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Chapter 2 : Awkwardness and friendship

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A new kid arrives at school

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“ I’m Tasha. Hi. “ I said, slowly turning to him. Man, this was awkward. DAMN YOU SOCIAL BACKWARDNESS!
“ Hi. I’m Gerard. “ He replied, and we both turned to face the board, me biting the skin around my thumb, and him fiddling with the cuffs of his bottle green blazer.
Thankfully Mr Evans started calling the register, breaking the awkward silence between us both.
“Melanie Ashforth?”
“Here Sir…”
“Amy Barker?”
“HERE SIR!” that was the most popular girl in the year, drawing attention to herself. As usual.
“Natasha Bortnyk?”
“Here Sir…” I mumbled, staring at the graffiti etched into the desk in front of me. “Joe is a bell-end” wow, that’s nice to hear.
Sir carried on with the endless register, and I was counting down the minutes until the final bell rang and I could put my earphones in again and make my way home from this prison.
“Gerard Way?”
“Here Sir.” The voice next to me said. I looked up. He’d finally stopped picking the cuffs on his blazer and was resting his head on his hand, staring into space. The bell rang loudly, causing everyone to stand up make for the door. I looked at my new planner. First lesson English. I bent down to throw it back in my bag and when I stood up again, Gerard was still stood next to me, slinging his bag over his shoulder. “ erm… sorry, were you waiting for me? “ I asked, closing my bag and making my way towards the door. “yeah, I’ve got English as well, and seeing as I have no idea where anything is I figured I’d kind of follow you. You look like you know where you’re going” Oh great. He thought I was a nerd already.
The English department was on the other side of the school, so yet again, an awkward silence greeted us for a few seconds. I finally got the guts to say “So, welcome to Mayfield, have we bored you to death yet?” He looked at me, and grinned. He had one of those faces I find really interesting to look at, and big hazel eyes that were partly hidden by his long-ish black hair. “ Nah, it seems okay. I’ll never find my way around though. “
I looked back at him, “Yeah, it took me ages to find anything when I first joined in year 7. I pretty much know where stuff is now though”
“ Well, I guess us two had better stick together then.” He smiled. He had a really nice smile.
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