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I don't ever wana believe that when we die we all leave

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Gerard’s eyes got wide and he wanted to scream. He had not told Mikey of his relationship with Frank and this was not the time he wanted to do it

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Frank stood at the door, bidding Gerard goodbye before shutting the door and walking to sit next to his mother on the couch. She smiled at him, giving him a hug.

“Frank, how are you feeling?”

Frank smiled at his mother “Fine. Chest hurts every once and a while but I’m doing ok”

Ms. Iero nodded “Well, I called the pastor today…”

Frank’s heart sunk. He knew this would happen. “Mom…”

“Frank, honey, you have to go back. Its too late in the school year to transfer over.”

“Why!?!? You’re going to send me back after what they did! How can you do that?”

Tears formed at the edge of Frank’s eyes. His mother looked at him with a sad smile.

“Frank, I know its hard but…”

Frank stood up furious “Hard! Hard! It’s hard to say goodbye to a friend. It’s hard to not cry at a funeral. It’s HARD to smile when you are mad! Fuck you mom! Going to that school and not thinking about suicide is fucking torture!”

Ms. Iero stared at him in shock. Frank had never screamed at her. He was always respectable towards her. She didn’t know how to respond. She watched as her son closed his eyes to stop the tears from falling.

“You don’t know what its like. Every day they tell you your not good enough. Every day they laugh at you. They push you around, scream at you. They say you should just stop breathing and make the world a better place. You scream and cry but no one listens because they are too caught up in their own fucking problems to care! They tell you it’s just a phase but it’s not a fucking phase! It’s god damn agony!!!!”

Frank slammed his hands on the wall shaking. His mother could do nothing but stare at him. His fists were bloody and his face was red. He glared at the ground.

“I can’t go back there”

He lifted his head and walked out the door, slamming it shut. His mother didn’t even call after him. Frank loved his mother but she was so oblivious sometimes. Her way of thinking was that if she closed her eyes, the monsters would go away and Frank couldn’t live like that. Frank shivered, regretting not grabbing a jacket before walking out the house. The snow crunched beneath his feet, the wind howled at his ears turning them bright red from the cold.

Suddenly Frank was reminded of a book he read as a child. The Little Match Girl. The book was about this 12 year-old homeless girl who sold matches on the street for money. She lived in an ally and one night, a snowstorm hit and she froze to death. The story used to make him cry as a child…now it seemed almost happy. The child who lived in misery was able to leave that world and escape to heaven. Frank stopped walking, looking over at a playground. It was barren, no children were there and the swings were covered in snow. He smiled at walked over to sit on the bottom of the slide. His hands were white, his lips purple. He had the beginning stages of hypothermia. Frank closed his eyes, resting his head on the cold metal behind him, enjoying the numb feeling he was getting from the snow. Soon he fell asleep, praying he never woke up.

Mikey stared at his brother. He was sitting on the bed, reading a comic with his headphones in. He had called Gerard’s name several times but because he had his music up so loud, he couldn’t hear him. Mikey walked over and yanked one of the ear buds out of his ears making Gerard look up with a glare.


Mikey just shook his head “I called you 4 times. I’m going to the store, you want anything?”

Gerard changed his gaze from a glare to a smile. “Apples?”

Mikey nodded “Ok. Is that it?”


Mikey smiled and grabbed the keys, turning back when Gerard called out to him

“It’s a mess out, be careful ok?”

“I always am Gee. I’ll be back soon”

Mikey slammed the door, walking to the car. The nice thing about living in the church halls was you had your own apartment. It wasn’t like the movies where you live inside the church using candles for light. It was a set of buildings behind the church that were set up like apartments. You got your own room, had your own bed and things like that. Mikey figured it was more like a dorm than anything else.

He started the car, praying it didn’t die like last time. When it groaned to life, he sighed, backing out of the driveway. He hummed to the radio, keeping his eyes on the road but something caught his attention. He saw a body lying at the bottom of the slide at the park. Mikey’s first thought was it was a homeless man, and then he thought that he might be dead because of the weather. That thought made him turn around and get a better look. Mikey threw the car into park, slowly getting out of the car to inspect the body under the slide. When he got closer, he was it was one of his classmates. The boy was passed out, his face was pale and his lips were blue. He didn’t know the boy’s name but he had seen him around the halls. He walked over to check his pulse. It was there but not by much. Mikey sprung into action, picking him up and dragging him to the car. He didn’t know the boy but he couldn’t just leave him there to die. When he got him in the car, he turned the key, his heart sinking when it wouldn’t start. Mikey tried over and over again but the engine wouldn’t turn over. He slammed his hands on the steering wheel, digging through his coat pocket for his phone.

“Come on, pick up. Please pick up”

There was a click on the other end before Mikey heard Gerard’s voice.


“Gerard! Oh thank god! Gerard I’m at the park and my car won’t start. There is a kid from school who is on the verge of death. You gotta help me!”

Mikey begged, almost screaming into the phone. He wasn’t the best at panic situations. Gerard was much more calm, speaking clearly, trying to get Mikey to do the same.

“Mikey, calm down. What is going on? Where are you?”

Mikey sighed, trying to calm himself. “I’m at the park. There is a kid from school who is on the verge of hypothermia and the car won’t start”

He heard Gerard fumble with the phone as if he was standing up.

“Mikey I’m on my way”

With that Gerard hung up the phone and Mikey could only sit back, waiting for his brother to arrive. Mikey turned around to look at the boy in the back seat. His face was clear and pale, his eyeliner was slightly dripping and his hair was all tangled. It was shot in the back and on the sides but he had a long bang in the front. He looked young and childish but something told Mikey there was more to him than that. Mikey just hoped that he would live long enough for him to find out.

After several minutes, Mikey saw Gerard running towards the car, his arms wrapped around his chest to keep warm. Mikey got out of the car and ran to his brother.

“Gee, oh thank got you’re here. I didn’t know who else to call”

Gerard nodded, making his way to the car. “Is he in the back?”

Mike nodded “Yeah. I couldn’t leave him here….”

Gerard had no idea which student Mikey had found nor did he care. Gerard just wanted to get Mikey and that student out of the cold. He lifted up the hood of the car to look at the engine. Sometimes the car would get to cold, refusing to start. Gerard poured hot water over the engine, making steam shoot up at him.

“Now try to start it!”

Mikey jumped in the front seat, turning the key, getting a moan from the car. It started and Mikey let it idle for a moment to warm up. Gerard walked around to the passenger’s side, getting in, still not looking at the boy in the back seat. Mikey pulled out of the parking lot, driving back to their room as fast as he could. Gerard turned around to look at what student Mikey had found and when he did, his heart stopped. Gerard’s eyes got wide and he wanted to scream. He had not told Mikey of his relationship with Frank and this was not the time he wanted to do it so he had no choice but to swallow his tears and pretend he had no idea who Frank was. Gerard turned back around in his seat, watching the trees and houses pass by as Mikey drove back home.
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