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Mikey brings it


The fight

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Mikey walked in ten minutes later. 

"Hows Gerard?" 

"Smelly and sick." 


"He threw up all over himself." 



Lindsey went to get Bandit, and they were off to grocery shop. Mikey walked into the bathroom to find his brother, lying on the floor, whose shirt was covered in puke. He looked at Mikey, "Mikes?"

"Yeah, Im  here Gee." 

Mikey pulled off his brothers shirt. Gerard was covered in sweat. 

"Mikey, my stomach hurts. I feel like I'm going to throw up any minute." 

"But, youre ok?"

"I know, and I've said it once. I've said it a thousand fucking times. I'm ok, I'm fine." Gerard protested. Mikey ran a hand through Gerards red hair, "It's like old times again, Gee." 

"Yeah, I guess.. Hey. Remember how youd always clean me up?" 

"Yeah. I remember you throwing up all over yourself halfway through shows. You were so wasted back then. You look like a corpse today. Whats up? Please tell me you're not using again!"

Gerard looked at the younger Way, "I'm not using Mikes. But it's kinda hard to explain..." 

"What's up?" 

"I...I've been having nightmares...." 

"Like, when we were tracking The Black Parade?" 

Gerard nodded, "I see Ma, and dad. Lying in pools of their blood. Lindsey is chopped into pieces... And B is dead. She is lying in the room, holding a doll, covered in blood. And shes disemboweled. I just am so scared--" 

Gerard paused as he barfed again. Mikey rubbed his back. 

"I see you, and Frank, and Ray, all covered in blood. It makes me so scared. I-I can feel your blood! Every time! I hear B crying, and I dont know what to do!" Gerard babbled. He threw up again. Mikey looked worried. 

"Gee? You need help." 

"I just... I'm afraid to tell someone..." he trailed off.  Mikey put his arms around Gerard, "Don't be scared Gee. I've got your back."  

Gerard smiled, "Thanks." 

By five, Mikey had gotten Gerard to eat something. It was toast, a bannana, and some orange juice. 

"Mikey, you know  I hate orange juice!!". 

"Then what the fuck do you want?!" 

"A tuna and whipped cream sandwich." 

Mikey rolled his eyes, "You feeling ok, bro? You were bitching about how you felt too sick to eat. And now you're starving?!" 

"Shove off Mikey! If you have a problem with my eating habits, you can just fuck off!!" Gerard snarled. 

"God, Gee! What's wrong with you?!" 

"Fuck Mikey-- I'll do it myself!!" Gerard grabbed some bread, and the stuff. He spread on the canned tuna, and grabbed the cool whip. 

He bit into it, "This is so good!"  Mikey looked at him, "Gee?"


"Youre disgusting when you eat that shit." 

Gerard stared at Mikey, close to tears. Mikey looked at his older brother. 

"Y-You know what Mikey? Fuck you! I can eat whatever the hell I want!!" 

Gerard stormed off to his and Lindseys room. He slammed the door. Lindsey walked in, "Where's Gee?" 

"It's hard to explain...alot." 

Gerard came in with a picture of an alot from a blog he had read. Lindsey turned to him, "Hunny? What's wrong?" 

"Mikeys mad at me because I'm whining, and eating weird shit!" 


"Uh yeah. Gees been eating a tuna and whipped cream sandwich." 

"Shut up!!" 

Gerard went back to the room, and barricaded himself. An hour later, Lindsey had knocked on the door, "Gerard? You ok? I'm worried about you.  You should go to the hospital." 

"I'll go tomorrow...." 
Weird cravings have begun, as have the moodswings
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