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Here I go again...

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High School Romance. Not graphic, just cute.

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Oh how much fun this term was going to be. I'm 15. Year ten. The year where I have to start being a serious workaholic, lose my life, most likely lose friends and try and find an "identity". Crap.
I waved goodbye to my dad as I went out the door, shoving my shitty, cheap earphones (damn, I needed new ones) into my ears, went to my playlists and selected Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. The school year had begun.
Zipping my regulation black school coat up higher, I looked down at the strip of pavement I knew so well. Up and down it twice a day was really getting tiresome. The clouds above me were grey and threatening, and the people around me matched my mood, evidently as excited as I was to return to school or work.
I arrived at the front door to school all too quickly, dammit, my song hadn't even finished. I pushed the glass doors open and shuffled into my prison cell for the next 6 hours. After stuffing my coat and sports bag into my locker, I realised I had NO idea where the hell to go. Classes had been shuffled round and I had no idea who was in my form or where my form room was. SHIT.
Eventually I found a girl who I was reasonably friendly with and we managed to find the form room, (Jesus, I'd been in secondary school for 3 years now and I still didn't know where S3 was.)
The girl I'd gone to form with went to sit with her friends, leaving me stood in the doorway, awkwardly scanning the room for someone I was friendly enough with to sit next to. Stupid form mixing system, all my friends were in a different form.
" Come on girl, sit yourself down." I jumped a foot in the air as my new form teacher, Mr Evans appearing in the doorway behind me.
" Sorry sir.." I mumbled and legged it to the nearest table. One with an empty seat next to me obviously....dammit Rach, WHY did you choose R.S this year? Thanks for leaving me alone in the class full of populars...
" Okay so I'm your new form teacher this year. This year you have to work really hard..." man, they gave this every year... shut up... it's early and I'm tired...
Someone knocked on the door, causing a pause in sir's " Start of Term" speech., thank god.
" Come in!" I stared at the door, a new kid was always a form of entertainment for me, not that they ever spoke to me. They ALWAYS went straight over to the popular table and they stayed there. Forever too good for the likes of us normal kids. A boy shuffled in, tall, black disheveled hair and his tie slightly askew. He stood in the doorway, fiddling with the strap on his black Misfits bag.
" Sorry I'm late sir, lost. "
" That's fine, a new school is hard to get around. Firstly though, you'd better sort your tie out. We're strict on uniform here" Well done sir, make him feel RIGHT at home by making him sort his tie out. Nice one.
The boy made a vague swipe at his tie and came into the classroom. Here he goes, straight into the company of Andrew, Alex and Jordan, the three total pricks in the year group. It wouldn't be long now before he was being sat on by the girls, their faces caked in 6 inches of orange foundation and 3 bottles worth of mascara. But no, the boy scanned the room, then walked towards me. oh shit. The table I was sat at was the only one with a place...he was probably just going to take the chair to another wait, he was slinging his bag down and sitting next to me. Oh well, it's okay, I'd just keep quiet, he wasn't going to speak to me anyway.
" Hi....what's your name?"
Oh shit.
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