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A Bet

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Mikey and Ray make a bet.

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Mikey's P.O.V
"Coffee?" Someone knocked at a door. "If you want some come downstairs."

Then i heard footsteps which died away quickly. When i lifted my head a sharp pain raced through it and caused me to moan. I licked my dry lips and tried to remember what had happened last night. We had been at a party but all my memories seemed so blurry and hazy. Me and Ray were having a crazy time, that's all i knew for sure. Slowly i realised that someone was snorring loudly into my ear. I opened my eyes and turned my head. Ray's nose touched mine and his breath smelled of strong alcohol. His arms and legs were wrapped around my body and he reminded me of a scared child that snuggled up to his teddy bear. Except that he was a strong man and he clutched me tightly. At least we were both still wearing our clothes, not like last time. I shook him lightly.

"Ray, wake up! You're hugging me so tightly i can't move!" I said.

"Again?" he asked and sighed without opening his eyes.

"No, this time we kept our clothes on."

"Well, that's something at least" he replied.

"Now, please, let me go!" I begged frantically.

His muscles relaxed and i quickly slipped out of his grip. He ran his hands over his face and opened his eyes.

"We're in fact not naked" he noticed disbelievingly. "I thought you were just trying to get away from me."

Suddenly we both started laughing maniacally. Tears sprang to my eyes and i almost fell off the bed. After a few minutes we calmed down a bit but when we looked at each other we cracked up again. We were rolling around and bubbling over with laughter.

"I-I can't... anymore... stop please!" I panted and wiped the tears away that ran down my cheeks.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying not to start laughing again. Now my head started pounding madly and i promised myself i'd never get drunk again.

"So are we going to get us some breakfast now?" Ray asked and his voice sounded as pained as i felt.

"Yeah, i need a coffee" i told him and slowly got up.

It was awfully painful. Every step, every glimpse of light that shone through the windows, every sound i heard send pain through my head and i just wanted to lie down in a dark, silent room and sleep forever. When we finally arrived downstairs, we sat down on the soft couch and i narrowed my eyes to slits.

"Wow, i forgot that this is so painful" Ray groaned.

"Me too."

Frank and Gerard were standing in the kitchen, cooking something that looked like pancakes. They acted like a newly engaged couple, both wearing bathrobes and kissing and laughing. It was so gushing with cuteness and love, it made me sick.

"Eww, could you to please stop doing this? I already feel sick enough" I said.

"Oh, I think you're just jealous" Gerard grinned and brought me and Ray cups filled with hot, delicious coffee.

"So what happened last night? I can't remember anything" Ray said after a while.

"Well, you two were having a great time. You got so drunk that Mikey tried to chat up some guy. I think he wrote his phone number on your hand" Frank told us with a smirk.

I looked at my hands and there really was a number written on it with lazy handwriting. Next to it stood the name Barney and a heart.

"Well, i guess i'm not the only one who thinks you're hot when they're drunk" Ray laughed and i poked him in the ribs with my elbow.

Frank raised his eyebrow and looked at Gerard who just shrugged.

"So you think men are only attracted to me when they're drunk?" I asked indignant.

"Nope, i think everyone's only attracted to you when they're drunk" Ray said, laughing even harder.

"Why not make a bet? If i can find at least one guy who would immediately take me to his place i win. And if i do, then you have to go with that guy."

"Two guys. And what do i get if i win?"

"You choose" I replied smiling.

I didn't think he would win so why should i even care about what he'd make me do if i lost.
Frank and Gerard exchanged another meaningful look that said "Are they really just talking about this?"

"Okay" Ray grinned. "Let's get you under the shower."

A/N: Two chapters in two days! I'm spoiling you guys! But Ray and Mikey haven't really played a big part in this story so far, so i thought i'd write a few chapters about them. I hope that's okay for you guys :) Please R&R! xx
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