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So next thursady, not this week next week, my dad, me and his parents are going on holiday. I have just got back from france and this was a huge unexpected suprise. The reason? He is certain that it will be the last holiday nanny can go on (she has terminal cancer) and wants to make it special and go together. I will take my laptop and may be able to update once or twice, but don`t hold your breath. I`ll try to update as much as I can before, but I`m super busy. Also I still really need some help with coming up with ideas for bands to turn into kids for "my chemical school" Please, even if you hate my stories can you tell me a band you like for me to use? Please, I can`t think. Maybe a baby papa roach? Greenday? 30stm? Bring me the horizon?I would like if the bands are not used all the time, but if you have a fave band please just tell me. I would love you forever.I have a new story up called the past aint through with you. I am not sure about it and i would love if you could read and let me know if it is shit or if it is worth continuing. Pleasse don`t feel you have to though.
thanks for reaading this and for sticking by me and my stories and for all the lovely feedback.
I`M GOING TOOMORROW!!! I don`t know if I`ll be able to write, but I Am going to try. Sorry I hav`nt updated for a few days, I would say it was because I can`t be bothered,but I belive that you guys should knoiw the truth. My nanny has been really ill and I`ve been with her, I had some apointment at this place with a mental health person (I cant spell her full title), and world war 3 kicked of the other night with mum and dad. Why am I telling you this? It may effect how often I update as I want to spend more time with my nanna and I honestly just don`t feel well at all. So if I vanish for somem time, don`t worry I WILL carry on when I feel better. I may not vanish, but I may not be able to update so often. I`m srry for this and hope you understand
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