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The next day, Hilary took me shopping. It was fun actually being allowed to leave the house, and Hilary was just like the sister everyone wanted. She helped me find a dress that fit the situation and filled me in on Pete’s childhood. It was weird, almost as if she had a sixth sense and saw us as two pieces of a puzzle that would fit together in time.

On the way back, we passed by the elementary school I had worked at. I had the urge to just jump out of the car and run back to the life I once knew, but something was holding me back. It was almost as if I had finally wiped the fog of denial out of my eyes and was seeing the destruction around us for the first time. There were no physical vampires, but there was evidence that they, and other beings, had been around. From the scratches on the side of buildings to the random articles of clothing thrown in the street, I was finally being exposed to what I had been raised to ignore.

When we got back, Hil lead me straight to the kitchen where I found Pete, standing in front of the stove, shirtless, in a pink lacy apron. I giggled, hoping he wouldn’t notice me before he turned around and held out a messily iced cupcake.

“The guys said the easiest way to a girl’s heart is to give her chocolate,” He smiled.

“Has anyone tried this other than you?”

“Joe had one and he didn’t die or barf, if that’s what you wanted to know.”

I smiled, for the first time, Pete was acting like a regular guy not like someone who was already dead. “Thank you.”

He nodded, picking up Hemingway before sitting down at the bar, “I made you lunch too. They’re these little blueberry things, I used to see you buying blueberries a lot.”

“Varenykies, my mother used to always make them so I would make them when I was homesick,” I said softly, sitting down two seats away from him, “You didn’t have to do this for me though.”

“I wanted to make you feel better, about everything,” Pete sighed, setting the puppy down between us.

I nodded, looking at him for real for the first time since he bit me, he looked tired, but not “I just need to sleep for a few hours” tired, more like he was worried. I watched as he fidgeted for a second, twirling his ring before picking at the edge of the apron. In all honesty, he looked like a little kid who had just told his mom he broke her favorite picture frame and was waiting for her to punish him.

“Your sister told me about your family.”

“She did?”

“She told me what happened with your parents and brother, I’m sorry,” I whispered, placing my hand over Pete’s.

He nodded, linking our fingers together.

“Are you going out tonight? To feed?”

“No, I was hoping we could meet up with some guy I know and his girl to get you ready for Friday night...”


“I won’t let anything happen to you Kat.”

I sighed, I knew in his heart he would do his best to protect me, but I also knew he couldn’t control himself yet.

“I can too control myself, KitKat.”

I playfully glared at him, “Stop reading my mind. And I know you’re trying but I...I still don’t think I can. What happens if someone else comes and you’re overpowered? I’m royally fucked then, it’s not like it’s hard to just whisk away someone my size.”

“The guys can get you things to protect yourself. Your necklace works on all vampires, and I know Patrick’s been working on shit that you can use. As much as you don’t want to though, I gotta get you around people like me. Besides, as long as they can’t get into this house, you’ll always be safe.”

“But why do I have to meet all your little vampire friends? You say you want to keep me safe, but exposing me to god knows what obviously isn’t going to do that...”

“Kat, I know it’s hard, but please just trust me. Everyone in this house will tell you the same thing, you need to get used to being around us because that’s the only way you’ll make it through this shit.”

“Can one of the guys come? Or Hilary?”

“This is a test to see if you can pass as a vampire Katya, it’s gotta be just the two of us. I swear, as soon as I do something that pisses you off, you can push me into sunlight, deal?”

I sighed, at some point I would have to trust this man and he was going out of his way to try and make up for his mistakes...



“Thank you KitKat.”

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