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“Dude you need to get out of here before she wakes up.”

“I want to make sure she’s okay.”

“She’s going to flip if she sees you.”

“I need her to know it was an accident!” Pete whispered, his voice cracking, “I never wanted to hurt her. I’ve never had to deal with this shit before.”

“Well you need to get your fucking lust under control to make sure she doesn’t end up dead at your hands.”

“She won’t. Andy and I are working on this, I promise.”

“Don’t promise it to me Pete, you need to promise it to her.”

Pete brushed my hair back, letting his hand rest on my cheek for a second before I heard him leave the room. I slowly opened my eyes, inhaling sharply at the lights overhead before hearing Patrick scramble to turn them off.


“Can I leave?” My voice was raspy, and there was a bandage placed over my neck. I tried to sit up but Patrick pushed me back down, pointing to an IV that was forcing blood back into my body.

“You know what I’m gonna say, Kat.”

“You promised.”

“I know, but it was an accident, just, fuck. Just give us another chance. The rest of us have proved ourselves to you, just give Pete a second shot.”

“Patrick he almost killed me.”

“I know! I had to fucking shoot him up with a sedative to get him off of you! I don’t want you to be exposed to what’s out there though, in here we can take precautions but out there it’s a fucking free for all.”

He was right, and he knew that I knew it. With everything my family had told me and Patrick had exposed me to, it was either finding a way to cope with Pete, or never closing my eyes again.

“What are the precautions? Me eating garlic won’t do a damn thing.”

Patrick chuckled, “Andy and I made you a necklace, if you press the locket against Pete it has the same effect as a sedative and will knock him out for at least an hour.”

I nodded, taking it from him and placing it gently around my neck.

“You can probably take the IV out and the bandage off,” he yawned, helping me to do both.

Just as he was done there was a soft knock at the door and Pete poked his head in. He looked as if he was about to vomit as soon as I made eye contact, but he slowly made his way into the room, a box in his arms.

“I wanted to get you something to say sorry,” he whispered, holding the box out for me.

I shakily took the box from him, setting it on the edge of the bed as a high-pitched bark came from it. I smiled slightly, if he knew me as well as he claimed he knew I loved animals. I slowly opened the box, my smile growing wider as I pulled out a tiny puppy.

“The owner named him Hemingway, she said he’s just seven weeks.”

“Thank you...”

“I figured we could raise him like our baby, use him as a way to get to know each other better.”


“I want to make it up to you Kat...”

I sighed, it would be hard allowing myself to get physically close to him and I was going to have to if we had to go to the masquerade ball together at the end of the week. I watched as the puppy waddled around my bed, peering over the edge before running back to my lap.

“Kat, please tell me what I can do...”

“Put your life in my hands.”

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