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Save him

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*Frank’s POV*

I ran as fast as I could, away from the school, away from Gerard. I couldn’t see him hug that girl Gemma. And I couldn’t tell him how I felt about him.
The wind made my mohawk fall over my face, and my lungs were hurting. Then I finally saw it. The bridge. I looked around, and no one was there. Great. I climbed up on the small iron fence and looked down on the highway below.

*Gerard’s POV*

’‘FRANK!! FRANK WHERE ARE YOU?!’’ I screamed with a tearfilled voice as I ran around, desperatly searching for Frank. ’‘FRAAAANK!!’’ Gemma called from the other side of the road. We were spread out, so we would find him easier. ’‘FRANK IERO!!’’ I heard Bob scream in the small forest behind school. I ran down the road a few hundred meters, until I got to the bridge. I saw a black, small silhouette standing on the egde. ’’Oh fuck!! No!!’’ I yelled at myself, and ran the fastest I could to Frank. He looked back at me, chocked.
When I got to him, I quickly dragged him down. ’‘WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?! YOU.. YOU.. AAAH!!’’ I screamed and looked at Frank, lying on the pavement. He had tears in his eyes, and his makeup was smudged all around his eyes. ’’I-I d-don’t know..’’ he sobbed and started to hit his forehead on the ground. ’‘Stop it!!’’ I yelled and grabbed his cheeks with my hands. ’‘What were you thinking?’’ I asked him, and looked straight into his dark, brown eyes. ’’I-I just.. I c-can’t see y-you with h-her.. I-I lo-lov..’’ was all he managed to say before he buried his face in my shirt. I hugged him tight and stroked his back until his sobbing faded. ’‘Frankie.. Can you please tell me what’s wrong?’’ I gently asked him and took his hand. Frank looked at me, biting his lip. ’’I can’t. You’ll hate me.’’ he sighed. ’’No, I won’t. I’ll always be there for you. No matter what.’’ I said and smiled at him. The sun shone on his face, and he looked down at our hands. Two hands, tightly wrapped together. One hand pale as the dining room walls, and one hand with a red, fingerless glove on it. ’’I.. I really..’’ he sighed. ’’I really like you..’’ he said very quietly, still looking at our hands. I grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at me. ’‘And you don’t think I feel the same?’’ I asked, but as a rhetorical question. He started to cry again, and I removed the hair from his face. ’‘Let’s go.’’ I said and stood up, dragging Frank with me.
He clenched his hand in my shirt, like if he was scared of letting go. ’‘Hey, Frank, it’s okay.’’ I said and smiled. He sighed and let go of my shirt.
’’OH MY GOD!!’’ Gemma screamed and ran towards us. ’‘Where were you?!’’ she asked Frank. He swallowed. ’’I-I.. I, uh..’’ he said and looked at me with tears in his eyes.
’‘It’s, uh, kinda.. Personal..’’ Frank continued and tried to blink away the tears. Unsuccesfully.
’’Oh.. Okay.’’ Gemma said and nodded. ’‘Can I talk you you later?’’ she whispered to me. I nodded. Frank started to sob again and sat down in the middle of the road. ’‘Frank.. It’s going to be okay.’’ I said and put my arm around his shoulder. ’’No. NO IT WON’T!!’’ he screamed with the tears running down his face. ’‘In what way will get better?! Tell me!!’’ he yelled and pushed my hand off his shoulder. ’’I-I don’t.. I don’t know. But all I can say is that I like you. Very much.’’ I said and stood up. Frank just looked at me. ’‘You don’t have to care about me. Just think about yourself, yeah?’’ I snapped and walked off.

*Frank’s POV*

I saw Gerard walk away from me with his head down. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck! ’’He really likes you. He really does.’’ Gemma said before she ran after Gerard. I buried my face in my hands and sighed. It was kinda peaceful until a car hooted. Oh right, I sat in the middle of the road..
I stood up and walked up on the sidewalk. An old man sat in the car and looked angrily at me when he drove off. I brushed the dirt off my jeans and walked home. But I couldn’t get Gerard out of my mind.

When I got home I remembered that my keys was in my bag. And my bag was at school. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I knocked, but no one was home. I just heard my dogs bark from the other side of the door. ’‘Well, this is great..’’ I said to myself and sat down on the patio. Then I realized that my phone was in my back pocket. Yes! But no.. If I called mom, she’d wonder why I was home so early. I texted Gerard.
’‘I’m sorry.’’ I wrote and pressed ‘send’. After a few minutes, a ‘pling!’ came from my phone.

1 new message

I opened it and hoped it was from Gerard. It was.

’‘K.’’ was all it said. I sighed and decided to visit him. I think I knew where he lived.

When I got to a house that was kinda familiar, I knocked on the door. An old lady opened. ’’Oh.. Sorry.. uhm.. Do you know where Gerard Way lives?’’ I asked her. ’‘Oh! That nice young man. Just next to my house, you see.’’ she said and smiled kindly. ’‘Thank you!’’ I said and smiled. ’’No problem, dear.’’ she said and closed the door.
I walked to the house next to the nice old lady’s, and knocked on the door. Gerard opened, but he closed it when he saw that it was me. But I put my foot in the way, so I atleast saw a his face. ’‘What do you want?’’ he asked me and sighed. ’‘Can I come in?’’ I asked. ’’No. Tell me what you want first.’’ he said and frowned. ’’I want to apologize. I’m so so sorry. Please let me come in!’’ I begged. He sighed and let me in. I followed him upstairs to his room where Gemma sat and watched tv. ’’Uh, hi..’’ I said, and I was a little disappointed about the fact that Gemma was there. ’‘Hey there.’’ she said and smiled at me. ’’So.. I’ve told Gemma about what happened today.’’ Gerard said and sat down by his desk, drawing something. ’‘Huh?! B-but, I.. Why?!’’ I yelled at him. ’‘Chill.. I, uh, hadtotellherwhatIfeelaboutyouandIcouldn’tdoitwithouttellheraboutoday.’’ he said extremely fast. ’‘Er.. What? I didn’t hear what you said..’’ I said and looked at his drawing. When he noticed that I tried to look at it, he turned it upside down. ’‘Nothing..’’ he said and looked away. ’‘Whatever.’’ I said and walked down the stairs, out from his house. When I walked down the road, I heard Gerard scream after me. ’‘Wait!! Seriously, wait!!’’
I turned around and saw Gerard come running. ’‘What now?’’ I snapped. ’‘You obviously don’t understand how hard it is for me to admit that I like you! I’M NOT EVEN GAY!!’’ he yelled. ’‘Uhm.. I-I..’’ I mumbled and looked down on my shoes in embarrassment. ’‘Sorry..’’ Gerard sighed. ’‘It’s okay.. I like you too.’’ I said and looked at him. He was crying. ’‘Don’t cry!!’’ I said and hugged him. ’‘How am I supposed to tell my parents?!’’ he sobbed and buried his face in my neck. ’‘Just tell them. That’s what I did. Mom is totally cool about it.’’ I said and held my arms around his waist. ’‘Really? Was she like ’‘It’s totally cool that my son is attracted to the opposite sex!’’?’’ he asked me and looked at me. ’‘Uhm, yes.. Is it weird or..?’’ I asked, and Gerard still looked at me with that awkward look. ’’No, no, it’s just that I don’t think my parent would take it ’‘totally cool’’. I think they’d be rather shocked.’’ Gerard said and traced the studs on my belt with his fingers. ’’I think they’ll take it good. But I don’t know your parents so..’’ I said and laughed.

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