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Chapter 38

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Lily's POV

"Dude! Seriously?! Do you not have a fucking life?! Go find a hobby!" I shouted at Beckett with disgust.

"Well technically I don't have a life and, also, I would have thought you'd be happier to see me now," he grinned. I don't doubt that my confused face was priceless. "I mean, at least you aren't like your friends. Who are all outside fighting for their lives against an army much bigger than they could ever defeat."

Panic ran through me but I didn't allow it to show through my features. "My friends are strong, they can take you guys."

Beckett's white fangs glimmered as his smile stretched wider on his face. "Is that so?" He said in a barely audible whisper. I stared back defiantly but it was, Gerard who spoke.
"Yes, it is. We're going to end this tonight Beckett." Gerard was staring Beckett down but if it was making Beckett uneasy, I couldn't tell.

"Sounds like a plan then. I'll meet you on the rooftop Gerard for our final solution." Beckett then turned his head to me, "Oh and Lily," he licked his fangs. "Do tell Mike not get your friend's guts on his jacket, it's new."

My body froze, my breath caught in my lungs, and a jolt ran down my spine. "What did you do?" I demanded darkly.

"You better hurry," Beckett teased with a smile and then tipped his hat to me before walking back through the Pete shaped hole, taking most of his Dandies with him. I whipped my head around to Frank who already knew what I was going to ask and was taking off down the hall with Kat, Brandy, and Brenda. Dandies were following close at their heels.

Gerard wrapped his arms around me. "I'll be back soon, I promise, I'm going to finish him. You go help everyone else." I turned my head up to his face and for once, my eyes captured his.

"I love you," I whispered. Gerard's hazel eyes widened and I knew his mind was racing. Instead of doing any number of things I could only imagine he would do, he pulled me in close to him and placed one simple kiss on my lips.

"And I love you," he whispered as he pulled away. Then, he brought his hand up to my face, closed my eyelids, whispered that phrase again, and when I opened my eyes again, he was gone. Pete grunted and sat up from the ground, "where the hell did the Dandies go?"


I raced around the front of the complex. There were vampires everywhere. Everyone seemed to be taking on at least fifteen at a time or even more. There was no sane way we could go about this and win. However, we had to do as much as we could for as long as possible. Suddenly, I saw what I was looking for. Mike Carden was laughing victoriously next to a bloody Frank and had Lea in his grip. I hurried over.

"PUT HER DOWN!" I commanded. Mike's eyes seemed to almost sing with a sick joy, seeing that I was here to watch his game.

"No," he pulled a stake out of his pocket, "I don't think I want to."
I eyed the stake warily. He was either going to try and kill Frank or Lea. Not a good day.
"Don't you dare," I threatened darkly. Mike seemed to get a kick out of this and brought the stake up to Lea's chest. She was in obvious shock and was shaking like crazy.
"Stop! Don't do it!" I shouted desperately. He raised his eyebrows.

"Why the hell not? You people decided to keep this piece of street trash alive for reasons I'm not even sure of. You know that's how we found her right? She was walking out of one of those homeless sanctuaries. She thought she'd be a tough girl," Mike mocked and then grabbed Lea's face with his free hand, "didn't you?"

Suddenly, Lea's features went from shocked to completely murderous. She reached up, grabbed the hand on her face, ripped it off, and then bit it. She fucking bit Mike Carden!
"WHY YOU LITTLE-" Mike was cut off by Lea's fist connecting with his face.

"You don't know the first thing about me," she seethed. I stared dumbstruck at all of this. I'd seen my friends do alot of crazy shit but Lea just OWNED Mike Carden. However, just as the reality was sinking in, Mike swung his leg out and tripped Lea. Her back landed on the concrete. Mike stood up and approached her.

"I think," he brought his stake back out, "you need to learn your place."
Suddenly, everything went by so fast. The stake went into Lea. She let out an ear shattering scream but she didn't turn to dust. Mike had missed. Then, all of a sudden Mike went flying forward and another stake went up into the air for a brief moment before it pierced Mike's heart from behind. Jill gripped the stake tightly, her face was contorted into rage.
"Bastard," was the last thing Mike uttered before bursting into dust.

Jill immediately dropped down next to Lea who was still screaming. She touched the stake in her chest tentatively.

"'s going to be okay, Lea. I'm going to have to take the stake out so you can heal but it's going to be alright, I'm here for you." Jill then took a deep breath and prepared herself. She wrapped her hand around the stake tightly and offered her free arm to Lea’s face. "When I say three, I want you to bite down."

Jill paused and took a breath before she began her count, "One.....two-“ “WAIT!!”

I interrupted her. “How the fuck do you know what do?” “She smiled and said, “Brendon.”

“Wait you’re Brendon’s girlfriend?” I knew I had seen her before. At Ryan’s house. “Yeah, that’s how he became a mosquito like me and managed to piss off Dandies once. Can I please take the stake out of Lea before Ray becomes psycho on me?”

“Uh… sure.”

“Okay Lea here we go. One… two… THREE
Lea bit down hard into Jill's flesh and she ripped the stake from Lea’s chest. Jill let out a groan of pain and Lea bit harder as the air hit her wound.

"Lily," Jill suddenly motioned for me. "You need to find Bob. I don't know if he's alright. Everyone hurried out here when the Dandies came. Alisha went up to get him earlier but she hasn't come back."

I nodded and began to hurry off in the opposite direction but Jill called out to me again. I noticed her eyes dialate and then return to normal before he spoke. "Take this," she tossed the stake that nearly stole Lea's life at me. "You'll need it."


I guess I had never noticed how trashed the apartment looked while I was hurrying out to help my friends earlier. All of the furniture was overturned and glass was everywhere. The place looked desolate and frightening.

As my feet crunched on the splinters of what used to be Alisha and Bob's door, I looked inside. I gasped.

"Alisha!" I shouted and ran over to where she was lying on the floor by the balcony. She looked terrible and just barely seemed aware that I was here. I kneeled down beside her.
"Sisky," she whispered quietly. "A vampire named Sisky let Bob loose. He went wild, Lily. Absolutely insane." She spoke softly and then sobs began to rack her body.

"Don't worry, Alisha," I assured. "We'll find Bob and then we'll get Sisky."

She turned her head so that I could see her entire face clearly. She had bruises all over and one particularly nasty cut running from the outer corner of her eye in a curve down to her cheek. She shook her head. "No."

My face became a mess of confusion, "No? Why not?" I asked worriedly.
She just continued shaking her head until she let it fall and her eyes close. I stared down at her for a moment, watching her breathe. Then, I stood up and left.


I had never been to the rooftop before but from the sounds coming from the top that were comparable to claps of thunder, I managed to find the staircase. It was a long walk there and I took my time, allowing myself a moment of peace. I could finally have just some time to think before I acted.

It was in this moment of clarity that I understood it all. The difference between vampires like Gerard and vampires like Beckett. Gerard loved me unconditioinally and was willing to wait for me to figure out how I felt on my own. Beckett was selfish and coveted me for what he saw as a chance to create a vicious murdering machine. Since I became a hunter I had hated all vampires and thought of them all as evil creatures. I had thought that all of them deserved to be dusted and then put out of the mind. The line was there though. Gerard was not the monster that Beckett was, and Alisha didn't deserve all the pain she was being forced to go through. All of my friends had been through too much because of this. It was time we ended it, once and for all.

I took the final step to the door that lead out onto the rooftop. I sighed and then opened it carefully before stepping out.

It was a chaotic scene. The only thing I could see were two blurs crashing into one another vigorously. I could immediately recognize them to be Gerard and Beckett. Everytime it looked like one was winning the other would relent and fight back. Occasionally they would be halted as one or the other was being beaten against the concrete roof. There was no logical way of getting their attention so I went about my way of getting it.

"WILLIAM FUCKING BECKKETT!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. They both stopped.
"Yes, my dear?" A sick smile crawled up his face.


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