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When we got back to the house, it was nearly sunrise and we were closer than we’d ever been. Pete helped me inside, holding my shoes in one hand and my hand in the other, laughing as I tripped over Hemingway. I smiled, deliriously tired, as I went into the kitchen, talking to the puppy as I attempted to make a sandwich without slicing off any fingers.

“So?” Andy yawned, from his spot at the bar.

“So it worked,” I smiled.

“And you’re happy about that?”

I nodded, honestly I was happy about more than that, for some reason I was finally feeling like I could trust Pete. I felt as though I was exactly where I needed to be with the people I needed to be with and no matter how weird the circumstances were, everything would work out.

Pete came up behind me, feeding a little bit of turkey to Hemingway and taking a bite of my sandwich before wandering back towards the stairs.

This boy is making me fall...


My alarm clock the next “morning” was Pete leaning over me, crunching on potato chips.

“Hey KitKat.”

“Why the fuck are you eating on me?”

“Patrick and Andy wanted me to wake you up for something, want some?” He smiled, holding out his chips for me.

I rolled my eyes, trying to squirm from underneath him, “Why do you eat anyway? It doesn’t benefit you.”

“There are only so many flavors of blood, so every once in a while you have to indulge and enjoy some ice cream and potato chips.”

“Lovely,” I yawned, feeling Pete curl up next to me.

“You gotta get up Sugar, Andy and Joe want to show you some self-defense shit and Patrick needs your help on something.”

“I want to stay here, it’s too cold in this house.”

Pete smiled, twirling one of my curls around his finger as he watched me stretch. He chuckled as the puppy crawled out from under my shirt and began petting him as he continued watching me. I yawned, turning back towards him as we made eye contact. Human or not, the look in Pete’s eyes told me all I needed to know about him and I was grateful for the events that occurred the night before.

“Seriously Kat, Joe will come in here and start jumping on the bed like a toddler if you don’t get up soon,” he laughed, feeding Hemingway a chip.

I whined, changing into sweats before making my way downstairs to where the other three awaited me. Patrick smiled, grateful that we survived our first night out as Andy and Joe perfected whatever weapons they were modifying.

“Can I ask you something?” I smiled, sitting in between Patrick and Joe.

“What’s up?”

I glanced over my shoulder, making sure Pete hadn’t followed me downstairs before turning back to patrick. “Exactly how long did Pete follow me?”

The man sighed, fidgeting with his hat as he tried to come up with an answer. I could tell he thought I wouldn’t like what he had to say as he slowly began to speak, “Do you want the truth or the modified truth?”

“The blatant truth.”

“Since you got off the plane at O’Hare.”

“So two and a half years ago...”

“He never followed you home or, broke into your house or anything. He would you when you were traveling, it’s like he was trying to protect you on the streets.”

“How much does he know about me? Personally?”

“A lot. Probably more than you’d want him to know without asking...”

I nodded, picking at my peeling nail polish as I felt a hand on my back.

“He’s had feelings for you for a long time Katya, and vampires have stronger emotions and connections with things.”

“I know.”

“Nobody would let him do something that’d cross the line, I swear. I’ve got journals and I’m sure he kept some if you can find them...”

“Kay,” I sighed, faking a smile, “What am I supposed to be doing today?”

“Andy’s going to teach you how to kick his ass,” Joe smirked, setting a type of gun down on the table, “And I’m going to teach you how to shoot this shit in case you ever need to.”

“What exactly is it...?”

“It’s a gun, that shoots wooden bullets dipped in various types of resin. It’s more effective than using stakes since, as long as you have good aim, you can be farther away,” Patrick explained.

I nodded, following the guys down to the basement as we began my “training.”


After a couple of hours, Patrick sent me back upstairs to re-wake Pete. I sighed, twisting the knob of his door to see if it was locked before quietly stepping into the room. Pete lay on his back with Hemingway covering his eyes as he “slept.” I waited, forgetting there wouldn’t be the usual sound of breathing before slowly walking towards his bed. The puppy yawned, panting slightly as he saw me come closer before settling back down on Pete’s head.

“If you sleep in here, you can stare at me all you want Sweetheart,” The familiar voice mumbled, before cracking one eye open at me.

“You better be glad I’m not a jumpy person, I could’ve Ju Jitsuied your ass.”

“I could pick you up with my pinky KitKat, the only thing you can do is tickle me,” Pete smirked, sitting up, “What do you need?”

“Joe wants you to get ready for some sort of mission.”

He nodded, setting Hemingway down on his pillow as he stretched. I watched, biting my lip slightly as the covers slid down, revealing more and more of Pete’s torso.

“I’m wearing underwear Sugar, you’re not gonna see anything.”

I blushed, turning away slightly as he stood up and pulled me into a hug. His cold arms giving me chills as I heard the faint sounds of a slow heartbeat. “Who said I wanted to?”

“Your eyes.” Pete took a deep breath, letting his chin rest on my head before stepping back. “Have you been outside?”


“You smell like pine trees, sugar, and peppermint.”

I raised an eyebrow, lifting the ends of my hair to my nose to figure out what he was talking about as he began to laugh.

“Your sweat smells like sugar, KitKat,” He smiled wide.

“Okay...are you high Peter?”

“Not unless I’m high off of you,” He smirked, pulling me towards him again, “The smallest things you do make me happy.”


“I dreamt about last night. I dreamt about the kiss,” Pete whispered, running his thumb over my lips, “And I dreamt about how beautiful you looked when you first woke up this morning.”

“Pete, you need to eat.”

“I’m fine, I drank before I fell asleep, I just need to be around you. You’re like a drug Katya, a happy drug.”

“Why are you acting like this?” I whispered, my fingers grazing over the locket around my neck.

“Because I love you.”

“Peter I-”

“Shhhh, in time you’ll love me too. We’re destined to be.”

A/N:: Hey Sweets, sorry it's taken me so long to update again. One of my cousins just passed away from cancer and my boyfriend and I split so I haven't felt like writing much. Hopefully I'll get out of this rut soon though!

p.s. thanks for all the reviews =)
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