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Bye cruel world

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*Frank's POV*

Stupid Gerard. I hate him. I HATE HIM! I punched my fist in the wall. My knuckles started to bleed. ''Frankie! What are you doing?!'' mom yelled from upstairs. ''Nothing!! I dropped a, uh, I dropped a book!'' I screamed back at her. She didn't answer, and I made sure the door was locked. I opened the drawer and picked up a little black box. The razors shone in the dim light. I grabbed the sharpest one between my thumb and indexfinger, and pressed it against my scarry wrist. I saw the blood drip on the floor, leaving small puddles of the crimson red liquid. I cut deeper and deeper, and eventually I started to feel dizzy. ''Bye cruel world..'' I whispered before everything went black.

*Gerard's POV*

''I'm sure he doesn't hate you. He's just upset.'' Gemma said and stroke my back. ''H-he hates me, Gemma.. I saw it in his eyes!'' I sobbed. ''No. Text him, call him, visit him, I don't care, just make sure to tell him the truth.'' she said and hugged me. I nodded. ''I have to go home now.'' Gemma said and left me alone in my room. I sighed and texted Frank.

Let me explain. Please. xo G

I waited for a few minutes. No answer. I waited for an hour. No answer. Then I heard a weak knock on my door. ''Yeah?'' I said. Mikey opened the door. ''Uh.. Just come with me..'' he said and grabbed my hand. ''What? Where are we going?'' I asked him. ''Just come with me!'' he said. I followed him to my car. ''Drive to the hospital.'' he said. ''What? What happened?! You're freaking me out Mikes!!'' I yelled. ''It's Frank.. His mom called dad. He called me. And I..'' Mikey said and I started the car. Mikey jumped in and I drove towards the hospital.

''Where's Frank Iero?'' I asked the receptionist. ''Who?'' she asked, looking at me over her glasses. ''Frank Iero! Short guy in a black mohawk!!'' I desperatly sobbed. ''Uh, let's see.. Frank Anthony Thomas Iero jr? He's at the ICU. No visiting now. But there's a waiting hall outside.'' she said. ''Suicide attempt.'' she sighed. My heart stopped. ''It's my fault Mikes.. It's my fault.'' I whispered and Mikey grabbed my hand. ''Go to the ICU. I'll call Gemma.'' he said and let go of me. I looked at the sign above the reception.

ICU - floor 3, room 468

I ran to the elevator, but it was at the top floor so I took the stairs. I ran as fast as I could, and stopped outside room 468. I looked through the little window and saw 3 paramedics stand beside a bed. I didn't see who it was, but I knew it was Frank. ''Gerard!!'' Linda cried and ran to me. ''Oh my god!!'' she sniffled and hugged me. I buried my face in her hair and began to cry violently. ''Is he gonna make it?'' I asked her between the sobs. She was quiet. I tore myself from her arms and sat down on the floor. ''It's.. uh.. f-fifty fifty..'' Linda said and cried even more. I layed down on the floor, watching my tears drip down on the grey plastic surface. ''Gee!!'' Gemma shouted and sat down next to me. ''I-I..'' she stuttered and wiped a tear off her cheek. I couldn't breathe. The tears rolled down my cheeks, and I felt the salty taste in my mouth. ''Come on Gee..'' Gemma whispered and dragged me up. ''Sit down.'' she continued. I sat down in an uncomfortable wooden chair. My vision was blurry, my heart was aching and I was unable to speak. I sat there for what must've been hours, until a nurse gave me a blanket. Gemma, Mikey, Linda, Ray and Bob, whom I hadn't seen until now, sat opposite me in the same wooden chairs. They had blankets of their own, and they were fast asleep. Gemma and Linda's make up were smudged all over their relaxed faces. Bob and Ray snored, whilst Mikey just sat there and slept. He looked so young. I sighed and looked at the clock. 01:32. It was in the middle of the night, and the light from the ICU was still on. I said a little prayer in my head and clasped my hands. A man cleared his throat. ''Mr. Way? Are you awake?'' I looked up and saw a man, who seemed very kindly, standing outside the ICU. I nodded. ''Mr. Iero will be okay. He needs to stay here for atleast a week though.'' the doctor said and smiled compassionately at me. I began to cry again and ran to him. ''Thank you thank you thank you!!!'' I shouted and hugged him. ''Oh! Well, no problem dear.'' he laughed and patted my back. ''Whu-What?'' Linda asked sleepily. ''Frank will be okay!!'' I said. I smiled and the tears poured down my cheeks. Linda stood up and hugged the doctor. ''I cannot thank you enough!'' she said and smiled.

''Gerard? Gee?'' Gemma said and shook my shoulders. ''We can go visit Frank now.'' she said and smiled. I stood up, as if my ass was burning. The doctor showed us into a room, where Frank lied in a bed. He was pale. ''Hey guys..'' he said and smiled faintly. ''Hey Gee..'' he said and gave me the finger. ''What was that for, Frank?'' Linda asked him. ''Ask Gerard.'' he said. ''Can you leave us for a moment? We have this.. Unfinished thingy...'' I said and looked at Linda and the rest. They nodded and left the room. ''So.. Are you going to apologise for being a dickhea-'' ''Shut the fuck up and let me explain!'' I cut him off. He gave me a pissed look and waited for me to start talking. ''She FORCED me to kiss her. Didn't you see that I pushed her away? I punched her so she lost her breathe Frank! And I left her there, because I saw you.'' I explained and sat down on a chair next to his bed. He just looked at me. ''Prove it. Prove that you didn't liked the fact that a girl kissed you.'' he said and kept his pokerface. I stood up. ''Okay. Fine.'' I snapped and kissed him quickly on his mouth. ''W-well, okaay..'' he said and looked shocked at me. ''Happy?'' I said and walked out. Linda looked at me when I walked out. ''He's all yours.'' I said and took the elevator to the bottom floor.

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