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Chapter II - Stick and Stones and Broken Bones.

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The next thing I knew that I was dead…No wait. Hell couldn’t be this comfortable and every part of my body was aching so I couldn’t be dead. Almost dead more likely.

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The next thing I knew that I was dead…No wait. Hell couldn’t be this comfortable and every part of my body was aching so I couldn’t be dead. Almost dead more likely.
But I wasn’t lying on the road like I expected to be. I was lying on a soft warm recliner bed covered in silk sheets and dressed in “General Santos City Doctors Hospital” clothes. Where am I? Like that would be very obvious already.

I couldn’t think of anything except the pain. Like I’d been pounded a thousand times, No doubt I’d be covered by bruises. I poked around and hit a couple of spots, yep, there were bruises alright. I tried to get up but the second I started to put force on my legs I could only think “AHHHHHH!” as I fell face down on the floor. I tried to get up but my hands weren’t wired to my brain yet. Lucky me a nurse came in and saw me flapping around on the floor like an upturned crab. She helped me get back on the bed and I murmured my thanks and said aloud “Have you seen my parents?”

“Oh, yes they just went down to get some lunch.” The nurse smiled. I laid my head back as the nurse continued to do a check up on my vital signs.

Just as I was about to say where could my parents be, my mother entered the room. I sighed with relief as I saw the concerned look on her face…till it turned hard, stony and furious. For the next twenty minutes I couldn’t hear myself think, all I could hear were death threats from my mother ranging from locking me in the basement (We don’t even have a basement…), to breaking my legs so I could never go out again. I sighed. I’m still not sure I deserve it.

At home you if you were hungry and if it wasn’t breakfast, lunch or dinner, you had to get your own food. If you found the water cold you had to heat your own water, and if the pillows were too hard you had to be the one to adapt to the pillow. Compared to here, and now, life just got better. Here in the hospital, my comfort and relaxation was their top priority…or so I was told. Whenever I got hungry or I thought the water was too cold or I found the pillows too hard all I needed to do was push the little red button on the bedside table and nurses would come into the room and pamper me like a princess. Before my parents explained to me just how we afforded this exquisite and luxurious High-priority patient’s room, a tiny crease would appear every night before I went to sleep. The reason they told me was that a boy in a cotton suit went to our house, laid a briefcase on the table, and opened it. They told me the insides shocked them as much as when the boy suddenly barged in. Inside were bundles and bundles of Thousand-peso bills. They told me the boy just laid the briefcase there, said to use it for their daughter and left just like that. They had no idea who it was and because of that I prayed extremely longer each night.

Kim’s Last Night confined

Sigh. What a day, as much as I loved being pampered, I’ve got to say it was getting kind boring in here...wonder what’s happening now in school. The night the incident happened flashed into my mind. Damn, who was that anyway? No it can’t be…It could be him…I mean, why would he? How could he? But…that instance when the light illuminated the nice man’s face…I could have sworn… No… You’re not sure about that little girl. My subconscious reminded me.
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