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I would like to state my vision,life was so unfair.

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title from The Cranberries

apologies if its kinda short

First of the Gang to Die

Gerard stormed down stairs,fists clenched,gun at the ready.He was fucking furious beyond all belief.He had been having a whale of a time with Frank and now some snot with a message about Romano's slut of a wife was ruining his night-or morning,currently.He wanted to beat up this motherfucker good,teach him a little lesson about barging in on Gerard Way's private life.

He flung open the door to the chamber and seized up the kid sitting in the metal chair.He was lanky,with black rimmed glasses and messy mouse brown hair.His jacket had been removed and his white shirt was spattered with blood-his tie had been used to gag him.He was obviously young-he had chubby cheeks and his light blue orbs shone in the light,and there was the unmistakable smell of sweat within the room,and Way knew goddamn well it wasn't coming from him or his men.

"Sir,"Robert addressed him roughly,his machine gun in his grasp.His wife,Katlyn,rested a hand on his shoulder,trying to calm him.Bob didn't like being woken up from his beauty sleep,especially to some little shit with a bulletin and a revolver.

"This is Bianchi,"Robert continued."He arrived a while ago with something to tell you."

Gerard didn't even hear Bryar's information,he was so consumed by his own anger.He stalked straight up to to Bianchi and punched him right in the face,knocking the kid into barely conscious blackout.Way picked him up and pressed his nose against the kid's,his pupils searching Bianchi's.

"Listen to me,you little shit,"he snarled,grabbing his gun and cocking it to his enemy's temple,making him cry out in fear,"I was that fucking close to being alone with the most beautiful boy in the world for thr first time in weeks and now you pop out of the fucking blue and that proposal goes out of the fucking window!"Another sharp slap,and then Bianchi was thrown into the corner of the room.

"Jesus Christ,"Gerard continued,walking the room,dragging a hand through his freshly washed hair."First you fuckers try to fucking maim and or kill me every goddamn day,and then you disturb my fucking sex life!Fucking hell..."

Twenty two pairs of eyes rested on the boy,shaking and quaking.They mentally willed him to shut up and simply take his torture.

"He wants you to know-that in return for killing-"


"-that he wants to kill your husband,and-"

Gerard shot the guy in the leg.He couldn't stand it.It was just so goddamned fucking irritating.

"AAAARGH!"The boy shouted,clutching his bleeding limb."Oh,please-"

"You idiots really do misjudge my power,don't you?"Gerard muttered."You must be fucking dim."

Gerard walked over to the kid again and cracked him across the face with his stick.Bianchi's cheekbone stuck up from his face,jutting into his face,making his visage looking horribly disfigured.Gerard scoffed.

"Get him out of here,"he spat."Now if you'll excuse me,I am off to my private room.If you are willing to risk your life by interrupting myself then do so,but I will be armed at all times and I can guarantee you will get shot."

He stalked out of the room and tried to sprint up the stairs as best he could,before banging loudly on the door.

"Frank,sugar,it's me.Open the door."

No sooner had the door cracked open than Frank was attacked by Gerard,his lips,his neck,his face.The older grabbed him by the shirt and meshed their mouths together,invading the boy's mouth with his tongue,grinding his hips to Frank's.He began to tug at the belt of the boy's trousers,when he became aware of small whimpering being emitted from below him.

"Get them off,"Gerard growled softly,biting down on the other's bottom lip,"get em off right now."

"Oh-no-Gerard-"Frank tried to squirm away from him,tried to push him away,but he wasn't strong enough."Gerard,please-"

Deaf to the protests,Way pulled down the boy's trousers and trailed soft kisses on the tender skin of Frank's inner thighs,when he noticed that the owner of the legs was shaking uncontrollably,rocking against Gerard.

"Sugar?"He glanced upward at his lover."Why are you shaking?"

"Please,Gerard,"he squeaked,fat tears rolling down his cheeks."Please,I don't want to,Gerard,please don't make me do it,please please please-"

Way sighed and mentally slapped himself as Frank began to sob openly.Coming on to a rape victim.Nice,Gerard,real nice.

"Oh sweetie,"he cooed,signalling for Frank to come down and fall into his arms as he stroked his hair,"I'm so sorry,I'm such a complete cunt,I forgot for a minute."He hugged his husband to his chest and patted his back.

Frank sniffed and drew back from Gerard.

"I'm sorry,"he snuffled,beginning to unbutton his shirt dejectedly,"we can do it if you want."

The older's heart nearly split as he saw it,and wanted to go back in time and grind de Luca's face into the goddamn ground.He took Frank's hand from his shirt and brought it to his lips.

"No,baby,"he reassured gently,kissing his knuckles in the same way Frank had done previously in the night."I'm not going to make you do anything,that's rape as much as what that fucker did to you."He tucked some of Frank's brown locks behind his ear,never leaving the boy's gaze."I am so sorry,Frankie.About everything.You must fucking hate me.I'd understand if you want a d-"

"Don't say that!"Frank cried suddenly,slapping his husband in the face without thinking,then throwing his arms around his neck."Never ever say that!"

Gerard was pleasantly surprised by the dramatic reaction,even though his cheek stung slightly from the smack,and he found himself smiling as he hugged Frank back,a little vindictively when Iero came to his senses.

"Ohmygod ohmygod I just hit you I am so sorry Gerard please don't kill me I just got so angry-"

"Honey,relax.I don't mind it when you stand up to me."He grinned."I actually kinda like it."He kissed his pet lightly,and then got back to formality."But I want you to know that I will always be here for you,sugar,if you want to talk.Or if you don't,it's your choice."He pressed a hand into the soft of Frank's side,so comfortably that the boy barely noticed."I love you,Frank."His voice cracked on the last word and he tried to regain manliness by sucking in his breath."I love you so much,baby.And I hate seeing you all broken."

Gerard's good grammar failed him as he confessed his hidden feelings,and squeezed his eyes shut as he felt some unruly tears slipping past his eyelids.

"You are everything to me,"he continued,still not opening his eyes."And I doubt it shows from my actions and my reactions,but I do my utmost to protect you,but it doesn't fucking work-"he bit his lip and opened his eyes to face Frank's deep chocolate lamps."And then when you flinch from me,when you look so vulnerable and just breaks my heart,y'know?"

"Don't you hate it?You can't take it,sweetie,you're just so fragile."

"I hate it,"Frank mumbled."I hate it.I felt so horrible and gross and dirty that night he...raped me,"he shivered as he said the word."After it,when I was at the hospital,I stayed in the bath for three hours.I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed but I couldn't get it off my skin."Frank was staring into his lap,nibbling furiously at his lip,rubbing at his agitated eyes."I felt like shit.And I didn't tell you but I-"he blinked up,looking toward the ceiling-"but I did it that night as well.The throwing up thing."

"I know I keep saying this,sugar,but you just have to know,"Gerard tipped Frank further into his lap and edged his lips closer,"that I think you are perfect.I mean that.There is nothing about you that I don't love."

Frank nodded."Thank you."

"Now come on.You need sleep."Gerard kissed him again and pulled him to his feet."It's what,like,four in the morning right now?"

"Nearly five."

"Well,shit,that means I'm sleeping in until like four."

The pair undressed and snuggled underneath the covers.Gerard decided he would read for ten minutes before sleeping,although Frank blacked out halfway through his soft mutterings of his literature.

" But many there stood still
To face the stark blank sky beyond the ridge,
Knowing their feet had come to the end of the world"
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