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Mikey's teasing

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*Frank’s POV*

Gerard’s thigh touched mine. His thigh touched mine. Shit. It feels like a have ten thousand butterlies in my stomach. But I can’t have feelings for him. I’ve only known him for like, a few hours. And Gerard can’t be gay. Or even bi. If I get feelings for him, I don’t know what to do.

I slowly ate my tomato soup, and watched Bob frown as he ate a spoon. ’‘You didn’t like it?’’ Mikey asked him. ’’Er, yeah sure, I’ve just never ate something like this.. But I kinda like it.’’ Bob said and blushed. I laughed and spilled soup on my jeans. ’‘Fuck..’’ I sighed and looked around for a tissue. ’‘Let me get that for you.’’ Gerard said and used his sleeve to wipe it off. His sleeve-covered hand gently wiped the soup off my jeans. He fucking touched my thigh. God, no. ’‘You shouldn’t use your shirt, I’m fine..’’ I said and Gerard looked at me. ’‘Erhm, no, I don’t care about my shirt. Your thi.. Jeans looks nice.. They shouldn’t get ruined by tomato soup..’’ he said and looked away. I slowly nodded.
What was he about to say?

’‘Fuck! My parent are on vacation, and I have to feed my cats!’’ Bob burst out. Ray started to laugh and his fro slapped Mikey’s face. ’‘Dude, watch my eyes!!’’ Mikey whined. ’‘But you have glasses!!’’ Gerard giggled. ’‘Fuck off.’’ Mikey said, he was obviously pissed. ’‘Anyways, I have to go. Nice meeting ya Frank!’’ Bob said and waved goodbye. ’‘You too, Bob.’’ I said. ’‘Thanks for the dinner Linda!’’ he said to my mom who sat in the kitchen. ’’Oh, no problem!’’ she said and smiled with her white teeth. Bob walked out and left an awkward silence behind. ’’So.. Maybe we should leave, Gerard? I think mom and dad is home by now.’’ Mikey said to Gerard. ’‘Yeah.. Ray, are you coming with us then?’’ Gerard asked Ray. ’‘Yup, I think I will.’’ Ray said and burped. ’’Oh, sorry..’’ he said. ’‘It’s okay.’’ I said and gave him a faint smile. ’‘Bye then Frank, I guess we’ll see each other at school tomorrow?’’ Gerard said and stod up from the couch. ’‘Yeah, I might need a few body guards.’’ I joked. They laughed, thanked mom for the dinner, and waved good bye to me. ’’Oh by the way, take my number, just in case!’’ Gerard said and left a small note on the table. When did he have the time to write that? I picked up my phone and typed in ‘Gerard Way’ and his number in my almost empty contact list.
’‘They seem to be great guys.’’ mom said when they closed the door. ’‘Yeah..’’ I said and started to do the dishes. ’’Oh, Frankie, let me do that.’’ mom said and hugged me. ’‘Okay, love you mom.’’ I said and walked downstairs to my room. I closed my door after me, and took my acoustic guitar from the shelf. I started to write a song.

*Gerard’s POV*

When Mikey and I got home, mom asked us where we’d been. ’’At Frank’s house, his mom made us dinner!’’ Mikey said with an excessive enthusiasm. ’’Oh, and who is this Frank?’’ dad asked. ’’A new guy at school, a Gee look-alike.’’ Mikey laughed. A ’‘Meeh!! He’s not ugly like me!’’ escaped from my mouth and mom looked at me. ’‘What?’’ she said. ’‘Nothing..’’ I whispered. ’‘Whoooooh, Gerard has a little crush on the new boy?’’ Mikey said and winked. ’’No, I don’t. Why would I?’’ I snapped. ’‘Frank and Gerard, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!’’ Mikey sang and laughed even more. ’‘Mikey, you’re not seven years old are you?’’ mom sighed and gave him a clap on his head. ’‘Whatever..’’ I said and grabbed a bowl of nachos and taco sauce from the living room table. ’‘I’ll go play some video games. Are you joining me Mikes?’’ I said and looked at Mikey. He nodded and followed me upstairs.

’‘Okay, let’s talk in a civilized manner. Do you think Frank is attractive?’’ Mikey asked me. ’’No.. Well, he’s not ugly. But I don’t have a crush on him.’’ I said and stuffed a few nachos in my mouth. ’‘But come on, Gee, I can see right through you. You should’ve seen your face when you sat next to Frank. You were red as that fucking soup.’’ Mikey said and patted my shoulder. ’‘But you don’t have to talk about it.’’

We played a car game, and as usual, Mikey won. ’‘Fuck!!’’ I screamed and slammed my hand in the floor. ’‘Gerard Arthur Way, no swearing in this house!! I have raised you better than that!’’ mom yelled from down stairs. ’‘Sorry..’’ I said, allthough she couldn’t hear it. Mikey laughed at mom. ’‘She always overreact..’’
’‘Can’t we just watch the telly instead?’’ I asked him. Mikey switched the play station off, and The Simpsons was on.
I felt my cell vibrate in my back pocket. Who the fuck texted me?
’1 new message’
I opened it and it came from an un-recognized number. ’Hi! Can u walk with me 2 school 2morrow? /Frank :)’
‘Sure, we’ll b @ your house round 8 =)’ I wrote and pressed ‘Send’. ’‘Who was it from?’’ Mikey asked. ’‘Frank.. He wanted us to walk with him to school.’’ I said. ’‘Uh-huh.. Cool. Did you give him your number?’’ he asked. ’‘Yeah.’’ I said shortly. Mikey laughed and hit me in the side with his elbow. ’‘I’m gonna go to bed. Night Mikes.’’ I said and walked to my room. I sighed and closed the door. What if Gemma was logged in at MSN? She’s my best friend, but she lives in England.
I pressed ‘start’ on the computer, but it took a while for it to get started, so I changed to my p’j. A.K.A a Misfits shirt and boxers.
A well known ‘DUDUDU’ came from the computer.

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