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Castlevania: Horror Highschool, Chapter 2

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Chapter two of the story, and the wheels are in motion.

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Chapter 2: Teachers, students and bookworms.

Chris' next class was Gym, something he was actually looking forward to from being cooped up with nothing to keep physically active on for so long. This changed however once he saw the Gym teacher, a massive figure with pale skin and huge muscles in the classic jumpsuit that most Gym teachers seemed to own several of, obviously tailored to fit his size.

“Alright, class... first is... 200 jumping jacks... 200 push-ups... and 200 laps... around the gym.” The teacher said in a slow Stallone-like drawl, almost as if he were struggling to stay awake. The students didn't dare argue as they began the exercises with the Teacher not only joining in, but beating them all by a good twenty-something minutes before the bell, seeming to be more awake afterward than worn out, sharply contrasting to the students he had just ordered to effectively kill themselves. Needless to say all involved (Save for the teacher obviously) were grateful when the early bell rang for Gym classes to end and showers to begin. Before Chris headed in though, he got a good show of one of the female students putting on an acrobatics display on the gym floor that would put most professionals to shame, despite the fact she was a first year like Chris judging from her apparent age. She was dressed rather fancifully in a pink leotard and Tutu reminiscent of a ballerina, and Chris was captivated for a moment with the sight of her stunts, suddenly remembering he had a shower to take. After Gym was a free period for Chris, and he was free to wander around within reason to his heart's content. He walked outside, his legs still wobbling slightly from Gym earlier, when he heard what sounded like an army Drill Sergeant, a female one no less! As he rounded the corner he saw a skinny, hawk-nosed Archery instructor with a much calmer-looking gentleman at her side, an almost majestic look about him.

“No, no, NO you BLOCKHEADS! Arms straight, gut in, and EYES ON THE FRIGGING TARGET! Are you bozos even aiming or do you want me to flunk you out of the club?!” She shrilled in an ear-piercing tone. Suddenly the man beside her spoke up against her harsh words.

“What I believe your instructor here is trying to say is that there may be room for improvement, and to not give up before you can get the hang of it, Right, Laura?” He said in a soothing tone, in stark contrast from her peevish, ill-mannered one as she merely crossed her arms in a huff.

“Mr sunshine and puppies, huh?”She groused, but cracked a smile despite her tone and words. Suddenly she met Chris' stare and called out roughly for him to come over, which Chris reluctantly but obediently did.

“So I see this caught your interest... Care to try?' She said as she presented a bow and arrow set for him to use with a sadistic look smearing her face. She obviously didn't expect him to succeed in even making the bulls-eye, let alone the actual target, which to be honest got him a little miffed.

“Fine... I'll try it...” He mumbled just loud enough for her to hear.

“Alright, if you miss you have to join my club, got it?” She said smugly, a creepy grin on her face. As Chris placed an arrow on the string, the man he had seen with the instructor gently guided Chris into the proper position for firing said projectile with a few nudges and pokes to get him into the proper stance. Chris could easily feel the enormous strength in the man's arms, probably from all of his own practice on the bow and arrow. As Chris breathed deep, he concentrated on the target ten yards down the range, concentrating as hard as he could so he wouldn't miss. As he let the arrow fly, he felt as though time was slowing to a crawl, the arrow taking years to make it's mark as time stood still for a moment. His heart pounded in his ears as he saw the round indeed make it's mark, right into the bulls-eye a good 10 inches, enough to sink the arrow in up to the feathers on the back end. Time seemed to snap back to normal as he saw what he had just accomplished, and he chuckled nervously, then started laughing triumphantly until he saw the Instructor Laura's face, deciding to retreat quickly heading for the library post-haste. Thankfully his next class happened to be a free-study session in said library, at least for that day until otherwise noted, so with an eagerness to finally see it, he made his way there quickly just before the bell was about to ring.
From the modest outside doors to the library, Chris had expected a small to medium sized selection speaking from a high school standpoint, but the moment he stepped inside, it was a no-man's land of rows and aisles and shelves of dusty paper-and-text information. It was as though he'd stepped into another world entirely. He made his way to the information desk where he saw an old man slumped over the top, his eyes wide open and staring blankly into space.

“Oh my god... Is he dead?!” Chris thought to himself briefly before the old man suddenly sat bolt upright, a calm methodical look on his face.

“Ah, you must be one of the freshmen judging by your reaction... Chris, wasn't it? How do you do, I am the Librarian here, you must be here for the free-study session, of course you are... Walter!” The librarian called out to a potbellied, almost jellybean-shaped man with a crooked toothed smile, complete with orange stained teeth. Chris tried not to let first impressions give him a bad taste in his mouth, so to speak, but GAWD was it hard.

“Hi, everyone calls me Walter, but call me wally and we'll be the best of pals, right kiddo?!” The bean-shaped figure said in an eccentric squeal of a voice, putting an arm around Chris as though they were the best of buds in the world. Wally led Chris to a table where someone was reading several stacks of books, mainly on history, and could be seen scribbling notes to herself after a pause to read further.

“Donna, this is uhm... (Didn't quite catch your name, pal!)” Wally whispered to Chris frantically.

“Chris...” Chris answered reluctantly.

“Right right, Chris here is gonna be your new study partner! Now you two have lots of fun and catching up! I'll be over there somewhere doing important stuff for Mr. Librarian man, so do good on your studies and stuff!” Wally said as he ducked out of the area and rounded a corner out of sight. Chris finally saw a shy-looking bookworm of a girl with horn-rimmed spectacles on her face with a short cut of soft gray hair peer over her book, blushing a bit as she saw Chris.

“Hi, Donna, Right...? I'm Chris, it's nice to meet you!” Chris said, causing her to stare awkwardly in reply.

“So are you reading up on history books? What Era?” He asked, trying to get her to open up. Finally she tapped a finger on the cover of the dusty vintage which read,

“Steampunk automatons and their uses and applications in the real world... Aw, cool! You mind if I borrow that when you get done? I bet Professor Stein has read that one cover to... Cover...” Chris said as he caught a glimpse of the author's name on the spine of the book;

“Professor... Stein...? If he wrote that... No way, that can't be right, it must have been an ancestor of his, I bet that's why they even have it...” He thought to himself, not so sure of it.

“You... like that... kind of stuff...?” Donna asked cautiously in the cutest shy voice he had ever heard.

“Well, I've subscribed to several magazines for something like it around Japan, but that's between you me and the fencepost, you know?” He said, blurting out too much information inadvertently. Suddenly she seemed to relax a little at the thought of a fellow robot lover.

“So we're talking coal powered stuff, right, or giant-” Chris started to say when she finished with,

“Tesla coils? No it's not exactly that, it's more like a combination of vacuum tubes and, well, read for yourself, it's a lot quicker than me explaining it by mouth!” Donna said, lighting up like a Christmas tree during a fourth of July fireworks festival at a rave party.

By the time Chris realized what time it was, several hours had passed and school was over, and he sadly left the warmth of the library into the cold A/C of the rest of the school, seeing it was almost dusk. Suddenly he was stopped by Carmilla herself who approached him from down the hallway.

“So, Chris, how was your first day? It seems you skipped your classes, I hope you have a good explanation for this...” She said with a smile at seeing his face, beaming with happiness.

“Well, I don't really have an excuse, but I think I found some really good reading material for the next few weeks...” He said awkwardly, wondering briefly if he was in trouble. Carmilla merely handed him a few bits of the classwork that he had missed that day and said,

“I'm glad you're getting along well, Chris... Now go on, classes are over, you don't want to be on school grounds after hours do you?” She said with that smile of hers.

“No he doesn't... Go on Chris, you may go home, but DON'T skip class again for any reason, understand?” He heard a commanding voice say, coming from a tall, dark-haired man in a neat black suit, pressed and dry-cleaned to perfection that approached from down the hallway.

“Principal Arikado means well, don't you, Head Principal?” Carmilla said with a twinge of seriousness, to which he merely snorted in reply.

“Alright, I'll see you in the morning, guys...” Chris said as he started toward the school doors to get his regular shoes and get home.
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