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This Ain't About All the Friends You've Made

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Frank saw no reason to tell this kid anything even though he had saved his life. He figured that was the best reason to hate him.

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Frank groaned, trying to open his eyes. He looked around to find he was on a couch…that wasn’t his. Frank shot up, panicking, looking around the room for any signs of life. There was a clock on the wall that read 2:37am.

Ok Frank. Calm down…breathe.

He tried to calm himself, thinking about where he was and who’s home he was in. He looked around at the room, taking note of every little detail. There was a large bookshelf next to a window with black curtains. Next to that was a small wooden table with a lamp and a picture frame. There was a semi-large TV hanging on the wall and a doorway that looked like it lead to the kitchen. Frank turned around, sitting up to find the front door. He saw it standing there, so he quietly stood up, wincing when the floor creaked hoping that it didn’t wake anyone up. He walked over only to find it was locked so he tried to unlock it but the latch stuck.

“The latch sticks sometimes, you’ve gotta yank it.”

Frank jumped and turned to face a young boy, about the age of 17 leaning against the doorframe. He had thin-rimmed glasses and light brown hair that was sticking out everywhere. He wore a tight Anthrax t-shirt and boxers covering his thin body. Frank must have looked scared because the boy extended his arm out speaking

“I’m Mikey. Good to see your feeling better. You had us scared for a while.”

Frank found his voice, looking at Mikey’s hand not taking it.

“Us? Where am I? Who are you? Why am I here?”

Mikey smiled “Woah woah, chill. Its not like we are keeping you hostage…..Geeze.”

Mikey rolled his eyes before continuing.

“In order, my brother and I, our place and because I found you out cold at the park….”

Frank stood still, his hand loosely placed on the door knob looking at Mikey. He remembered his fight with his mother, storming out and laying down on the slide. He must have passed out because of the cold and Mikey found him.

Frank sighed, “Thanks….I guess”

He wanted nothing more than to run away and go right back to where he was, dying in the snow. Frank had never been suicidal but now, he wasn’t sure anymore. He was almost killed at school, his mother wanted to send him back because it was too much work to transfer and he would be rejected by everybody if his relationship with Gerard ever got out. He was already bullied because of his style, if they found out he was gay they would kill him.

Mikey brought him out of his thoughts “You guess? What? You wanted to die?”

Frank just shrugged “I don’t know….maybe”

Frank saw no reason to tell this kid anything even though he had saved his life. He figured that was the best reason to hate him. The more Frank thought about it, the more he got a headache. He didn’t know what he wanted and that drove him insane. He knew he had so much to live for but at the same time he didn’t know if he gave enough shit to care. Suicide was selfish and a cheep way out, that’s what he had always told himself but….he was a selfish and cheep person. Cheep or broke he didn’t know but either way, he liked death on his side right now.

Frank looked up at Mikey “Look, Thank you for helping me but I really should get going. What do you want? Money, a hug, what?”

Mikey stared at him, not sure what Frank was talking about “its 3am. You’re not going anywhere. Its freezing and we’re in the middle of a snowstorm. As far as a reward, I didn’t save you because I wanted money or fame. I did it because you needed help.”

“What if I didn’t want help?” Frank snapped, angry that Mikey wasn’t going to let him go so easily.

Mikey stood his ground, not backing down from Frank’s anger, gaining his own the more he spoke. “Well when I found you, you weren’t saying much so forgive me for not asking for permission to save your life!”

Mikey looked back at his brothers room before calming down “Alright, lets just….calm down before we wake up my brother. At least stay till morning? Then you can go….”

Frank sighed, defeated but gave out one last retort before walking back over to the couch “This is kidnapping…..”

Mikey laughed and walked into the kitchen “yeah well sue me”

Frank shook his head and leaned back on the couch. He noticed he wasn’t in his clothes but some one else’s. He was wearing black basketball shorts and an over sized Iron Maiden t-shirt.

Mikey walked back into the living room with a cup of coffee and sat next to Frank on the couch.

“Gee must like you….he doesn’t even let me wear that shirt”

Frank looked up at Mikey. “Gee?”

“Gerard, my brother”

He nodded. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind. Gerard….it couldn’t be his Gerard…but that’s not a very common name. His Gerard did have a brother and lived in the church halls….maybe it was. His heart began to race. What if it was? What if he had told his brother when he found him. Oh god….what if it was out? Would Gerard deny it? Frank needed to stop. He didn’t even know for sure if it was the same Gerard so there was no need to panic….yet.

“You ok?”

Frank looked up “Huh? Oh…yeah just tired.”

Mikey nodded “So, how do you know Gerard?”


“He said he was a friend of yours from school, but I’ve never seen you over, he never talks about you and I never see you in school so…..explain”

Frank looked down, not sure what to say, scrambling to explain.

“I…umm…ran into him in the halls a few weeks ago….and….we started talking about music and got along” Frank told Mikey the bare minimum hoping he would settle for that.

Mikey eyed him, not arguing but not quite believing him either. After a few seconds, Mikey looked down at his coffee and smiled

“So….you befriend him based on music? Impress me”

Frank laughed for the first time. “Black Flag, Anthrax, Operation Ivy, Avenged Sevenfold, Green Day, Pantera, Dead Boys, Pennywise, NOFX, Rancid….”

“Mest, Soundgarden, Iron Maiden, Cinderella, Smashing Pumpkins, MC5, Gwar…”

“Bouncing Souls, Old Man Markly, My Darkest Days, Dokken…”

“Misfits, Danzig, Anti-Flag, Slayer, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest”

They both stopped and started laughing. Mikey smiled and playfully punched Frank. “I like you!”

Frank smiled at Mikey “Same”

From there they stayed up talking about anything and everything, waiting for Gerard to wake up.
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