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Chapter I - Coincidence? Yeah, Right...

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A Girl, a Boy and that traditional love story with a twist that makes you feel fuzzy on the inside.

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“Vanessa! I’ve got to get home like, now.” I said.
“Yeah, sure whatever.”

With that said I started packing my things and started home. The school guard saw me and chided “What have I told you before? Didn’t I tell you any hanging inside the school after six isn’t allowed?”

I sighed.
“And like I said for the past eight days, we haven’t been hanging around we’re making that class project of ours, you know, the one that you’ve been told about?” I said.
“Well, Better get yourself home or else you’re going to earn yourself another bout of preaching.”
I smiled “yeah, yeah whatever”.

Sigh…School never changed. Oh, wait. Yeah it changed…because it got much much worse. The teachers thought it would be good for us so they added another subject for us. I’m just glad tomorrow’s a weekend, not that I can relax or anything. I wonder what Nica is doing? I wonder what for dinner? I’m starved… Finally close to home now.

Sigh. I wonder what’s…He doing now? Uh, why can’t I seem to get over him? I just wish he’d notice me…notice me without me talking to him first.

Whoa, wait. No streetlights? Damn, ok this is freaky.

I started to dream about someone appearing in this dimly lit street and then Ron would appear as my Knight-in-shining armor. I had to stifle a giggle. “Nothing wrong with wishing right-” The bush beside me rustled and I started to hyperventilate. What was that? Ok I’m really freaking out.

Bam! Out came a duck. I sighed with relief. Stupid duck, for a second there I thought…No, silly me.

Since the duck came out I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone’s following me. I keep looking behind me then suddenly the noise would stop then continue again. Almost home now.

Oh, finally! Streetlights! I quickened my pace.

Then I really heard it, a noise that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. The heavy steps of someone following me. I had to look…
What I saw wasn’t scary enough to make me faint but was enough for the hairs on my arm to stand. Twenty meters behind me was a man, boy whatever, I couldn’t see the man’s face because of his hood and by the way he walked he seemed drunk. My heart rate accelerated. My thoughts flitting from walking silently and letting the nice man pass to running like hell till I reached the house to standing up and fight. Then I thought no problem. The café was just a few blocks away, I just have to pass…pass…another four blocks of unlit road…Great.
Walk faster I thought, but my feet won’t seem to respond, I stayed at the same pace as before as the man behind started to quicken in his drunken pace.

WALK FASTER! Please. Damn it! Come on!

3 blocks left…2 blocks left…1 block left…

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