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Castelvania: Highschool Horror, Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 of Chris' new life at Ohma Academy

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Chapter 3: Shiroi Ouken's bell.
Chris peered in his locker to see something twinkle inside, suddenly jogging his memory about returning the girl from before's bell.

“Oh, Crap that's right I completely forgot!” He said, smacking himself in the forehead lightly.

“Maybe I can still catch her...” He said as he pocketed the item and ran off after donning his sneakers. He retraced his steps to the point he had seen her initially, noticing the construction yard he seemed to have seen her come from, seeing a light coming from one of the flats across from it that was mainly meant for the workers at the site, but other tenants as well.

“Maybe...?” He said as he made his way, taking out the bell to get a good look at it in the bright moonlight, listening to the light jingle it made in his fingers. He looked up to see a beautiful night sky with a picture perfect view of the full moon in the heavens above. He was about to walk up the steps to the second level where the light was, when the door opened, and who should walk out but the girl from before with an enraged glare on her face.

“H-hey, you dropped... Uh, you okay...?” Chris asked as she began frothing at the mouth in her apparent rage that seemed to be directed at him, of all things.

“Give back my bell! NnnYyooooowwww!!!” She cried out in a feline-like yowl, suddenly growing muscle mass and shredding her clothes as her figure became more cat-like in appearance, even sprouting ears atop her head while the normal ones seemed to fade away in the process. Hell, there was even a tail waving around behind her! Suddenly she seemed to realize what she'd done, but didn't back down.

“Nyyeww Student or not, nnyyow that you've seen me-yow like this... You'll have to DIE!” She said lunging at Chris who ducked, sending her slamming headlong into the support pole for the balcony with a crunch from more the pole than her head and Chris began sprinting for dear life down the steps and toward the open construction yard looking for a place to hide until she at least calmed down or gave up chasing him! He frantically wondered just what in the hell was going on when he decided running was not an option, and she quickly caught up to him and rolled him scratching all the while in the process.

“GAAAAAHHH!” Chris shouted in pain at the feeling of tearing flesh on his back, somehow managing to kick her under the jaw, stunning her a bit before she quickly regrouped and swiped again wildly, sending him sprawling backward as he felt something in his grip. When he glanced over, he saw a moderately sized piece of construction chain with a hook-like clasp on the end for tying down heavy loads of material. With no other options left to him, he grabbed the length of chain and readied himself to strike at his attacker.

“Who do you think you are, Belmont trash? The vampire slayer rebornNNyow with their almighty whips? You're MINE NYYOOWW!” She hissed as she lunged at him again as he yanked the chain around to connect the hook end to the side of her head with a loud 'crunch,' this time more from her head than the blunt object it collided with. As she stumbled around in a daze, Chris readied the chain one final time to finish the job, but as he yanked it around she fell backwards forcing herself out of range but catching the latch of her collar still around her neck and clasped it firmly in its hold. Suddenly Chris saw some kind of ancient seal form under her and do something that seemed to be extremely painful for her as she yowled and hissed in agony. Then suddenly as it had started, it was over, and she laid over passed out now reverted back to a nude human form, a giant knot on the side of her head. Chris fell over on his rear in tired victory as he processed what had just happened, when he was approached by the maid from the day before who had stopped the crazy British girl, of whom was also heading his way from the direction of the apartment flats. Too tired to keep up further, his vision gave way to black as he fell unconscious.

Chris woke up to a swirling view of an apartment that he immediately knew wasn't his, suddenly getting a damp cloth put on his head that had been dipped in cold water, easing the dizziness greatly.

“I still say we should kill him, he saw Shiroi like that, so we need to shut him up for good!” He heard the British girl's voice say adamantly. Something didn't sound right with the tone of her voice though as it sounded a bit tinny, like it was being spoken through metal. Chris forced his eyes open to see a massive figure in an extremely polished silver, unpainted armor, complete with a huge sword on the back that they pulled out off their back from a mount at that spot. Chris quickly came round and sat up quickly, backing away from the armor clad entity, from which the voice had been emanating.

“Wh-WHAT THE HELL?!” WHAT'S GOING ON?!” Chris said in fright at the sight of this girl in armor, wielding a massive blade at him.

“Now he really does have to die, he saw me too! C'mon Rina, lemme have at him!” She said to the maid girl who had apparently been seeing to Chris' wounds as he was out cold. Her expression was blank, almost doll-like in appearance, and her movements were stiff and robotic as she continued to try to see to him.

“Don't touch me, please! I'm fine!” Chris pleaded, wondering what was to become of him.

“HELP! DEAR GOD SOMEONE HE-!” Chris started shouting before Shiroi came out of the bathroom where he had heard water running from the whole time, completely without clothing, catching him off-guard. Suddenly she pulled Rina roughly off of Chris and slammed her into the armor girl which sent them both sprawling.

“Shiroi! What's the matter with you?!” The armor girl shouted angrily a she got back up sharply.

“What the?! What did you do to me out there with that seal you little dweeb?!” Shiroi said to Chris, suddenly realizing that she had no clothing, blushing and ducking into the bathroom quickly with the words,

“Wait'll I get done with my shower, I'm gonna murder you, Belmont!” She shrieked angrily.

“What seal?! What's my last name got to do with any of this?! Who are you people?!” Chris said, somehow getting the familiar feeling he'd seen things like this before from somewhere.

“Wait... None of you are human... Are you?” He said, fearing their answer. Suddenly the armor girl lifted her visor to reveal no one inside, no face underneath to speak of, making his breath catch in his throat yet he didn't pass out again. He got an instant feeling of dread from her, again as though he'd seen something like this before.

“Armor... What was it...?” He mumbled just audibly enough for her to hear.

“Before I kill you, you will know who your executioner will be; My name is Arisa Partridge, Mirror Armor Victory class... Okay, formalities are over, let's get this done!” She said with a vast amount of glee. Suddenly Chris saw what looked like a couple cans of some kind of machine oil in the corner, along with several cans of booze, suddenly getting a sly idea, one that he had no idea of where it came from.

“I'm betting those cans of oil are for you, right? There must not be many places you can reach that are vital joints right?” He said, as she had just swung her sword at him, stopping inches from his face almost forcing a bowel movement.

“What about it?” She said, intrigued by the question. He could tell he was working with a low-watt bulb so to speak.

“If you want, I could help you with that... It must be very hard to reach all around with that appearance...” He said as he chose his words carefully, causing her to slowly put her sword on her back mount again.

“I see... very well, you may live for now, but only until you do a bad job of your gracious offer good sir...” She said in a formal tone.

“Just to make sure you won't slack off, I'll cut you a deal...” She said as there was a brief flash over the surface of the armor as Chris blinked away the sudden blindness to see Arisa in human form again, completely nude. Chris could easily see her extremely smooth, almost shiny skin quite well. It was about that point when Shiroi came back out again, this time fully dressed as she took in what was currently unfolding before her eyes.

“Arisa, why are you like that?” Shiroi said in sheer disbelief.

“This young gentleman has promised to keep my joints oiled, so I've decided to give him a chance to redeem himself in my eyes... A fitting punishment, wouldn't you say?” She said with a smug grin, obviously not caring that Chris was doing his best not to stare. As she laid belly down on a towel in the corner, her only words to Chris were,

“I'm waiting good sir... Come and fulfill your duty!” She said, thumbing at her back over her shoulder with a grin. Chris knew it was do or die time, literally, so he got down next to her and popped open a fresh can of the lube liquid and got to work.
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