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You Had Me At Hello **High school Frerard**

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Dan dan dan DAAAN!! Read and see! xo.

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Frank is 16 and Gerard too. I know that Gerard is four years older than Frank, but the story is better this way. (lol, Way)

*Gerard's POV*

The small, sharp razor shone as I held it between my thumb and index finger. I sighed and pressed it against my scar covered wrist. It was a good feeling, cutting made me feel good. I know I shouldn't cut, but I can't stop. It's an addiction, and I can't break that addiction. I took a paper towel to wipe off the blood.The crimson red liquid.. So beautiful.

Today's the first day at school after the summer holidays. And it's 7 am. Fuck fuck fuck my life.

I walked out from the toilet and entered my messy room. Comics, clothes, whatever, littered on the floor. I picked up a pair of black skinnies and, with a little struggle, I finally got on my jeans. I digged in my warderobe to find my Iron Maiden hoodie. I couldn't find it, so I chose a black normal long sleeved shirt. ''Gerard!!'' Mikey yelled from upstairs. ''What?!'' I snapped at him. ''Your coffee is ready!'' he screamed, pretty upset. Coffee. Yes. I ran upstairs and a smoking hot cup of coffee stood on the kitchen table. ''You're welcome.'' Mikey said and frowned. ''Oh, thanks..'' I said and quickly drank the brown delicious drink from heaven. ''I heard a new kid is starting this year.'' Mikey said and took a sip of his coffee. ''Really? God, please let him be normal. He won't survive a fu.. sorry, a single day if he's like me.'' I said jokefully and clasped my hands. Mikey laughed at my little prayer and walked upstairs. So I sat by the table, forever alone, looking out the window. I saw a guy walk by, he was short and had a black mohawk and black eyeliner. AND A MISFITS HOODIE!! Holy shit. I hoped he wasn't the new guy, but at the same time, it would be fun with someone like myself at school. Whatevs, I thought to myself and went to brush my teeth.

I arrived at school around 8 am, when my first class began. I walked towards the music hall and in the hallway, a circle of students blocked my way. ''Are you new, little emo midget?'' I heard George say. Fuck. George was the worst bully at school, and I was his daily victim. ''Yes I'm new, and fucktard, I don't give a fuck if I'm short. Or emotional.'' someone said. What the fuck? ''You're so going down!!'' George screamed at whoever it was, when the bell rang. When the students were finally gone, the guy who I saw earlier this morning sat on a bench looking at his schedule. I walked by, and he didn't even glance at me.

I opened the door to the music hall and excused myself for arriving late. Even though music is the one and only subject I like. ''Gerard, we've been waiting for you. Now hurry up, you're going to sing.'' Mr. Urban said.

When music class was over, I walked to the toilets. I walked into a stall and when I unzipped my fly, I heard a weak sobbing from the stall next to me. I dragged up the zipper and walked out. ''A..Are you okay?'' I asked and knocked on the door. ''No.. Please leave me alone..'' someone said. ''But.. Who are you?'' I asked. ''Frank.. I'm new..'' he sobbed. ''Oh.. It's you. I saw you this morning, you walked past my house..'' I said and Frank sniffled. ''Please come out..'' I tried but Frank said no. ''Okay, but if I drag you out?'' I said and tried to sound firm. ''Fuck you.'' Frank said and opened the door. His face was covered in blood. ''Holy shit!! Wha.. What happened?!'' I said and handed him a wet paper towel. ''Guess three motherfucking times.'' he said and wiped off the blood from his face. ''George..'' I said, almost whispered. ''So that's his fucking name.'' Frank said, crying in pain. ''Wanna go to the nurse?'' I asked him. ''Fuck to the no.'' he said and started to walk out from the toilets. ''But thanks for the help..?'' Frank said and pointed at me. ''Oh, Gerard.'' I said and nodded. ''Cool.'' he said and walked out. I just stood there, and after a few minutes I realized that I had to pee.

*Frank's POV*

That Gerard dude was cool. I mean, he was the only one who helped me. Not even the teachers who walked by when George beat me up cared. I decided to skip the rest of the day, so I sat down on a bench behind the school and put on my headphones. Misfits were playing, and I just sat there. Not giving a fuck about school. Then I saw Gerard coming around the corner with a drawing pad in his hand. When he saw me I could see him sighing. I turned the music off and sat down on the bench opposite me. ''What are you doing?'' I asked him. ''Skipping science class.'' he said, focused on the drawing he was making. ''Oh.'' I said quietly and thought that maybe he wanted to be alone. ''What are YOU doing?'' he suddenly asked me. ''Skipping.'' I said and smiled. ''Hm. I always come here to draw, but I guess you found my little hideout.'' he laughed. ''Yeah.. What are you drawing?'' I asked him and sat down next to him. ''I dunno.'' he said and handed me the drawing pad. It was a zombie with angel wings and a halo. ''This is pretty.. Awesome.'' I said. ''Nah, it's not so good to be me.'' Gerard snorted. I glared at him. ''I can't even draw a fucking stick dude. Shut up.''

We sat there, arguing about Gerard's drawing skills, for hours. ''By the way!! I was going to wear my Misfits hoodie today, but I could find it.'' Gerard said. ''That's so cool!! Do you like them?'' I asked him. ''Duh, If I do!!'' he said and smiled.

Sorry if this was short, but yeah. I have to sleep. c: xo. Tuva
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