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They go to Peter's party. Gerard surprises Frank, Frank surprises Gerard.

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Gerard's P.O.V
"Gerard, hurry up! We'll be late!" Frank shouted from outside.

"I'll be right there" I yelled back.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked myself over for what felt like the hundredth time now. My hands were trembling with nervousness while i tried to make my hair look less unwashed by flipping it around and taking some streaks of hair, just to let them go after a few seconds.

You always look stupid, dumbass, an evil voice at the back of my head said. You can't change that. This voice was one of the reasons why i started drinking.

I decided to just ignore it and applied some black eyeliner to my eyes.


"Coming!" I replied, thinking of how sexy his voice sounded when he was angry.

I ran outside, locking the door behind me. It was about 9 pm now and darkness had already descended a few hours ago. The coldness took me by surprise and i started shivering immediately. Ray's car was parked in front of the house; he was sitting in the driver's seat, Mikey sat next to him and Frank was waiting for me in the backseat.

"Can i just..." I wanted to ask if i could just go inside again and take my jacket.

"No, i have one for you here" Frank interrupted me like he'd read my mind.

I walked towards the car, putting my hands in my pockets because i didn't want anyone to see that they were still trembling. I bit my lip and hoped nobody would hear my heart thumping. I had no idea why i was so nervous. I was just going to a party with my friends and boyfriend.

You wanna cheat on Frank. Fuck this Peter guy, the voice in my head said and laughed.


I sat down in the car and Frank handed me the jacket.

"Thank god, our princess is finally ready" Mikey exclaimed and threw his hands up as a gesture of relief.

"Yeah, you take more time to look at your reflection than a girl" Ray added, half-turned to look at me.

"That's right. I thought you'd put on a bra any minute" Frank laughed.

"Okay guys, i get it. I'm a girl" I said, slightly unnerved. "Can we now start driving please?"

"Oh, are you on your period again?" Mikey grinned and he and Frank high-fived.

The next 20 minutes were filled with jokes about me and my sexuality but i just tried to ignore it. Instead i focused on where we were driving.

"There! That's it!" I told them after a while and pointed at the house.

Our jaws dropped. This was the biggest house i'd ever seen in my life. No, that's not right, it wasn't just a house, it was a fucking mansion. It was probably twenty times bigger than mine and Mikey's appartment and it was obvious that there was a party. The music that came out of it was so loud, we could hear it though the car windows were closed. We could literally feel it, the whole car vibrated. I was wondering why nobody called the police because it was so loud. We drove right past the mansion and spend 20 minutes looking for a parking space because there were so many cars standing everywhere. When Ray finally turned off the engine and we all got out of the car we walked another 10 minutes until we arrived at the frontdoor.

"Wow" was all Mikey said.

"Yeah, wow" I agreed

Frank knocked at the door though i was sure it would be impossible to hear it over the music. I was wrong because 5 seconds later some guy opened it and led us inside. I thought my eardrums would burst right there because the music was so much louder than anything i had ever heard. It was some old Beatles song and though it wasn't a party song you could dance to, the people around us seemed to like it. Someone tapped my shoulder and when i turned around Frank said something. I just saw his jaw moving but i didn't understand a word.

"WHAT?" I screamed.

He came closer to my ear. "TOILET. NOW!"

I nodded and he tried to move through the crowds, looking for the restroom. I couldn't help but stare at everything open-mouthed and wide-eyed. There were so many people you couldn't even move; some of them making out, some of them talking (though i have no idea how they could possibly hear each other) and some of them drinking beers or other alcoholic drinks. That evoked a strong craving for bouze in my stomach and throat but i knew i had to resist the urge to drink something. Besides Mikey and Ray were right behind me.

"So you decided to come?" I heard Peter's voice and turned to look at him.

He was holding a glass of what looked like beer in hand and hugged me tightly.

"Do you like it?" he asked me and looked around.

He didn't speak up but i understood everything he said perfectly.

"Yeah, there's so many people here! It's crazy!" i said into his ear and he smiled at me. "Oh and these are my brother Mikey, whom you already know, and my friend Ray."

They shook hands and for a moment Peter looked around in disappointment.

"You didn't take you're boyfriend with you?" he asked.

"No, i did" and suddenly the smile on his face returned. "He just left for the restroom."

"Cool. Hey, can i just talk to you in private for a second?" he asked and i turned around to see if that was okay with my friends.

They both shrugged, obviously too fascinated by this party to care about me leaving for a few minutes.

"Sure" i replied.

He took my hand and we ran upstairs into a dark room. He closed the door right behind him and turned on the light.

"God, i thought i'd turn deaf by morning" i said a bit too loudly.

"Yeah, same."

He sat down on a wooden chair and rubbed his hands together.

"So what did you wanna tell me?"

You're gonna fuck him now.

I'm not.

Yes, you are! He wants it and you want it too. Don't deny it!

SHUT UP! I love Frank and i would never hurt him!

"Well..." Peter started with a devilish grin on his face. "Sit down..."

Frank's P.O.V
I was looking for Gerard after i'd left him a few minutes ago. When i came back Ray and Mikey who were dancing and drinking like there was no tomorrow (not the best way of looking after a suicidal, recovering alcohol addict if you ask me) told me that Peter, the guy who had invited us to the party,had wanted to speak to Gerard alone. I started searching but soon i realised that it was useless because this mansion had about 25 rooms and almost all of them were full of people. Eventually, i gave up searching and decided that i'd wait for them to come back. I poured myself a coke because i wanted to support Gerard by not drinking any alcohol today when the music got turned off.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, could i ask for your attention please?" I kinda knew this voice but i couldn't quite tell from where. And i sure as hell didn't recognize the guy's face when i looked at him.

But when i saw Gerard standing behind him, i knew that this was Peter. Now everyone was staring at them, waiting for him to continue. They were standing on a small table in the living room.

"This is my friend Gerard Way" he exclaimed and pointed at my boyfriend. Gerard blushed lightly because he wasn't used to being the center of attention. "And he's in a band called My Chemical Romance. They just started making music and i wanted to introduce you to their new song Vampires Will Never Hurt You. Enjoy!" People applauded and then they turned up the song at full volume.

It send shivers down my spine because Gerard's voice was just so amazingly perfect and sexy. The people started dancing and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was awesome. Suddenly i saw Gerard and Peter approaching me and i shook the hand Peter offered.

"So you're the famous Frank Gerard won't stop talking about?" he asked and winked at Gerard.

Gerard's cheeks became even more red and i grinned like an idiot.

"So? Well, yeah i guess that's me. Nice to meet you."

After 3 hours of smalltalk, a puking Mikey and some dancing and people telling the guys how great their music was, we finally arrived at home which was the Way brother's appartment. Me and Ray would stay over for the night; Ray because he had to take care of Mikey who wasn't feeling well after 6 glasses of tequila and me because i was too exhausted to drive home now and because i wanted to be with Gerard.

"Weee'll goin' upsairs" Ray slurred and took Mikey by the hand.

"Yeah, 'cause GeeGee and Fran-Frannie wanna hav' sexy time" Mikey giggled.

Then they ran upstairs, i heard someone slam a door and me and Gerard were alone.

"Did he just call me Frannie?!" I asked, trying to hide the outrage in my voice.

"Oh come on. He called me GeeGee! That's definitely worse" he laughed.

"Good point."

We sat down on the couch and i leaned in closer so that our noses touched.

"I'm so proud that you didn't drink anything" i whispered softly.

"I promised."

I rested my forehead against his forehead, my cheek against his cheek and took in his scent with closed eyes. We were both still wearing our jackets and i was still holding the car keys, spinning them around in my lap. It was dark around us, the only source of light was the street lamp outside its light shone through the kitchen windows.

"Crazy party, right?" Gerard asked after some time.

"Yeah, but Peter is a cool guy."

"He is" he replied and then stared down at the floor.

If it hadn't been so dark i would have noticed the nervousness in his eyes.

"Frank?" he asked and his voice trembled.


"I still wanted to ask you something. I-i haven't talked to the guys about it but... I was thinking that maybe you would like to..."

"Just tell me already" I begged, excitement building up inside of me.

"Would you like to join the band? Ray's been telling me that he could use some help with the guitar parts in some of the songs many a time and he and Mikey like you and i'm sure you're an amzing guitarist and..."

"Yes! Of course, i'd love to!" I interrupted him and hugged him tightly.

I can't describe how happy i was at that moment. I don't know why but i just knew that there was something special about this band, that it would become popular. And now i, if Ray, Mikey and Matt wanted me to join, would be in it. I released Gerard after a few seconds and our hug turned into a gentle, passionate kiss. I put the car keys away and slid the jacket off his shoulders. He did the same with my jacket and then i whispered one word that told him everything he needed to know.


He licked my lips and took me into his arms, running upstairs and into his room. It was dark there too but we didn't care to turn on the light. Gerard just pulled away the curtains at the window after he had placed me on the bed. The big, white moon shone on his face and it made me want him even more. We were naked in 5 seconds, kissing, touching and discovering each other everywhere. He slid his tongue down from my chest to throbbing dick and started sucking me off. I gasped out loud when his tongue touched my private places. I moaned and squirmed and writhed, trying to move away but at the same time not wanting him to every stop. It felt almost too good. I cried out his name when i reached the point where i couldn't take it any longer and came right into his mouth. He licked his lips seductively and moved his face to my ear.

"Are you sur?" he asked and he couldn't hide the insecurity in his voice.

I turned my body so i was laying on my belly and bend back.

"Yes, i am."

He positioned himself and then softly pushed inside of me again and again, two hot, sweating, moaning people moving their bodies in the same rhythm. He got faster with every thrust and i got to admit it hurt a bit but the love and longing i felt for this man were so much stronger than everything else. I trusted him completely. Cheesy, i know, but who cares? I was a 23-years-old, gay man and i could be cheesy whenever i wanted to be fucking cheesy. We both came at the same time and we were panting like we'd just won a marathon. Then he got off me and we both just lay there looking at each other. His eyes were so much deeper than Hannah's had every been and i could see everything in them. There was nothing evil, no hate for me. I took his hands, kissed them gently and fell asleep right at this point.

That was all i could ever ask for. No bad memories and no pictures of the past haunting me and driving me insane.

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