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Sick or sane?


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"Ok, hunny. Do you want coffee when you wake up?" 

"Sure," he shrugged walking away. 

Gerard arrived in their room, and 
lied down.  He needed the sleep, but he was scared to close his eyes. He knew the terrors would come back if he slept. His body ached from being sick. He heard his iPhone vibrate. It was a text from Mikey. 

It read: "Hey Gee, wanna get coffee later?" Gerard picked it up. He texted him, "Can't Im sick today, sorry." he sent it. 
He finally was able to fall asleep, and sure enough he was waking in a sweat. He was panting. His stomach jolted into his throat. He tore off the covers, and raced to the bathroom. Lindsey heard the sound of Gerard running. She peeked in, "Gee?"
Gerard was on the floor, wrapped in a blanket, trying not to be sick. 
 Gerard looked at her, his red hair falling in his face. He was shaking and sweating. He pulled the blanket closer to himself. Lindsey bent down, "Gee?" Gerard groaned, "Wh-what?" 
"Do you need the hospital?" 

Gerard looked at her, eyes glazed over with a fever. He moaned," Lindsey? My head hurts. The bathroom keeps moving." 

She reached for the thermometer. She tried to get Gerard to put it in his mouth. He whined. When it had beeped she looked at the display. 

"Shit," she muttered. 

Gerard squinted at her, "Is it bad?" 

The display read, 98.6  She heard Gerard groan, "I think I'm going to barf." He leaned over the toilet, waiting . Soon his partially digested waffles were in the bowl. He looked at the mess, spitting on it. He stood up to brush his teeth. He wasn't too steady, and Lindsey uphad to help him. He started brushing, but the taste of acid, and toothpaste sickened him. He swallowed a mouthful of toothpaste, and gagged. He fell back down, and puked again. After that he leaned against the bathtub, and waited for the nausea to wear off. Lindsey had went to go get a cold washcloth for him. He heard Bandit, "Daddy? Are you sick?" 

He looked at her and nodded. "Yeah, I have a stomachache." 
She gave him a hug, "I love you." 

Lindsey came in with a cold washcloth. She lied it on Gerards forehead. He smiled, "Thanks."  Lindsey looked at him, "You done?"

Gerard nodded, "For now. I need to focus on something else than puking." 

He stood up, and grabbed his iPhone, and turned on the tv. He was watching Spongebob. He thought it was stupid, but there was nothing on. Lindsey came over with coffee. Gerard looked at her, "Thanks." 

He took the mug, and  sipped it.  He groaned as his stomach disagreed with the caffinated drink.  

Lindsey looked at him, "You need some medicine Gee. What do you want? Pepto Bismal? Tylonol? Anything?" 

"Pepto, it better make me not barf." 

Lindsey pulled out two pink pills. Gerard dry-swallowed them. He thought he wouldn't be able to hold it down. And he was right. An hour later, he had vomited the pepto back up, and it was all over himself. The mess smelled horrible. Lindsey called Mikey, and asked if he could look in on Gerard while she took Bandit grocery shopping. Mikey was surprised. Something must be up if Gerard had to be looked after.

More added ;) I'm gonna try to get everything I have written up soon :)
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