THE FIRST FUCKING TIME IN MY EIGHTEEN YEARS OF EXISTENCE,did not put on make up.I will describe what I looked like:

-Liverpool jersey

-greasy,undyed hair

-my friend's sweatpants,who is male

-Batman hoodie (because only I would wear that)

-a pair of Nike runners I have had,for,oh,about thirteen years

-no make up,no perfume,no nothing.

So I was walking through the shop,right,and I was just like grabbing tampons and deodorant and shit,when suddenly I hear this voice saying:

“Lornaigh!Oh my God,hi!How are you?”

And I was like:


I turned around and was like “oh,hi,Gearoid,how’s it going” and then LIKE FUCKING MEGAN FOX POPS OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE and slinks her arm around him and’s just like

“Hey baby-oh.Lornaigh.It’s you.”


-low cut,lacy shirt,that I would look like an obese walrus in but yet she gets the whole “sexy” vibe

-long,silky black hair that I swear to God was featured in the last Pantene ad

-a mini skirt

-a cute,girly shrug

-designer flipflops

-perfect make up and the most expensive perfume like ever

So I was standing there,just,y’know,looking like a dude,and then she was there emitting this ray of beauty and seduction,and then I’m just there with my Tampax and Nivea shit and I said:

“Hi Anna.How’s your course going?”

To which she replied:

“About as good as your skin,Lornaigh.”

1.All hatred aside,that’s just mean.

2.I actually have quite good skin today

3.I will beat you down like a bitch motherfucker you do not insult someone who spends their life coming up with comebacks for situations such as these

So then my friend Gearoid was just like “oh shit I sense a bitch fight coming on” but then obviously remembered that Lornaigh is FUCKING AMAZING at comebacks and just cameto terms that his girlfriend is mentally retarded.But then I was like:

“At least I can make him smile with my pants on.”

I calmly walked away and purchased my toiletries.


Oh my god,anyway:


Why the fuck am I talking like that

Oh and I think that after this I’ll stop with all the OC’s

title from Eminem

xo lorna

and wow holy shit Gerard’s a fucking monster here

First of the Gang to Die

Frank sat nervously on the edge of the bed,fidgeting with his cuff links.In less than an hour he would be there-in less than an hour he would be facing the subject upon which he dreaded since he was aware of its existence two days ago.He was forcing and bullying himself not to cry,not to heave with fright,with anxiety.

Gerard emerged from the bathroom,smoothing back his hair and buttoning up his jacket.The hem of his elongated sultan trousers brushed the floor as he seemingly floated to the dresser.It was a pin stripe suit today,complete with a crimson tie and black silk shirt.The red flower whose absence had been so greatly appreciated by Frank was back,sneering at him from the lapel of Gerard's coat.Seven rings adorned his fingers,barring his right thumb,left small finger and the missing digit,who was clearly present in its absence.He was also paler today,and black lightly dusted his eyelids,creasing along the lines of his crevasses.He swivelled slowly to Frank and raised a questioning hand.

"How do I look?"

It was times like this Frank wished his vocabulary was as eclectic as Gerard's.

"Amazing,"he stammered,envying his husband's versatile beauty,longing to stay at home and not to spend the night at the event,"really,really,really good."

"In that case,"Gerard hummed,muscles tugging at the side of his mouth,"I may be able to blind them with my beauty."He paused."Or yours."

aww shucks

Frank blushed furiously and glared at his knees."That's not true."

"Oh please,cease the modesty,"he scoffed,pulling at his sleeves,"I've heard the manliest of bastards gossip about you like a group of lovesick teenage girls."

"Really?"Frank asked,surprised at the fact.

"Yes,"he stated,not without some grit,"everyone hates me because of your looks."He grinned wickedly."And God help me,I love it."

"You love that they hate you?"

"Nuh uh,"he replied,checking his teeth,"I love that you are mine and no one else's.That only I am able to make you blush so brightly you emit a glow.Like you are currently doing."

Frank stood up and blew the hair out of his face,crossing his arms."You don't make me blush."

Gerard laughed loudly."Oh,don’t make me laugh,I could make you blush if I was deaf,dumb and blind.”

“You could not.”

“Oh,really?We’ll leave your blood vessels to decide that for you,”he said,pulling Frank into his arms,who couldn’t help but flush red as Gerard murmured obscenities into his ear,things Frank would have never even dreamt about but bit his lip in longing now.

“O-oh,no,”he muttered,trying to squirm from his husband’s grasp,but to no avail.He pushed Gerard lightly on the chest but the gangster simply smirked and bit down on Frank’s ear lobe,and the boy gasped and writhed in his hold.

“What’s wrong,sugar?”Gerard purred,pushing him up against the dresser. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No,”Frank gabbled,knowing it wasn’t true.His eyes travelled the full length of Gerard,and practically drooled.He decided to give into lust. “I just...want you...”

Gerard laughed. “Of course you do.But we have to go.”

“Oh-“ Frank pouted at the sudden loss of contact. “Do we really have to?”He leant into Gerard’s shoulder. “I don’t wanna.”

“I’m not exactly shitting rainbows either,Frank,but it’s been arranged,”he sighed,grabbing his belt. “I can’t stop it now,honey,I’m sorry.”

“But it sounds so scary,”Frank remarked,pleading with his husband with his eyes,”have you done it before?”

The anxiety in Frank’s voice made Gerard’s heart pang.But no.He couldn’t.Not now.

“Eight times,”he answered. “This is a very rare occasion,sweetheart.It means we definitely have the upper hand here.”


Gerard wrapped his arms around the smaller man. “Really really.” He tucked Frank in under his chin. “So don’t you even worry about it,baby. It’ll take an hour,tops.”



“Are we ready,sir?The car is waiting outside.”


Frank stood next to Ray and Bob-the two men most trusted by Gerard,he noticed-in his long black trenchcoat,shivering.It was fucking freezing.Fucking March and not even a glimpse of sun or modest heat.He was absolutely dying,and looking at Gerard with his shirt rolled up to his elbows made him even colder.

Stuff like this happened.If you don’t believe me,watch the Sopranos.

It was a shooting being carried out-someone had betrayed the Romano’s within the group,and for some reason beyond Frank’s understanding they wanted their enemies to kill the guy,probably because Gerard was such an infamous lover of agonizing brutality.After a brief meeting,Frank had been informed,that they would go to the woods and the man’s life would come to an end.

They were in some deserted plain,with crumbling granite rock beneath their feet and a looming grey sky above them.The Way party were facing the endless horizon as the others approached,grey tuxedoes blending into the rock.Iero instantly recognised the main man heading towards them,and tried to guide his vision else where,wanting to escape the fiery stare that would be searching his soul in moments.

The other gang stopped about fifteen feet parallel to the Way’s. They were just as serious,just as hardcore-but they had an air of uncertainty about them,as a virgin might go about their first encounter.Frak could sense their shifting,their uncomfortable movements as one guy stepped forward.

He was good looking,the reader should be aware,but in a very rugged,five o’ clock shadow sort of a way.His tanned face and tangled brown hair sent out a message of arrogance,pride,vanity.He walked with a stride and had unbuttoned the first two buttonsof his shirt.A woman was accompanying him though,strangely enough-with blond,wispy hair,pale make up and a ditsy,confused smile that drugged prostitutes might wear upon a night of signifigance. Her hand was being squeezed by his mercilessly,so that her fragile limb was red and shaking slightly in his grip.Frank guessed it was his wife-there never seemed to be girlfriends within the Mafia.Frank noticed Gerard was smiling,laughing to himself.

“Frank,”was muttered in his ear,and then he was taken by the hand. “We have to go now.”

Gerard walked ahead,tugging Frank by the hand,who shied behind his huband,hiding in his wake.Way looked very set and determined,and the vein standing out in his forearm spoke for itself,a snake of pulsating violet set amongst ivory skin.



“Are you staring at me for any particular reason,or...?”

Frank tore his eyes away quickly from Gerard and flushed scarlet for about the eighth time that day,as the older laughed huskily under his breath.

“Blinded by handsomeness,are we?”

“That’s not a word.”

“Yes it is.”

“No,it’s not.”

“Yes,it is.”

“Are we actually doing this?”

“What?Am I going to shatter someone’s cranium or are we having a heated discussion about the word ‘handsomeness’ whilst going to shatter someone’s cranium?”



They arrived at the standpoint,with grey boy and Tits Magee waiting solemnly for them.

I hope to God I am not the only person who got that epic movie reference.


It was Anchorman.Anyone?Anchorman?Ah fuck it

“Mister Mancini.”Gerard eyes flickered to the woman. “Missus Mancini.”


Gerard’s hand flew across his face before Frank even had the time to register it.Then it was back by his side,flexing his fingers in leather gloves.The boy and the offenders both looked stunned.

“I’m going to try this again,”Gerard muttered reasonably. “Normally when individuals meet they exchange greetings as opposed to vulgarity.Obviously I am the only fucking person involved in gangwarfare who ever learned fucking manners.”

The man bit his lip and shook his hand out of his wife’s grip,offering it gingerly to Gerard.

“Gerard,”he coughed out stiffly.

Oh my God,Frank thought.This guy is gonna fucking die.

“Who the fuck said you had permission to address me by my first name?Surnames at all times,you ignat.Christ,who induced you to the Mafia?”

“Mister Way,”the guy spluttered quickly,his hand shaking and licked with sweat.

“Never mind,I don’t want to shake your hand now.You have irritated me.”

“It is a sin,y’know.This...thing.”

Gerard sighed and pulled on his tight gloves,humming through his teeth.Then he leaned back and punched him full in the face,Mancini’s nose letting out a delightful crack.The woman gasped and tended to her husband,dabbing helplessly with a handkerchief.

“I do not remember asking your opinion on the matter,Mister Mancini,but I will comply.Where is said prisoner?”


“The man who is going to get shot.”

“Oh,over there.”Gerard followed Mancini’s finger and nodded. “His name is Michael.”

Gerard flinched momentarily and then regained his poker face,the familiar name numbing him for a second or so.Iero,ever diplomatic,realised the déjà vu and kissed Way’s clothed shoulder as meaning of comfort.

“Thank you,” Gerard returned almost inaudibly.Then he returned to the couple. “You realize your betrothed is not as God-fearing as he makes out to be,madam?”

The woman blinked. “Huh?”

Gerard smirked. “He’s cheating on you.Fucking the wife of the late Andrew de Luca.”

Frank witnessed the man’s face slowly disintegrating into despair,and the woman slowly melt with rage.

“What the fuck-“

“Come,Frank,”Gerard murmured,” let’s leave the future former Missus Mancini to kill Mister Mancini in peace.”

He was young.Very young.About Frank’s age.Maybe even younger.

He was kneeling down in one patch of the forest,sobbing and pleading for his life.According to Mancini,his name was Michael Abate,he had been in the gang for little over five months,and he had snitched to the cops about a meth raid the Romano’s had carried out in early March,nearly two weeks ago.Marcus Romano had found out and handed him over to Gerard,as it appeared the Romano’s didn’t like to dirty their hands with blood.

Frank stood back with Ray and Bob,again,wringing his hands and trying not to focus on the wailing boy in front of him. Gerard’meanwhile,was loading his gun with dileberate slowness,and each click of the gauge made Abate cry out in horror.

“Well,Mister Abate,”Gerard announced, “do you have any last words to say before you die?”

“PLEASE-don’t do this-I-“

“Let me guess. You’re married,with children,or you’re too young to die,so much to live for,haven’t travelled the world,what fucking excuse is it now?” Gerard spat in a fluent tongue of malevolence.“I have heard them all,Mister Abate,and they are all exhausted beyond usage.”

“But please sir,I-“

“What?Fucking spit it out.”

“I didn’t snitch,sir!Never!I just-I’m like you.”

“How in the name of fuck are you like me?”

“You know,sir.Why Richard was mocking you.He's a homophobe,sir,and I-”

"I know what he is,don't fucking patronize me."

Gerard growled and shot the boy in the back. He howled with pain as scarlet gushed from his spinal cavity.

“Do not think for a minute that I will fucking take pity on you because of that.Do not for a fucking moment think that I will spare you because you are homosexual.”

“But sir,I-I’m getting married soon!” Frank could see the heartbreak,the desperation in his eyes.Next he just gradually broke down,sobs wracking through his ribs. “Please,sir,I love him so much.Imagine if someone hurt your husband!”

Everyone present-all Way’s-inhaled sharply,with the exception of Michael,Frank and Gerard.Frank flinched and dug his nails into his palms to stop any premature signs of pain,trying to force any memories of the carnal knowledge back to whichever cage it belonged. Gerard simply flashed an infamous glare,and flexed his fingers. The gun cracked again-this time it hit the boy in the shoulder. Way seemed to have tipped over the edge.

“They did,”he snarled,jabbing the barrel into the backof Abate’s head. “Your fucking group of rapists did.”

“Oh.” Now he sounded embarrassed. “You’re-Mister Way?He was the boy...the boy Andy-“

“Yes,I am Mister fucking Way and he’s the boy Andy fucking brutalised,”was fired into the open,scarring all present.It would be a short amount of time before the kid would die,that was for certain.

A matter of seconds,really.

The final blow came from the third chamber,and shot straight into the skull of the nineteen year old.There was a heavy thud as he fell to the forest floor.

Gerard bent down beside him and picked something from his hand-on closer sighting and later interrogation,witnesses spied him take the boy’s engagement ring into his hand and hurl it into the nearby river.

“Fucking prick,”he muttered,and walked off.
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