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Annoying kids and caring mothers

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*Frank’s POV*

On the way home, a few kids stopped and stared at me. ’‘Why are you wearing make up? Isn’t that for girls?’’ a tall skinny kid said. I ignored him and kept walking. ’‘It’s not cool to wear that tight jeans you know!’’ another kid yelled at me. ’’If you just mind your own business, yeah?’’ I said and grinned. They looked shocked and then they ran off. I laughed to myself.
After a few steps, I tripped on something. Oh fuck. It was a dead squirrel. ’’Ah man..’’ I whispered and I could feel the vomit rise in my throat. I ran the 50 meters to my house and unlocked the door. ’‘Hello?!’’ I said to the empty house. Of course no one was home. Apart from my dogs. One of my them ran up to me with his tounge out. ’‘Hey buddy!! How are you?’’ I said and re-filled his water bowl. I could hear him swallow as I took a glass of juice and sat down by the table. The afternoon sun shone through the half dirty window, and I had to close my eyes. Damn sun.
I layed my head on the table, looking down on the brown surface. Then I realized that my face was full of bruises and small wounds. What would mom say? ’‘Frankie?’’ I heard mom say. ’‘Mhm..’’ I said and hid my face in my hands. ’‘How was the first day in school?’’ she asked me. ’‘Good.’’ I said short. ’’I can tell something’s wrong Frankie..’’ Mom sighed. I looked at her and pointed at my face. ’’A fucking awesome first day at school don’t you think?’’ I snapped. ’’Oh Frank.. Who did this?’’ she whispered and hugged me. ’’A dick named George.’’ I said and felt the tears burn in my eyes, threatening to ruin my make up. Again. Mom stroke my back and then she started to cry. ’’M-mom, don’t cry..’’ I said with my, aswell, tearfilled voice. ’’I don’t want you to get in trouble at this school too!!’’ she sobbed. ’‘It’s gonna be okay, I have one friend..’’ I said, almost whispered. ’‘And who is that?’’ mom asked and looked at me with red eyes. ’’A boy named Gerard, he helped me after George beat me up..’’ I answered. Mom smiled and wiped the tears off my cheeks.

*Gerard’s POV*

Bob, Ray and Mikey sat in my room and played TV games when I walked in. ’‘What the fuck are you doing in MY room?!’’ I whined. ’‘We’re playing, dumbass.’’ Mikey said and laughed. ’‘Whatever..’’ I said and sat down beside them. ’‘Did you meet the new guy?’’ Bob asked. ’‘Yeah, I found him in a toilet stall after he got beat up by George.’’ I said and spat when I said George’s name. ’’No shit?’’ Ray said and looked sincerely shocked. I nodded. ’‘Wow.. Was it bad?’’ Mikey asked. ’’He was kinda covered in blood.. I think he’ll get a few bruises and shit.’’ I sighed. ’‘Fuck.. George should get suspended.’’ Bob said and frowned. I nodded again. ’‘Should we go visit him? He might need a few friends.’’ Ray said and looked at me. ’‘Maybe..’’ I said and looked at my shoes. ’‘Come on, let’s go!’’ Mikey said and got off the couch. ’‘Okay. Uhm.. Where does he live?’’ Bob asked. ’’I think he lives somewhere in this area.. I saw him walk by.’’ I said and searched in my bag for the new adress book. ’‘Here! Let’s see..’’ I said and opened the book on ’F’. Frank Anderson, Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr, Franklin Wilson.. ’’I think this is him.’’ I said and pointed at Frank Iero’s adress. ’‘Okay then. Let’s go.’’ Ray said and walked out the door. It wasn’t far away, so we arrived quickly. Mikey knocked on the door and a women opened. ’‘And who are you..?’’ she asked suspicious. ’‘Uhm, I’m Gerard, I know Frank a little.’’ I said and reached out my hand. ’’Oh, he told me about you. I’m Frank’s mom, Linda.’’ she said and shook my hand. ’‘And this is my brother and my friends.’’ I said and pointed at Mikey, Bob and Ray. ’‘Hello boys.’’ Linda said and smiled. She shook their hands too as they presented themselves. ’‘Uhm.. Hey.’’ Frank said, appearing from no where. ’‘Hey. How are you?’’ I asked him. ’‘It’s been, uh, better. I guess..’’ he said and showed a big interest for his black and white Vans. ’‘Come in, come in!!’’ Linda said and showed us inside. Frank looked like if he wanted to sink through the floor. ’‘Why don’t you show the boys your room Frankie?’’ Linda asked Frank. ’‘Sure, why not..’’ Frank sighed and told us to follow him downstairs. ’’We can leave if you want to.’’ I said to Frank. ’’No, no, it’s cool. It’s just that it’s a little weird to have someone here..’’ he said. ’‘What do you mean?’’ Bob asked him. ’‘I’ve never had any friends, so I’ve never had anyone in my room.’’ Frank said and laughed nervously. ’‘Oh..’‘ Bob said and looked around. ’‘You have alot of records.’’ Ray said and pointed at a shelf filled with records. ’‘Yeah, music is pretty important to me.’’ Frank said and smiled shyly. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

Sorry if this was a lame ass short boring chapter, but I don’t have the time to write right now.. xo. Tuva
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