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It's sad

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*Frank's POV*

''So, uhm, what do you want to do?'' I asked them. ''I don't know, do you have any video games?'' Mikey asked. ''Eh, well, a few..'' I said and pointed at a shelf above the tv. Mikey looked at each and every one of them and finally picked a game. I'd never played it before, but Mikey seemed to recognize it. ''You have a good taste in music..'' Gerard said whilst looking at my records. ''Oh, uhm, thanks..'' I said shyly. ''Wow!! I play the guitar too!'' Ray smiled and pointed at my electric guitar. ''Cool!'' I said and sat down in the couch. ''But seriously, what should we do?'' I asked them. ''We can go out planking!!'' Gerard laughed. ''Oh my god, no Gerard!! Not after what happened the last time!'' Mikey whined. ''What happened?'' I asked Gerard. ''No, don't you dare!!'' Mikey yelled at Gerard. ''A.. A h-hobo started to dry hump.. Mikey!!'' Gerard said and laughed so much he couldn't breathe. ''It wasn't funny!!'' Mikey screamed and I started to laugh. ''Really?!'' I said between the laughter. ''Oh yes!!'' Gerard laughed. ''Fuck you guys!!'' Mikey said and frowned. ''Chillax dude, it's nothing to be pissed about!'' Ray said and laughed even more. Bob lied on the floor and laughed. When we were done laughing, Mikey suggested that we'd do '10 facts about yourself'. ''You'll start Frank!'' Ray said. ''Uh.. Okay, one, I'm a vegetarian, two, I'm allergic to lactose, three, I grew up with my mom, four, I love dogs, five, I'm only 5'4, six, I got suspended from my last school, seven, I'm bi, eight, I've been bullied for as long as I can remember, nine, I've been playing the guitar in a few small bands, ten, I don't know what else to say.'' I said in one breathe. ''Breathe, Frank.'' Gerard said and laughed. I realized what I just told them, and blushed.

Then they all said 10 facts about themselves, and they seemed to be pretty cool guys. Afterwards, we played the guitar and sang. Gerard was really good at singing!
''Frank!! Are your friends staying for dinner?'' Mom asked from upstairs. I looked at them. ''If it's okay for you and your mom.'' Bob said and smiled. ''Sure it is!'' I said and walked upstairs to tell mom.

*Gerard's POV*

Whilst Frank was upstairs, the rest of us just sat in Frank's room and talked. ''Is it okay to eat a veggie meal?'' he asked when he got downstairs. ''Sure, what kind?'' I asked him. ''Tomato soup with beans and stuff..'' Frank answered. ''Cool.'' Mikey said. We walked upstairs and Linda stood in the kitchen. ''You can sit in the living room, our kitchen is too small for all of us.'' she said and smiled. Frank took a bowl of soup and we did the same. We sat down in the big green couch, watched tv, and ate soup. Frank sat next to me, and his thigh touched mine. I don't know why it made me feel so awkward. I could see him casting a few glances at me, and I blushed. What the fuck is wrong with me? ''This soup is really good.'' I said to Linda. ''Oh, thank you!'' she said and smiled. I looked at Frank and he smiled at me. I got butterflies in my stomach. Seriously. What. The. Fuck?!

I'm so SO sorry for this short chapter, but I really need to sleep. xo.
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