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Frank sees Gerard doing something that breaks Frank's heart. Read and see.

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*Gerard's POV*

I walked the short way home, with the sun gazing in my neck. I kept thinking about the little talk Frank and I had. The hugs, his brown beautiful eyes, his hot ass when he walked away, his pierced lip, how perfect his smile was, his.. ''Shut up!!'' I screamed at myself. Ms. Johnson, the old lady next door, was out drinking coffee and she spilled coffee on her leg when I screamed. ''Oh shit! I'm so so so so so so so sorry! I just can't live with my own thoughts.'' I apologized. ''Oh, it's okay. The coffee wasn't very hot. And I understand. Being a teenager isn't easy, am I right?'' she said and smiled. ''You're very right.'' I sighed and put my hands in my back pockets, just to have something to do. ''Well, good luck with your mind but now I have to change my pants. Good bye Gerard!'' she said and walked inside. I opened the door to my house and walked upstairs. ''What took you so long?'' Gemma said and frowned. She sat in my couch, looking through a bunch of papers. ''Wha.. Is that my drawings?'' I sighed and snatched the paper from her hands. ''Yes. And they are really good. Especially the ones of Frank.'' she teased and winked. ''Shut up.'' I said and threw the papers in a drawer and closed it. ''What? I gave you a compliment! You should be happy that I won't tell Frank about them..'' she sulked. ''Sorry. And thank you.'' I sighed and sat down next to her. We just sat there, quiet, for about 15 minutes. ''So how are you.. Wait.'' I said and picked up my buzzing phone.

1 new message

''The park in 5.'' it just said, and I didn't recognize the number. ''I'm going to the park. You can do whatever you want, it won't take long.'' I said and walked out. ''W-what..?'' she stuttered.

When I got to the park, I sat down on a bench. The afternoon sun shone and the trees seemed to glow. People were walking their dogs, strolled around with their partners, or just sat on a bench like me. ''Uhm, Gerard.'' Lucy, from my art class, said. ''You were the one who texted me?'' I asked her. ''Yes. I just need to talk to you.'' she said and sat down next to me. I nodded slowly, confused about whatever she had to talk to me about. ''So here's the thing.. I've been into you since I first saw you. I like you alot.'' she giggled and took my hand. ''I uh.. I-I.. I don't know how to say this but.. uh, I'm kinda.. gay.'' I said and tried to pull my hand back, but Lucy held it in a tight grip. ''No! No you're not! You're not gay!'' she yelled and grabbed my neck. ''Don't do tha..'' was all I could say before she kissed me. I tried to push her away, but she was strong. She forced herself to a sitting position in my lap, and grabbed my neck even harder. ''GOD YOU BITCH!!'' I screamed and punched her in her stomach. She gasped for air and fell to the ground. I looked around and saw Frank run away with one of his dogs behind him. ''FRANKIE!!! WAIT!'' I screamed and started to run after him. ''SHE FORCED ME TO KISS HER!!'' I continued and Frank stopped. ''No. I don't believe you. You kissed her because you are ashamed of being gay.'' he said and turned around, he looked at me with tears streaming down his face. ''No, I swear! Look, I punched her!'' I said and pointed at Lucy who was still lying on the ground. ''Fuck you.'' he hissed and walked off, leaving me in tears. I walked home, unaware of what I was doing. I walked up to my room and fell down on my bed. ''What happened?'' Gemma asked and sat down next to me. ''Lucy forced me to kiss her and Frank saw it and now he hates me and I hate myself and I wanna die.'' I said in one breathe. Gemma hugged me and sighed. ''And I hurt Lucy. I hope she die!'' I growled.

Sorry about this short chapter, but I'm hungry as fuck so I'll go buy some breakfast. R&R sweeties! :D xo.
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