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''Bob you bastard''

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*Frank's POV*

Gerard kissed me. It wasn't a real kiss, but he kissed me. On my lips. Whoah. I shook my head and saw mom walk in. She looked at me with sorrow in her eyes. ''Why, Frank? Why?'' she asked me. ''I-I can't explain..'' I stuttered and mom started to cry again. ''Do you think I'd survive loosing both you and your dad?'' she sobbed and sat down in a chair next to my bed. ''Sorry ma.'' I sighed and took her hand. She squeezed it and looked at me with teary eyes. ''I love you.'' I said and smiled at her. ''I love you too Frankie..'' she sniffled and wiped the tears off her cheeks. Gemma, Bob, Ray and Mikey walked into the room and looked at me with concerned looks. ''Can you leave for a bit mom?'' I asked mom and she walked out from the room. ''Why did you do it? How could you that to him?'' Gemma asked me with a tearfilled voice. ''I-I.. I don't know..'' I sighed and looked the needles and shit that was stuck in my arms. ''Sure as fuck you know!!'' Gemma yelled and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. ''Do you know how worried he was?'' Mikey asked me. I shook my head and Bob sighed. ''He was lying on the floor and bawled his fucking eyes out!'' Gemma sniffled and pointed at the door. Did he really care about me that much? ''R-really?'' I said and felt the tears roll down my cheeks. Ray nodded.

*Mikey's POV*

Frank cried as he sat there in the hospital bed. He looked miserable. ''I'm gonna go look for Gee..'' I sighed and walked out from the room. I looked around and found Gerard and Linda in the waiting room. ''How is he doing?'' Linda asked. ''He's crying.. He feels bad about doing that to you Gee.'' I answered and turned to Gerard. ''Really?'' he sniffled. ''What?'' Linda said and looked at him. ''Oh uhm.. Here's the thing Linda. I-I really like Frank..'' Gerard said and buried his face in his hands. ''Gerard!! I knew you were gay!!'' I burst out. He groaned and looked at me. ''Stop it..'' he sighed. ''Gerard, honey.. I know Frank likes you too.'' Linda said and hugged Gerard.


The week past by quickly, and Frank was allowed to go home. He looked so happy when he walked out from the hospital, inhaling the fresh air. I think Frank and Gerard is cool with eachother now. Frank doesn't hate on Gerard for kissing Lucy anymore. It was sad that Gemma had to go home to the uk, but her little visit was very nice. ''Hey Mikes!! Shouldn't we throw a party now when Frank is out from the hospital?'' Bob asked. ''Oh, not a party!!'' Frank groaned. ''What about a sleepover?'' Gerard suggested. ''Fuck yeah!! Sleepovers are so badass!'' Ray laughed. ''Whaaat? I like sleepovers..'' Gerard pouted. ''Let's have a sleepover then! We can be at our place.'' I said. ''Cool. Tonight?'' Frank said and smiled at Gerard. My brother nodded and blushed a little. It was pretty damn obvious that he had a crush on Frank. ''See you then!!'' Frank said and hopped in his mom's car.

*Gerard's POV*

I'm so happy that Frank doesn't hate me anymore. But I hate to admit that I have a crush on him. I mean, I discovered my ''gay-ness'', as Bob says, only a few weeks ago. But I think Frank's feelings for me have faded a bit..

''I'll go and buy some snacks!'' Mikey said and walked out the door. We waved goodbye to him and started to put some mattresses out on the floor in my room. ''This is sooooo normal for teenage dudes..'' Bob said sarcastically. I laughed and threw a pillow on him. ''Having a pillow fight doesn't make it any better!'' Ray laughed. ''Uh, hi guys..'' Frank said as he walked into my room. I waved a little and felt my cheeks go red. Damn it Gerard!! ''So uh.. What are we going to do?'' Frank asked. ''We're having a horror movie marathon!!'' Bob said and put his thumbs up. ''I-I hate horror movies..'' Frank sighed. ''Don't worry, you can cuddle up to Gerard.'' Bob said and winked. ''Wh-what?'' I laughed nervously. ''That would be nice. If mr. Way is okay with that?'' Frank said and laughed. ''Oh stop it..'' I sighed and halfheartedly threw a pillow at him. ''Dude, I'm just kidding!'' he giggled. Oh how I loved that giggle..

I sat by myself in a corner of the couch, whilst the other sat on the floor. Frank screamed when a head flew across the screen. Bob started to laugh. ''Go cuddle up to Gerard if you're so fucking scared..'' Mikey mumbled. ''Maybe I will.'' Frank said and crossed his arms childishly. ''Then do it already!!'' Bob screamed. I started to laugh at Frank's facial expression. ''Whaaaat?'' Frank whined. I kept laughing but stopped when Frank sat down next to me and put his head on my shoulder. ''Gee-Gee, I'm scared.'' he giggled. ''Uh, o-o-okay..'' I stuttered. I felt my cheeks go red again, and Bob looked at me and laughed. ''You're havin' a cozy time there Gee?'' he asked and winked. ''Fuck you..'' I sighed. Frank laughed, but he still sat there with his head leaning against my shoulder.

When the closing creds were rolling, Frank almost sat in my lap. His hands were clenched into my chest and his face was buried in my neck. ''Uh, Frank.. The movie is over now..'' I said and poked on his shoulder. ''Oh, yeah. Sorry 'bout that..'' he said and laughed nervously. Bob giggled but choked the, if he'd let it out, very loud laughter. ''Bob you bastard!'' Frank laughed and attacked him. ''AAAAH MIDGET ATTACK!! HELP ME YOU GUYS!!'' Bob screamed and probably woke the whole neighbourhood. Frank got off Bob and glared at him. ''I. Am not. A midget.'' he hissed, but seconds later he burst out in laughter. ''Oh-okay, maybe I am!''
''But you're a cute little midget..'' I said before I realized what I'd actually said. ''I-I didn't mean it that way.. You're short and short things are cute don't you all think yeah hehe?''
''Gerard. Everyone in this room, including you, knows you meant it in that way..'' Ray sighed. ''I'm going to bed..'' I snapped and layed down on my mattress. ''Someone's having PMS..'' Bob giggled. I sighed and plugged my earphones in.

''Hey Gee. The coffee's ready..'' I heard Mikey say and I opened my eyes. ''Get up.''
''Yeah... I'll be up in a minute.'' I yawned. Mikey ran upstairs and I slowly sat up. Pillows and covers were spread all over the floor, and Frank was the only one who still was asleep. And the only one in my room. ''Hey Frank.. You want coffee?'' I asked and threw a pillow at his head. He yawned and looked at me with heavy eyelids. ''Uh.. Yeeahh.. Can I borrow a shirt? I spilled soda on mine yesterday.'' he said and sat up. His naked chest seemed to glow, and his arms were still covered in bandages. ''Uhm, yeah of course. I'll find one.'' I said and opened my warderobe. I threw him a Misfits shirt. ''Awesome!!'' he burst out and smiled at me. ''Cool. I'll go and get some coffee.'' I said and walked upstairs.
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