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I only own band t-shirts

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I am going on holiday on the 8th so this may be my last update for 11 days. I may update once more before I go but it won't be much. Anyway, if I don't I will update when I get back.

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Frank’s POV
Gerard drove to his house and parked outside it.

“I’m just gonna go and get some stuff from my house, okay?” I said to him, getting out of the passenger side of the car.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Meet me in the house in 20 minutes?” Gerard asked me.

“Sure.” I said and I walked the short distance from his house to mine. I got the key out of my pocket and placed it in the lock. The door swung open and I heard a soft voice coming from the living room. I flicked my shoes off and walked down the hallway. As I walked into the living room I could see the outline of my mum, sitting on the sofa, talking to someone.

“Mum?” I asked. She looked up and smiled.

She held the phone away from her ear. “Hey Frankie.” She said. “You alright?”

“I’m fine. Who’re you talking to?”

“Oh just Lily.” She said.

“Lily? Who is Lily?” I asked her.

“A woman I met at AA. She is really nice.”

I smiled. My mum was doing well. She had been sober to about 2 weeks now and that is a real achievement for her. I don’t think she has gone 2 days without drink so I am really proud of her. “Oh okay. Can I sleep round Emii’s & Amii’s until Wednesday?”

“Sure. Behave though. How’s Gerard?”

“Gerard is fine.” I said. I had a feeling my mum knew about my crush on Gerard so I decided to tell her that we were together. I sat down on the sofa next to her.

“Lily, I will call you back in a bit.” Said my mum and she hung up the phone. “What’s up?”

“Nothing is up Mama. Gerard is really fine. In fact, I found out that he likes me.”

“Wow Frank, that’s really good. I suppose you have told him then… I mean, that you like him?”

“Yeah. I told him today.” I said, smiling.

“Well I’m glad you are happy baby.” And she pulled me closer to her and hugged me. “I am happy for you.”

“Thank you mama. I love you.” I hugged her.

“Now, you go and get ready.” She said and she patted me on the back.

I jumped up and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. She started dialling a number and I ran up the stairs.

I grabbed a bag and shoved in a few pairs of black skinny jeans. I went to my draws and pulled out 3 t-shirts at random. I ended up with a Black Flag t-shirt, an Iron Maiden t-shirt and a Misfits t-shirt. I think all my t-shirts are band t-shirts. I grabbed a few pairs of clean boxers and socks and a pair of swimming trunks. I put my iPod in my bag, stood in the doorway and took a look at my room. I was sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. I walked down the stairs and kissed my mum on the cheek.

“Thanks for letting me stay until Wednesday.” I said.

“It’s alright Hun. Have fun.” She said and she began chatting to someone on the phone. Probably Lily.

“See you later mama. Bye.” I said and I walked to the hallway and slipped on my converses. I checked I had a key in my pocket then stepped outside and closed the front door. As I walked down the street towards Gerard’s house, I saw Gerard coming out of his front door with a huge bag full of clothes.

“Dude, you are only staying there for 3 days… Why so much clothes?” I said.

“It’s mine and Mikey’s. That’s why there is so much.” He said.

“Ah okay.” I grabbed the bag on his shoulder and put it in the boot along with mine.

“You fancy going for lunch?” He asked me as I slid into the passenger seat.

“Sure. Where are we gonna go?” I asked.

“Wait and see.” He said and he pulled away from the curb.
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