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Once night had fallen Pete and I started to get ready for our “date,” as he put it. In order for me to even come close to passing as a vampire, I had to do as much as I could to get rid of the “human” scent about me including taking a pill that would emit a vampire-like hormone and dousing myself in a chemically altered perfume Patrick had concocted.

After I was done with the hygienic aspect of my “transformation,” I moved on to dressing like a vampire. As much as the movies want you to believe, there really is nothing special about their clothing choices. They wear color, don’t always look like they just jumped out of a porno, and are allowed a style of their own. As Pete liked to point out with his clothing choices for me. When I had gotten out of the shower, there was a basic teal bandage dress and a men’s blazer laying on my bed. The dress was longer than typical bandage dresses, going to just above my knees, and the jacket was obviously Peter’s. Slightly under the bed were a pair of black pumps that easily gave me an extra four inches and had a note attached to one of the heels:

Inside your right heel are needles dipped in Ash resin,
If you’re in a situation, use them.

I glanced at the heel, noticing a small hinge before slipping the shoes on. Just a I finished, Pete came in dressed in basic jeans and a black button-up shirt.

“C’mere, Andy made fangs for you.” Pete held out a small box, with two pearly white teeth resting inside. “They should fit comfortably over your canines, but you’re going to have to get used to talking with them.”

“What about my accent?”

“You’ve lost most of it already, just be careful with certain words,” He smiled, helping me fit the fangs over my teeth. “Smile for me.”

I did, wincing slightly as one of the fangs dug into my bottom lip. “Are they supposed to feel this big?”

“Yeah, you’ll get used to them in a few minutes, but be careful when you eat.”

I nodded, “What exactly are we doing tonight?”

“We’re going to a club downtown. This guy I know, is going to meet us there with his girlfriend and tell me whether you can pass Friday night. The club will be full of humans, so neither of us will be able to get away with anything so you don’t have to worry.”

“I’m not worried.”

“I can feel your emotions Kat and you’ve had to piss four times in the last hour from nerves.”

“That’s private Wentz,” I smiled, flicking his nose. “Don’t spread my business around.”

He chuckled, feeling a bit at ease that I was joking with him, “Can you walk okay in those shoes?”

I nodded.

“Good, come on, we’re gonna be late.”

Pete took my hand and lead me to a black Honda Civic, he opened my door for me, checked that I knew what to do in case of an emergency, and sped to the center of Chicago. Once there, the husband act kicked into full gear. He opened my door and guided me protectively to the front of the club, whispering something to the bouncer who immediately let us in. As we passed the dozens of people fighting their way to the bar, Pete pulled me tightly against him, leaving his hand to rest on my hip as we made our way to the VIP lounge.

“If you want, we can go dance in a little bit,” He smiled, placing a kiss on my temple.

I smiled, trying not to flush, as his friends waved us over. There was a woman, a little taller than me wearing a corset and jeans and a man, who I assumed was Pete’s friend dressed similar to him. The guy smiled, placing a kiss on my left hand as he introduced himself to me.

“I’m Chris, and this,” He smirked, helping the woman up, “Is my girlfriend Amy.”

I smiled wider, tensing slightly as Pete pulled me onto his lap. He immediately wrapped his arms protectively around my waist and began scanning the crowd, looking for anyone who wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Try not to tense, Hon,” Amy smiled, leaning in so only I could hear what she said, “And you need to break in your fangs a little more, you’ve got a cut on your lip from where you keep biting yourself.”

“Thanks,” I sighed, licking over the sore spot and leaning back into Pete more. “Do you know anyone else here?”

“A few,” He yawned, resting his chin on my shoulder, “Do you wanna know which ones are vampires?”

I nodded as Pete began pointing out people in the crowd, stopping only once one caught sight of him and sent a wink our way.

“Who was that?”

“Andy Mrotek, he used to be really close to me and the guys. He doesn’t know who you are though so this will be a real test.”

“You’re not serious are you? He’s no-”

Pete smirked, standing both of us up as the guy came up and gave him a man-hug.

“Who’s this gorgeous thing?” He smirked, giving me a quick one over.

“This is my wife, Kat.”

I smiled, wrapping my arms around Pete’s waist and giving Andy a view of the mark on my neck.

“How long have you two been together?”

Pete shrugged, glancing down at me, “Two and a half years or so. We got married pretty recently.”

The other man nodded, glancing at the other two in the party before bidding us farewell and going back down to the main floor. I looked up at Pete, waiting to see the verdict as two arms pulled us together.

“You passed,” Chris smirked, “He had no idea.”

I let out a sigh of relief, watching as Pete took a drink a waitress passed out. He sent me a wink before taking a sip, his eyes flashing black for a second before returning to their usual brown.

“That perfume Patrick gave you did the trick,” he smiled, nursing his glass, “Right now this is more appealing than you are.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What is it?”

“Red wine mixed with you-know-what. Your natural pheromones are being masked by whatever he created so the scent that would usually make vampires lust is temporarily gone.”


“Is this creeping you out?”


“This,” Pete said, holding up the glass.

I shrugged, honestly it just looked like a mixed drink to me and I was too worried about my next “test” to really care about what Pete drank.

“I usually don’t bite people, I get what I need from blood banks and some shake shit Patrick makes. I’m drinking this because the alcohol raises my body temperature, and I thought that would make it easier for you...”

“Thanks,” I said softly, glancing between his eyes and lips for a second. “Are you gonna ask me to dance?”

Pete smiled, swallowing the rest of his drink and taking my hand, he began to lead me to the group of gyrating people below us before I stopped him. He looked down at me, one eyebrow raised slightly before I kissed him. Never in my life, have I felt a man’s body relax as much as his did in that split second. He smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arm around my waist as I pulled away slightly.



“Shh, if this is our first real date, I want to make it memorable.” I whispered, letting my body relax into his as we began to move to the music.

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