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Gerard Way looked around his room. Lindsey, his wife was sleeping beside him. He rolled over and stared at the clock. 

"Ugh, it's only six in the morning." he rolled back over. 

Lindsey stirred, "Gerard? Is something wrong?" 

"Nah, just can't sleep." 

She looked worried, "You're worried about the tour next week, aren't you?"

He smiled weakly, "I'm fine. I gotta be strong for you and B." he rolled over, and went back to sleep. 
Gerard hated sleep. The night terrors from when they were tracking, The Black Parade, were back. 

He closed his eyes, and would see Lindsey mangled, Bandit dead, his brother Mikey, and Ray and Frank, all covered in blood. He shuddered at the thought. He felt sick, just thinking about it. LA was going thu a heat wave, and his shirt was sticking to his skin. It felt disgusting. He peeled off the shirt, and threw it aside. About 7 he fell asleep, but he had to be up at  9. He tried to enjoy what little sleep he had gotten. He sat up, and sweat was sticking to himself. He pulled on a clean shirt, and shorts. He went into the kitchen, rubbing sleep from his eyes. Lindsey looked at him, "Good morning hunny, did you sleep ok?"  

He yawned, "Not really, it's too hot." 

She kissed him, "I'm sorry." 

"It's ok, really. I might just be getting heat exhaustion, I'll be fine." 

He went to   pour some coffee, halfway to the counter, he stopped. 


He kneeled, "I feel like I'm going to puke!" 

Lindsey grabbed him, "Come on hunny, it's going to be ok." 

"N-No, it's not! I-I've been having eerie dreams. I see you mangled on the floor! I've seen B die! Mikey and the other guys too! I don't know what's going on!  I just---" he babbled, before throwing up. 

Lindsey looked at him, "What ever it is hunny, I'll be there for you." she hugged him, "I promise." 

He wiped his mouth, "Thanks."   He looked at the wall clock. 

"I'd better go wake up B." 

He ran a hand thru his hair, "Good morning B." He smiled as he walked in. She smiled at him. 

 He picked her up, "Gosh, Im too old for this." 

"No Daddy! You're not old!"

He laughed, "Come on, let's go see Mommy." 

They entered the kitchen. 

"Mommy!" Bandit ran to her. 

"Morning B." 

"Can we have pancakes?!" 

"Ask daddy." 

"Daddy! Can we have pancakes?" 


Gerard pulled out the skillet and bisquick.  He put all the ingredients in. After the pancakes were done, Gerard went into the living room.   His stomach jumped. He put a hand over his mouth and stumbled into the couch. He fell on it, and waited for the room to stop spinning. 

"Ugh. Pancakes were a bad idea." 

He grabbed a blanket, and wrapped up himself.  He felt cold, and shaky. Lindsey looked at him. 

"Hunny, you're sick. You need some rest.". She came over with tea, and some dry toast. Gerard pushed the food away. She looked at him, "Hunny, you need some thing to eat. It'll make you feel better." 

"I-I can't," he stammered. "It won't stay down." 

Gerard was always hard to work with, when he was sick or injured, at least. Lindsey looked at him.


"Nuh-uh. I'll just puke it back up. Besides, I'm just too dizzy to think clearly." 

"Aw, maybe you just need something different to focus on." 

She turned on the TV. Fullmetal Alchemist was on. It was the episode where Shou Tucker creates a chimera that could speak. Gerard saw the body of a woman who had imploded. His stomach twisted. He stared in horror. He felt extremely nauseous. He fell to his knees, clutching his stomach. He gagged. Lindsey rushed over, "Oh, Gee! Are you ok?! What hurts?!" 

"....My....stomach...!!" he gasped. 
Lindsey rubbed his back. "I know." 

"Ah, dammit all...." 

Gerard finished throwing up, and stood up. "I'm going to bed." 
So, ive been dying to start another mpreg, so here it is. I'll put ch 2 on too. I have half of it typed. I just have to figure out where to cut to make chapters. Enjoy xo Rinni
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