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All at once, every single eye in the room turned towards us as Pete’s eyes burned with fire and my heart stopped. “I’m not a Báthory.”

“Oh, but you are,” Anna smirked, pulling my hand away from Pete’s and holding it up for everyone to see, “Because I was her daughter, and that’s why you have this beautiful little birthmark. You, Sweetheart, are my great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter.”

My eyes widened as the woman held her own wrist up next to mine as people began to crowd around us. Half in shock that the woman standing before me was almost five hundred years old, yet didn’t look a day over thirty, and half in shock because I was related to Countess Dracula. The woman every female vampire, craved to be.

“You better keep a close eye on her,” Anna stated, turning her gaze back towards Pete, “Because as soon as you leave here word will spread and a price will be placed on her pretty, little, head.”

Pete growled, jumping to his feet as people began closing in, “If any of you step foot near her, you’ll regret it,” He threatened, his voice two octaves lower. “She’s been marked and turned, meaning if you so much as think about taking a bite, you’ll die on contact.”

I stood, pushing the few curls out of the way so the crowd could see the bite on my neck, feigning confidence as I made eye contact with the closest vampires. Pete growled again, baring his fangs as he began pushing people out of his way, making a trail to the door.

“Call Joe, tell him to set up the alarms.”

I glanced as Pete, taking the phone he handed me as he began speeding towards the outskirts of Chicago, “Peter, what’s going on?”

“Do as I fucking said Katya!”

I quickly dialed the house, relaying Pete’s message before turning back to the man next to me, “Tell me, why I’m so important.”

“Not right now.”

“Peter, fucking tell me! You’ve kept me locked in your fucking house, claiming it was to keep me safe and refuse to tell me about my own fucking family so either you tell me right now or we’re staying out here until sunrise and you can tell me then.”

Pete’s jaw clenched as he continued to stare at the road, his eyes flashing between red, black, and their usual amber as he sped towards the house. “Wait until we get inside, and then I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

I sat quietly, only the sound of the car providing noise as we finally pulled into the garage fifteen minutes later. Without saying anything, Pete stormed into the house, leaving a trail of car metal behind him. Once he was inside, I slowly followed, stepping over pieces of glass and furniture splinters as I followed the trail to where he now sat.

Patrick, Joe, and Andy were currently racing about the house, preparing whatever weapons, alarms, and protections they needed as Pete sat in the kitchen quickly downing bottles of blood. I waited, watching as he slowly calmed down before moving to sit across from me.

“Anna, was Patrick’s ex-girlfriend, she had planned on killing him until I interrupted so she chose to turn me instead, as punishment.”

I nodded, reaching to remove my mask as Pete continued his story.

“Once she realized who I was, and realized what my bloodline was meant to do a sort of, war, started between us which is why she showed up tonight. She had a feeling that you were going to be, who you are, and she wanted to throw me under the bus in the hopes that she could stop what we’re supposed to do before it happens.

Between Count Dracula’s and Elizabeth Báthory’s existences the balance between humans and...non-humans, was thrown out of whack. As more people became vampires and time went on, their powers grew, giving them an unfair advantage within the world.

My father’s family started with Vlad the Impaler, the original Dracula, and your family, obviously started with Elizabeth Báthory. Pagans and Wiccans and whatever the fuck you want to call them have all come to the conclusion that the only way to restore the balance and cap the amount of power given to the supernatural is through a bonding between the last pure descendant of Elizabeth and the last descendant of Dracula. You’re the last descendent of your bloodline, and you’re pure as you don’t have any offspring. Since it’s impossible for my sister to complete the ritual on behalf of our family, it’s my job to represent our side.”

I bit my lip, wincing as the fangs I had grown used to wearing dug into my lip. Pete sighed, reaching across the table to look at the rings I was wearing before continuing his story.

“To revert things back to the way they should be, we have to be bonded by vampiric law. This means we get married by ancient laws, I drink your blood, you drink my blood, and we...consummate, our marriage. The first two steps are done but we’ll have to get a rush on the last two to make it harder for Anna and her followers to succeed in eliminating your bloodline. Once that’s done, we have to find a way to get back to Transylvania, without being caught, to complete the ceremony that will restore the balance.”

“What’s the ceremony entail?” I whispered, hooking my pinky with Pete’s.

“That’s the problem. None of us know.”

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