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you only hear the music when your heart begins to break

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Gerard mental cursed Mikey out for being so observant. He guessed when someone was as quiet as him; they paid a lot more attention to what’s around them. Mikey studied things, people’s reaction...

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Mikey pulled into the drive way and Gerard immediately jumped out of the car and over to Frank’s side. He opened the door, picked Frank up bridal style and shouted at Mikey to get the door. Mikey did as he was told, holding the front door open so Gerard could carry him inside. When Gerard was through the doors, he carried Frank up the stairs, waiting for Mikey to open their ‘dorm’ door. Soon, he was setting Frank on the couch, getting his soaking clothes off and wrapping him in a heavy blanket. Mikey stood back and watched his brother in aww. He had never seen Gerard act so….motherly and caring towards anyone but him. Something told Mikey Gerard knew this boy and he made a mental note to ask his brother about it later.

When Gerard was done with Frank, he stood up and walked into his room without a word to Mikey. He sat on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. He knew Mikey had seen what he did with Frank and he knew Mikey would ask him about it. Gerard didn’t know what to tell him. He wasn’t going to tell his brother that Frank was his….lover. As much as he knew Mikey loved him, Mikey was still catholic and their father was still a pastor. They would disown Gerard for being gay, that’s just how it was. The church saw homosexual relations as a mortal sin against humanity.

Gerard growled and scratched his head, pulling his hair in his face in frustration. There was a knock at the door, making him look up and unintentionally shout at the person.


the door creaked open and Mikey popped his head in.

“Hey… ok?”

Gerard instantly regretted barking and sighed “Yeah. I’m fine…..just tired. Whats up?”

Mikey nodded, walking in and sitting next to his brother.

“Did I wake you up?”

“Sorta kinda” Gerard lied, using that as an excuse for snapping.

“You don’t look like you were asleep….you wana talk?”

Gerard mental cursed Mikey out for being so observant. He guessed when someone was as quiet as him; they paid a lot more attention to what’s around them. Mikey studied things, people’s reactions, their movements; he noticed things most people would just brush off. Gerard loved that about his brother but also hated it.

“No, I don’t wana talk.”

“You know him don’t you?”


Mikey leaned in and hugged his brother. “He’ll be ok Gee.”

Gerard hugged his brother back, happy that he didn’t ask anymore questions. Mikey broke away from the hug and smiled at Gerard.

“I’m making dinner if you want any. I’m making for three incase…..”


“Frank wakes up in time. If not, there is extra.”

Gerard nodded and watched Mikey stand up, walk out of the room and shut the door behind him. When he was gone, Gerard slammed his head back down on the pillow, thinking about what he should do. Ms. Iero is most likely freaking out because Frank is missing, he had no idea how long Frank had been out there but had a good guess of at least 6 hours. He looked over at the clock to see it read 10:56pm. Gerard sighed, reaching for the phone, deciding to call Frank’s mom. He dialed the number, letting it ring once, twice then he heard her frantic voice on the other end.


“Ms. Iero, Its Gerard”

“Oh God, have you seen Frank, is he with you? Is he ok? Oh please tell me he’s ok…”

Gerard paused, letting her finish her panicked rant while he thought of an answer to tell her. He didn’t want to exactly tell her her son was almost dead from hypothermia and that he was passed out on his couch but he didn’t want to tell her he was fine either.

“Gerard…are you there?” she questioned sounding desperate on the other end.

“I’m here. Frank is here too, he’s asleep on the couch right now.”

“Oh thank god….can I talk to him?” she sighed, relived that her son was not dead on the street or still wandering New Jersey….well wasn’t dead yet but she didn’t need to know that.

Gerard paused again thinking of an answer to her question.

“He’s asleep, he seemed really upset, I don’t wana wake him right now…..what happened to make him so upset?”

Ms. Iero paused, not sure if she wanted to tell Gerard what had happened. She trusted Gerard sure, but it was family argument and it wasn’t like she had known him very long.

“Ms. Iero?” Gerard called out to her on the phone, waiting for a reply.

“Gerard….I don’t really feel like its any of your business, Im not trying to be rude but…”

He knew something had happened, now he was determined to find out.

“Ms. Iero, he was really upset, now your son is a good friend of mine, please let me help him. If it was a fight, he will listen to me a lot better than you right now….what happened?”

He heard Ms. Iero sigh, knowing he was right.

“I told him that he had to go back to school and he couldn’t transfer over. Its too late in the year, he flipped out saying that I didn’t understand what he was going through, that I don’t hear what they call him, what they do to him. He screamed at me then ran out the door…….is it really that bad Gerard?”

Gerard sighed, getting the gist of what put Frank where he was, furious that his mother would make him go back after they put him in the hospital.

“Ms. Iero, with all due respect, Frank is right. They put him in the hospital, why would you send him back to that? I know its late in the year but there are other ways. He can be home schooled the rest of the year. He can have tutoring to catch up on what he missed. There is always a way. Sending him back there would just make it worse and probably ruin his current mental state.”

Ms. Iero was quiet on the other line, taking in what Gerard had said. She broke out into a fit of sobs, not caring that Gerard was on the other line.

“I….I have…I have to go….tell Frankie…tell Frankie I love him and….he can come home anytime…thank you”

With that she hung up, leaving Gerard in shock that she would even think about sending him back to that school. He understood the whole story now but he still couldn’t get if Frank had wanted to die or if he just…..fell asleep. Gerard shook his head to clear his thoughts. He stood up and walked out into the living room where Mikey was setting the table.

Mikey looked up “he lives! You better?”

Gerard smiled, knowing Mikey was just trying to make him smile. He looked over at Frank who was still asleep on the couch and lost what happiness he had.

“Just worried…..”

Gerard sat down at the table and looked up at his brother “So what’s for dinner?”

Mikey sighed “nothing special. Chicken and salad. Simple and easy….”

Gerard nodded. “Thank you Mikey.”

He stood up and hugged his brother, kissing his cheek getting a groan and a squeal out of him.

“You’re the best.”
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