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Gemma visits

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*Frank’s POV*

I slammed my wake up clock in the floor as I opened my eyes. The sun was shining through the a little hole in one of the curtains. I yawned and sat up. My room was, surprisingly, really clean. ’‘Frankie.. Breakfast is ready.’’ mom said behind my closed door. ’‘Yeah, I’ll be up soon..’’ I said sleepy. ’‘Now. Or else you’ll be late.’’ mom sighed and I could hear her footsteps in the stairs. I sighed and rubbed my eyes. When I looked at my fingers they were black. Fuck. I forgot to remove the make up yesterday. Whatever..
I opened my warderobe and looked in it. Jeans, shirts, shoes.. I picked a pair of blue skinnies, a black shirt and a grey cardigan on top of the shirt. ’‘Nice mr. Iero..’’ I said to myself in the mirror and let the three-row stud belt hang over my ass. I looked awesome.
’‘Frank!! Your friends are here!!’’ mom yelled from upstairs. Fuck! Is it already eight?!
’‘I’ll be right up!!’’ I screamed and tied my black Converse.

’‘Hey!’’ Gerard and Mikey said and waved when I got upstairs. ’‘Hey..’’ I said and fetched an apple that mom threw at me. ’‘You have to eat something, Frankie.’’ she said and smiled a I-know-better-than-you-because-I’m-your-mother smile. ’‘Bye mom, love you.’’ I said and walked out from the house. ’‘Where’s Ray and Bob?’’ I asked Gerard and Mikey. ’‘They went to school.’’ Mikey said and put on his glasses. ’‘Mhm..’’ I mumbled and took a look at my schedule. ’‘What’s your first class?’’ Gerard asked me. ’‘Uhm.. Let’s see.. Science.’’ I said and sighed. ’’Oh, me too!’’ Gerard said and smiled. I got butterflies in my stomach again. ’‘Cool.’’ I said and looked away. The time past by quickly and we arrived at school. ’‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!’’ I heard Gerard burst out. ’’I thought I’d surprise you!!’’ a girl said in a british accent. Gerard ran to the girl in black long hair and hugged her tight. My heart sank down to my feet. ’’Hi Gemma!!’’ Mikey said and waved. ’‘Hey Mikey!’’ The girl, obviously named Gemma, said. ’‘Frank, this is my friend Gemma from England!’’ Gerard said and smiled with his entire face. I gave her a faint smile and waved. ’’Oh, he IS cute!’’ Gemma said to Gerard. Gerard laughed awkwardly and hugged Gemma again. ’‘B-but, why didn’t you say anything yesterday?’’ Gerard asked her. ’’I really wanted to surprise you! Where’s Bobbie and Ray?’’ Gemma asked and laughed. ’‘They’re already inside.. They went to school without us. Fuckers.’’ Mikey said jokefully. Gemma laughed and gave Mikey a hug. But not as tight and long as she hugged Gerard. Then she shook my hand. ’‘I’m Gemma. And I guess you’re Frank?’’ she said and smiled. ’‘Yep..’’ I said and I had to force a smile. ’‘Gerard told me about you.’’ Gemma said and winked. ’‘Uhm.. Okay..’’ I said and felt extremely awkward. ’‘Should we go to science then..?’’ I asked Gerard. ’‘Yeah, Gemma, you can come with us!’’ Gerard said and smiled at her. She smiled back and they looked like the perfect couple. I sighed and opened the front doors.
I went straight to the science room at sat down in a bench.

*Gerard’s POV*

I couldn’t be more happy right now! Gemma surprised me by coming to the US, to visit me!!

I saw Frank go to the science class, with his head down. ’‘What happened to him?’’ Gemma asked. ’’I don’t know..’’ I said and Gemma got a concerned look on her face. ’’Is he gay?’’ she asked me. ’‘Uhm, I think he’s bi..’’ I said and Mikey waved at us. ’‘I’m going to my english class!’’ he said. ’‘Bye! See you later!’’ Gemma said to him and looked at me. ’‘What?’’ I asked her and she just smirked. I opened the door to science class and Frank sat all alone in a bench, drawing on his hand. ’‘Hey.. What is it?’’ I asked him and he looked up. ’‘Nothin’.. Are you sitting next to me?’’ he said and pointed at the chairs next to him. ’‘Yeah, of course!’’ I said and sat down.
Mr. Fillinger walked in, followed by a bunch of students. ’‘And who is this?’’ he asked and pointed at Frank. ’‘Frankie..Uh, er.. Frank Iero.’’ I said and blushed. ’’Oh, the new boy! And who is that?’’ Mr. Fillinger asked and pointed at Gemma. ’‘It’s my friend from England, she came to visit me.’’ I said and mr. Fillinger nodded with a ’uh huh’. ’‘Hey Gerdtard! You got yourself an emo gay friend? I can see he got pretty beat up yesterday!’’ George laughed. I saw Frank hide his face in his hands, he was obviousy ashamed. ’‘What was that? Did you do that to Frank’s beautiful face?’’ Gemma asked George with a look that could make the most confindent person anxious. ’‘Err.. Y-you british.. Fuck you!’’ George said and his cheeks got really red. ’‘You should hate yourself. You should hate your ugly face. Don’t you ever do that again!’’ Gemma said and almost spat in George’s face. ’‘Err.. I’m n-not scared of you!!’’ George said, but he was terrified. ’‘Maybe you’re scared of my brother. He’s the best rugby player at his college. He’s twice your size. He’d beat you up with one hand behind his back. Eat that, fucktard.’’ Gemma said, awkwardly calm, and sat down next to me again. Mr. Fillinger was chocked. ’’L-let’s get started, shall we?’’

When the bell rang, everyone ran outside. Frank sat in his bench, still hiding his face in his hands. ’‘Come on Frankie..’’ I said and tapped his shoulder. He sighed and stood up. His eyes were slightly red, and a little swollen. ’’Th-thanks Gemma. Thanks Gee.’’ he said and sniffled. ’’No problem.’’ Gemma said and hugged Frank’s shoulders. ’‘Let’s go find Bob and Ray, shall we?’’ I asked them and they nodded.
Bob, Mikey and Ray outside the science room, on a bench. ’’Oh shit, Gemma!!’’ Bob screamed and hugged her. ’‘Hey Bobbie!!! Hey Ray!! El Toro!’’ she said and hugged Ray too. ’‘Your ‘fro is bigger than it was the last time I saw you!!’’ she laughed and touched Ray’s fro. I laughed and looked at Frank. He looked down on the floor, and he cried. ’‘Frankie.. What’s the matter?’’ I asked him and dragged him on the side, away from my friends. ’‘It’s just.. I-I can’t tell y-you..’’ he sniffled. I sighed and gave him a hug. ’‘It’ll get better, I swear..’’ I sighed and Frank looked at me. ’’No.’’ he said and ran out from the school. ’‘Wuh.. Wait!! Frank, come back!’’ I yelled after him and started to run. ’‘What’s going on?’’ Bob asked. ’’I have no fucking idea!’’ I whined and looked around on the school yard.
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