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Late Friday afternoon, Hilary woke me up and helped me begin the transformation into venetian royalty. We spent hours perfecting my hair before covering up every noticeable ounce of humanity. I smiled, hearing the door crack open and Patrick step in carrying a small box.

“Pete wanted me to give this to you, he said the stones are amethyst and black onyx. They’ll protect you.”

I nodded, taking the box from Patrick, “It’s beautiful,” I whispered, slipping the ring on behind my wedding band.

“It was our grandmother’s,” Hilary smiled, “She told Pete to give it to the person he wants to protect the most.”

I nodded, smoothing over my dress as I stepped towards the door. “Is he downstairs?”

“He’s still in his room,” Patrick smiled, “Good luck.”

I gave Patrick and Hilary hugs before walking down the hall to Pete’s room, I knocked softly, not sure if he was changing before slowly opening the door. His smile widened as he saw me step in, taking in every bit of my appearance. I stopped just inside the doorway, giving a quick twirl so Pete could see every aspect of my dress. It was floor-length and a pearl color with pastel tulle running throughout it, giving it the multicolored, metallic sheen of a mermaid’s tail. The top was strapless, with a sweetheart neckline and beading leading down to a metallic rose sash. Hilary had straightened my hair, then recurled it before pinning it up in a loose bun, leaving a waterfall of deep red tendrils framing my face.

“You look beautiful Katya,” Pete smiled, holding me at arm’s length, “You really do.”

I smiled, kissing his cheek while taking in his appearance. He was wearing a basic black tuxedo with small gold accents placed throughout. His hair, which had been recently cut, was combed down with the bangs gelled up, and for the first time since we met he was wearing cologne.

“Here, I got you this,” he smiled, holding up an intricate gold and pink mask.

I stepped forward, letting him place the delicate mask across my eyes before putting on his own.

“You ready?” He asked, holding out his hand.

I nodded, letting him lead me down the stairs and to his car. We drove to the venue in silence, neither of us quite sure about what would happen. Once there, Pete opened my door for me and allowed the valet to take the car before whisking me inside. Once at the top of the staircase, we waited until we were announced. And then all eyes were on us...

Pete kissed my cheek, leading me down the center of the crowd as whispers rose around us. There were dozens of “who is she?” and hundreds of “she looks familiar,” before we reached our designated table. I raised an eyebrow as Pete pulled out my chair, noticing that we were at the head table as everyone around us went back to our business.

“Why are we up here?”

“The party is for us. When vampires marry, they stick to old traditions and have an official, ‘coming out’ in front of the entire community.”


“It’s basically an excuse for people to flaunt, and for me,” He smirked, laying an arm across my shoulders, “To make all the other guys jealous.”

I smiled, letting him pull me closer to him as people began introducing themselves to me. Patrick had coached me on what to say regarding my background and how I met Pete, so I was well prepared until a particularly aggressive woman stopped in front of us.

“Peter,” She smirked, before turning her gaze on me, “So you won the prize eh?”

“What are you talking about Anna?”

“Katya, the girl all the world will be after.”

Pete’s jaw tensed as his grip tightened on my hand, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Of course I do, she looks just like her Peter, you should be glad the organizers didn’t pick the other ballroom or else we’d be surrounded by paintings and everyone would have made the connection sooner.”

“What is she talking about?” I asked softly, turning Pete’s chin towards me.

He brushed me off, letting his gaze go back to the girl in front of him, “I suggest you keep out of things you don’t understand Anna. I already have one grudge against you, you don’t want another.”

“Aww, but the world must know. The entire vampire community will soon be lusting after your little Katya once they realize that she’s descended from The Blood Countess.”

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