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Surprise, surprise

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Mikey gets prepared.

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A/N: I just wanted to tell you why i named the gay guy in the last chapter Barney. You know How I Met Your Mother? Well, for those of you who don't know it, the actor who plays Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is gay. So yeah, that's why ^^ Enjoy! And R&R please :D

Mikey’s P.O.V
„Are you fucking serious?“ I asked, looking at what Ray was holding, disbelievingly. “I’m not gonna wear that!” I pouted.

“Oh yes, you will. But if you don’t want to, you’ll lose without even trying.”

“Fine!” I said, angrily. I grabbed the piece of clothing and walked into the bathroom. “But if you ever, EVER tell anyone about this I’m gonna kill you!” I added.

He chuckled and I showed Ray the finger before I closed the bathroom door. I held the dress in front of me and looked at it thoughtfully. It was black, so short it would barely cover my knees and there was pink plush around the waist. Thin, pink straps prevented the little clothing from slipping.

It probably looked good… on a woman.

I put it on and cursed, looking in the mirror. Then I walked outside again. Ray cracked up when he saw me and I felt hot anger building up inside off me.

“I will fucking kill you for this!”

“That’s totally worth it. Oh and…” Ray took a deep breath. “Don’t forget your shoes.” He said and pointed at a small box on the table before starting to laugh again. Inside of the box were brand new, black high heels.

“No fucking WAY!”

Suddenly the door flung open and Gerard ran inside, Frank entering the room right behind him.

“What the…” Gerard started but then he looked at me and pressed his lips together, trying to hold back his laughter.

Frank just stood there, frowning, his mouth wide-open and stared at me. Nobody said a word and I felt really uncomfortable with everyone’s eyes on me. My knees trembled and clattered together.

Then finally Gerard broke the silence. “And… and I am the gay brother?”

I glared at him before sitting down on my bed. “Fuck you, Gee. Fuck you all. Ray said I have to wear this dress for our bet and I’m not gonna lose it just because I was too much of a coward to wear it.”

I tried pulling the cloth down nervously, so it would at least reach my knees. But everytime it covered them, it slipped down and showed my nipples. Eventually, I just gave up and put my face in my hands. I sighed and avoided to look up. This was humiliating. Ray hadn’t said anything about a dress when we’d made the bet. But I wanted to win because the things he would make me do when I lost would be much worse than wearing a freaking dress. I remembered the last time me and Ray had made a bet.

“You really wanna challenge me?” he asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Fuck yes! I know you can’t stand Chinese food. And I can eat my body weight in sushi.”

“If you really want to. Let’s do it” he said, smirking.

I had no idea that Ray loved Chinese food at that time. He was a fucking cheater when it came to stuff like that. But the thing I had to do afterwards was much worse than losing.

“You just go in there, give him the piece of paper and he’ll know what he has to do. But don’t look at it! Or it won’t be a surprise anymore” he chuckled, darkly.

I walked into the tattoo shop, handed the paper to the tattooist and sat down. I liked tattoos and I wasn’t afraid of the pain, so this wasn’t a real punishment for me. I mean, what could possibly look so stupid that you didn’t want it tattooed on your body? The guy read it, then he frowned, looked at me and then at the paper again.

“Are you sure you want that?” he asked.

“Yeah, whatever” I answered.

He shrugged and told me to lie on my belly.

I thought it couldn’t be so bad. Oh how fucking wrong I was. When I looked at the tattoo on my left ass cheek a few hours later there was Ray’s face smiling up at me. The words “Don’t fuck me, I’m gay” were written under it. Needless to say, I hadn’t had a girlfriend since that day.

“Erm, it… it looks hot” Frank said, unsure of what to say.

I looked up and saw that I was still in my bedroom. Everyone was still staring at me and I was still wearing this stupid, little thing.

“I sure hope so.” I replied. “Now give me the fucking shoes!”

Ray, who was still laughing silently, hurried to the table and came to me with the box in his hands a moment later.

“You look like a princess, sweetheart” he said before kissing me on the cheek. I quickly raised my hand and my palm hit his chin.

“Fuck you” I whispered, silently.

He just giggled and helped me get in those fucking shoes.
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