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The True Story of Frank and Eli's Day

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An Author's Note on the new season.

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Hello hello hello!
So you can probably tell this is the new season of my little series. Also that this is not a CH nor is this anything of complete importance.
But this is an explanation because I know some people are confused on what the hell this season is gonna be about.
SO..... let me break it down for you.
This season is no, I repeat, IS NOT about Mikey and Amber. Nor is it about Ciarra or Gerard or Ray or Chanya. This season is about Eli and Frank. And how they are about to have a FRIKKIN awsum adventure!!!!!!!
Now, don't think I'm gonna forget our favorite dead girl and her boyfriend and the rest. They are going to have their own awsum adventure, we just won't hear about it as much. They'll have a snippit scene here and there, just because I want you guys to know what they're doing this whole time, but it's not going to be anything major. I believe that the only really long scene they'll have is in the very beginning when I'm telling the tale of what they shall be doing.
So this season is mainly in Eli and Frank's POV and I'm adding a normal POV that will start like Meanwhile,. So when you see that, it's third person talking about everyone else. The whole story is set over one day. One entire day of them having their adventures.
Anyways, that's Season 3, people! I hope you understand because I don't wanna explain it again. And that's all I havta say so.... bye!
Amber (the author)
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