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Let us begin, shall we?

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First CH!

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Exciting, isn't it Eli? A whole season about you and Frank! Be excited!
And now that my stupid little author's note to my best friend is done, please enjoy the season premiere of Season 3! it's going to be..... I wanna say really really dumb, so I'm going to. But it's funny and I'm sure you'll laugh! Yay, now enjoy and eat your damn popcorn!
Hey, I'm The Narrator. I narrate what these weirdos are doing. So, uh, sit back I guess. In the beginning of out tale, Gerard, Ciarra, Ray, Mikey, Chanya, and Amber are at... some Chinese restaurant in Brawley, California. Frank and Eli didn't not attend because they didn't want to get off their lazy asses and go somewhere.
Mikey was n his 3 box of sushi as the rest of the gang sat impatiently for him to finish. Ciarra rolled her eyes and stood, "Mikey, you're done now. I'm gonna go pay for this and then we are going to leave. Okay?"
He moved his head up and down and she stood, walking with Ray to the counter. Handing the cashier the money, she grabbed the six fortune cookies left ton the counter. They walked back and Ciarra distributed the cookies. Sitting in her chair, she ripped off the plastic cover and broke the pastry in half, pulling the slip of paper out, reading it, "'The next piece of your puzzle lies in the dark picture palace.' What?"
She reread her fortune and tapped Gerard on the shoulder, "Gerard, do you have any idea what this is supposed to mean?"
Gerard took the slip of paper from her hands and read it, eyeing it suspiciously, "I have... no idea. It's fairly weird. Where'd you get it?"
"From my fortune cookie. Where else?"
Amber snatched the paper from his hands, skimming it, "Isn't it obvious? It's a clue to a," insert finger quote marks here, "'puzzle' we need to solve."
She passed the slip onto Mikey, "Gosh guys, how did you not figure that out?"
Chanya rolled her eyes, "Because we don't believe in everything we hear Amber. We're not gullible dummies like you."
Chanya smirked and read the fortune over Mikey's shoulder. Ray was the last to read it and he looked up, "Guys, you know what we need to do."
Silence......... Mikey raised his hand, "What?"
Ray sighed, "We need to go and find whatever this thing is. We havta go and figure out this thing."
They all gave him a look and he raised his hands defense, "What?"
Ciarra shook her head and took his hand, "Nothing love. You're just insane sometimes."
Amber stood, "You know what? He's right! We need to go and find this thing!"
She was now getting the weird looks though that's not unusual and Ray and Mikey stood next to her. They walked to the door and she laid her hand on the handle, "Are you guys coming with us or what?"
Chanya sighed and walked over to them, "Why the hell not?"
Amber smiled at her then looked back at Ciarra and Gerard, giving them a hoping look. Ciarra looked at Gerard with pleading eyes 'please don't say yes'.
Gerard shook his head, "When this fails, I'm gonna laugh. Hard."
Ciarra banged her head on the table and they both stood, walking with the group out the door. What they didn't know was the two men following behind them. When they arrived at Gerard's car, one of the two men cleared his throat, "Ahem."
Ciarra turned around, "Can I help you?"
"Hi, my name's Brendon and I think you have my fortune."
Ciarra pulled the paper out of her pocket, "This? I don't think so, I just got it out of my cookie. It's kinda mine."
The other man stepped up, "No, that's kinda ours. Please hand it over."
Brendon pulled his arm back, "Spencer, be nice," he turned to the group, "Yeah, that fortune cookie was meant for us and we'd like it back please."
Ray got in front of Ciarra, "Um, no. It's ours and we're gonna leave now. I suggest you do too."
Brendon sighed, "I guess we'll just havta take it from you."
He snapped and Spencer stepped towards Ciarra, hand out for the paper. Amber's eyes widened, "Everyone get in the car."
They did and Amber kicked the door shut with her foot, "Okay Spencer, about to do something wild and crazy here. Sure you don't wanna step back and not have it happen?"
Spencer pulled his arms out, "Come at me, bro."
Amber laughed and pounced, landing on Spencer, "Haha! See what happens!"
She stood quickly, flipped them off and dove into the open car door. They sped away and Ray laughed, "Amber, are you ever gonna learn not to do something stupid?"
She gave him her famous 'what do you think?' look and he turned his head to Mikey, "Sooner or later, your girlfriend's gonna get herself killed. AGAIN."
Chanya snapped and they all looked at her, "Guys, we have more pressing matters here. What does 'the dark picture palace' mean?"
Gerard pushed on the breaks at the stop light, "Hakuna Matata. I already know where we're going!"
Eli's POV
Frank and I were way to lazy to go with the guys to eat. So we sat at home, eating Top Ramen and laughing at 'Spongebob Squarepants'.
Halfway through the fifteen episode we watched, I heard a knock a the door. Frank and I shared a look and we stood walking to the door, "Maybe Mikey forgot his key or something."
I unlocked the door and twisted the knob. Two men stood at the door, suit and tie apparel even though it was the middle of summer and about 105 degrees outside. One of the men pulled out a badge, "My name's Agent Ross. This is Agent Walker. WE're from a secret organization sworn to protect the music world. Are you Elisenda Degaldo and Frank Iero?"
"Eli and yes we are," I replied with a monotone. These guys were weird and I didn't like how they were looking at us like we were people for sale.
Ross flicked his eyes between us and Walker, then turned to me, "We've been monitoring you two for some time now and we believe you two can help us with something very important to the music industry."
Frank put his hands on his hips, "And what would this thing be that you want us to help you with?"
Walker looked from side to side and lowered his voice, "Two men named Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith are planning on kidnapping," he paused for annoying dramatic effect, "Quincy Jones, legendary music producer."
Frank gasped and I looked at him, "Why gasp?"
His eyes widened in mock horror at least, I think it was mock, "You don't know? Quincy Jones is one of the best music producers in the entire world. He has 27 Grammy wins, one being Grammy Legend Award in 1991 and 79 nominations. He's worked with Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin. This man is amazing."
I exhaled, "Hmmm, interesting."
Frank sighed and put his head in his hand, "You'll never learn, young one."
I shook my head and turned back to the agent guys, "SO what do these two idiots want with Quincy Jones?"
Ross picked his head from the floor, "We haven't exactly figured that out yet, but as soon as we do, we'll let you know."
Walker crossed his arms, "So are you willing to become agents of our organization and get to Mr. Jones before these two criminals do?"
I was about to deny but Frank had already answered for us, "YES! We'll do it! Anything to protect the world of music and Quincy Jones and not have these to weird guys kidnap him."
Ross smiled and Walker uncrossed his arms, "Very good then. Please follow us."
They turned and exited the living room, Frank pulling my arm to follow them, "C'mon Eli! We're gonna go save music!"
Hello people! I hope you like this new, really really odd new Season! Yay!
I'm sorry that I made Brendon and Spencer bad guys. I love them and P!ATD and I mean no offense to anyone. And yes, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker are in this too.
Amber (the author)
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