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Bulletproof Heart

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Gerard stared at Frank, wanting nothing more than to take him into his arms and kiss him but he knew he couldn’t because of Mikey.

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Gerard awoke to the sound of someone talking in the front room so he forced himself out of bed to go investigate. He had been up all night thinking about Frank so he didn’t get much sleep. Gerard sat up, threw the covers off him and walked out of his room, not bothering to put on a shirt. He stumbled down the hall and found Mikey on the couch, talking to a very much awake Frank Iero. When he saw how close Mikey was sitting to Frank, a spark of jealousy shot through him. They must have heard him move because they both turned around to look at him. Frank’s eyes flashed with a mix of fear and happiness when he saw Gerard. Mikey stood up, walking over to his brother to give him a good morning hug before going back over to Frank.

“Frank, this is….actually, you already know him.” He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand in embarrassment.

Gerard stared at Frank, wanting nothing more than to take him into his arms and kiss him but he knew he couldn’t because of Mikey. Frank looked terrified, not sure if Gerard had told Mikey of their relationship. It didn’t seem as if Mikey had any idea but for all Frank knew, Mikey could be one hell of an actor.

Gerard broke the silence by sighing “You feeling better?”

Frank nodded “Y…Yeah…Thanks”

Gerard smiled walking into the kitchen “So what’s on the menu for breakfast?”

Mikey followed Gerard into the kitchen “Not sure….I thought we would just be lazy and order out.”

He gave Gerard that ‘something’s up’ look, mentally telling him he would ask about it once Frank had left. Gerard sighed, knowing he would have to tell his brother something but no sure what to say. At least he had time to think about it.

“Sound good to me. Who are we calling?”

Mikey shrugged “Don’t know….Hey Frank? What kind of breakfast do you like?”

Frank got up from the couch and joined the Way brothers in the kitchen.

“I…I don’t care…”

“Well pick something!” Mikey laughed and threw is hands in the air.

“Pancakes?” Frank asked more than said.

Mikey smiled “Works for me!”

He left the kitchen to go get the phone book to call take out pancakes leaving Gerard and Frank alone. Gerard spoke first

“Frank….” He couldn’t bring himself to ask the question that had plagued his mind.

Frank took a step forward, looking Gerard right in the eyes “Does he know?”

Gerard shook his head “No. Your just a friend from school….I…I don’t know….”

Frank interrupted “How he would take it right? What am I to you Gerard?”

The question caught him off guard, making him look at the ground. He didn’t know what Frank was to him. He knew he liked being with him, he liked being around him. He liked the feel of his lips on Frank’s. The way his lip right would feel so cold on Gerard’s. The way his hands would slide up Gerard’s waist, over his arms and claw at his back but was Frank just a lustful play toy or was there something more.

Frank took a step closer to Gerard, bringing him out of his thoughts.

“Gerard. What am I?”

Gerard looked up, shocked as to how close Frank was to him. He leaned in, his body taking over, kissing Frank with a spark of lust and passion. Frank kissed back, opening his mouth to let Gerard’s tongue in, wrestling it for dominance. Frank pushed Gerard into the counter, his hands running up Gerard’s bare chest, his index finger stopping to flick Gerard’s nipple earning a moan out of him. Frank’s left hand played with Gerard’s nipple, making circles around it while his right hand disappeared into his pants to take hold of his now hardening cock. Gerard moaned, bucking his hips forward into Frank’s hand, making him smirk at how easily he controlled Gerard.

They had both forgotten all about Mikey being in the other room, which was not good if they wanted to keep anything to them selves.

Mikey shouted to Gerard from the living room, clearly unaware of what was going on in the kitchen

“Hey, Gee, I’m going to take a shower ok? The money is on the table if the delivery guy gets here before I’m out!”

Gerard pulled away from Frank quickly, trying to catch his breath to reply.

“Ok!” was all he could say with out giving away that he was getting a hand-job from another guy in the kitchen. He heard the shower turn on and the water start to run, knowing Mikey couldn’t hear them. Gerard turned his attention back to Frank who was still playing with Gerard’s dick.

“F…Frahhhhhh” Gerard moaned when Frank hit a soft spot, making him drip pre-cum on his hand. Frank removed his hand from Gerard’s pants, earning a whimper. He stuck his fingers in Gerard’s mouth roughly, making him taste himself. He sucked his fingers hungrily, bucking his hips forward begging for Frank to touch him again.

Frank smirked “Your so easy”

Gerard grunted, trying to grind his hips against Franks but groaned when Frank pulled back so he was thrusting into the air. Frank trailed his hand down Gerard’s chest slowly, bending his head down to kiss his neck. Frank bit down hard, making Gerard scream in slight pain as blood trickled down his neck. Frank flicked his tongue over the now bleeding bite mark, licking the blood off his neck. He ran his hands down his chest, playing with Gerard’s belly button before returning to finish its job on his dick. This time, Frank gripped his roughly, moving his hand hard and past, pumping. Gerard threw his head back, moaning very loudly, cuming on Frank’s hand. His body shook before it collapsed, leaning against the counter for support.

Frank smiled at Gerard, loving how he looked right now. His hair was soaked with sweat, sticking to his pale cheekbones. His lips were a puffy red, his mouth wide open and his eyes were closed. His chest moved up and down as he tried to catch his breath. He looked so fucking hot.

Frank shoved his hands down his own pants, jerking off to get rid of his hard on, cuming on his hand. They both collapsed on the cold tile floor, breathing heavily, holing each other in their arms. Frank leaned his head on Gerard’s chest listening to his heartbeat.

“You never answered my question.”

Gerard looked down at him in confusion “What?”

“What am I to you?”

Gerard smiled, stoking Frank’s sweat covered hair “You’re my everything”
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