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Chapter 39

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That's when it all ended

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Lily's POV

I stomped right over to Beckett, pulling out the stake Jill had given me and waving it in his face. He and Gerard were holding onto one another's fists.

"I want you to know that because of you, my friends have experienced sorrow and pain that they do not deserve. Because of your power hungry frenzy one of my best friends nearly died and another has lost the one person that they truly love!" I shouted angrily. Beckett's smile grew with my words.

"Sounds like I've done a half decent job then," he said slyly. In all my years of being a sarcastic vampire slaying girl, I have never found one that I have hated more than William Beckett. I mustered up all that rage and despair that he had made my friends and I experience, and I put it all into one punch.

Beckett's head slung to the side as I hit him, and there he stayed for just a moment. Then, slowly, he turned his face back towards me, his necking cracking as he did so.

"That was quite the hit, if I had been human I do believe that would have killed me for sure. I knew I was right when I saw that murder instinct in you," he teased. I bit my lip, trying not to throw myself into a fight I couldn't win. Gerard looked at me cautiously, his knuckles were turning white with the effort it was taking to hold onto Beckett's fists.
"Lily, go back down. I told you that I'd take care of him," Gerard reminded with a look. I shook my head. "No, Gerard. I have fought plenty of deadly vampires before and survived, I can handle myself."

"Ughhh...Lily, why can't you just do as your told?! Why do you have to be so goddamned stubborn?!" Gerard shouted back at me. I rolled my eyes and glared at Gerard. "Why do you have to be so goddamned bossy?!"

"Bossy?! I am not being bossy, I am trying to protect you but you aren't making it very easy!" He defended angrily. I just ignored him and then noticed Beckett's eyes glittering in amusement.

"What the hell are you looking at?" I snapped in an annoyed tone and shifted my grip on my stake. I guess now is as good a time as any to finish him.

"I was merely watching the lover's have their first spat. You two have terrible timing though," Beckett laughed and then brought his leg up quickly before kicking Gerard in the chest. Gerard went flying backwards and fell painfully against the ground before his body rolled lazily to a stop at the end of the roof. He didn't get up. I gasped but my attention was immediately shifted back to Beckett as he socked me right in the jaw.

My entire body went backwards, my back and head slamming into the pavement. I reacted instantly, placing my hands on either side of me, I used them to spring myself back onto my feet. Just as I had gotten up Beckett tried to punch me again but I ducked quickly and jumped through his legs. Then I rolled out behind the fool and stuffed the stake into my jacket pocket. Now, I had planned to roundhouse kick him square in the back from this spot but of course things can never go my way, not even when I need them to the very most. Beckett turned swiftly and caught my leg in the air. "Now, now, that's not very nice."

I felt the wind get knocked out of me as Beckett swung his leg out under my other leg, causing me to trip and fall hard on my back. I let out a groan, my entire body was in pain.
"See, now I think that's a much more to my liking," Beckett licked his lips and stared down at me. Every nerve of my body shrieked in pain.

"Why are you doing this?" I questioned both curious and enraged. Beckett offered a hand to me. "Because, I have never enjoyed life so much until now. You are so unconquerable and I love it. When I finally break you, see your spirit snap, it will be the sweetest moment I've had in a long time, but for now, this fire you've got entertains me. To be honest, it makes me love you, and I'll love you more when you are a vampiress because you will be quite a strong girl," Beckett explained and shook his hand at me. I stared him directly in the eyes and refused it. For a moment I felt my eyes screw up an brief confusion swept over me but then, I began to stand up on my own, disreguard the feeling. However, I suddenly felt my legs give out under me. I couldn't stand. Beckett offered his hand to me again, the smile on his lips made me want to throw up. "I'm going to advise you to take it."

I reluctantly gripped his hand and he pulled me up. I stood perfectly now and it was right then that I got it. "Fuck," I swore under my breath.

"So you've finally caught on. A bit late though, you've just sealed your boyfriend's fate with this," Beckett said mockingly. I panicked as my legs began to propel me closer to him and then he reached out and grabbed my. Suddenly, my body twirled in time with the steps to a dance I had seen one too many times before. Beckett laughed venomously as he could see the frightening realization on my face.

"Let me go!" I demanded and he spun again. He shook his head and glanced over where Gerard was lying unconsciously at the edge of the roof. "Some protector your little boyfriend is. Here I am only forcing your body to my will, not even fully hypnotizing you like those other young women, and he won't get up to save you. Good thing you are trading up."

I pretended to gag. Beckett didn't seem to find this as amusing as I did and made me perform the final twirl, sending me close to his body. He placed a hand on the small of my back and began to lean towards me. I felt my body start to bend back as he brought his fangs to my neck in the signature style of the Dandies. Fuckkkk, this is not the fucking way I had wanted to go.

He opened his mouth and breath told my skin that this was going to end me, but suddenly, he pulled back. He stood straight back up and pushed me away from him. "What the hell?"
I turned around to see what in the world that was about but I was met with the sight of Gerard kicking Beckett in the chest.

"Don't you ever fucking touch my girlfriend again you asshole, or I will swear to god I will rip out your intestines and feed them to you, got that?" Gerard seethed darkly. He was baring his fangs and staring at where Beckett was laying on the concrete. Part of me wanted to run over and give him a round of applause but another part of me told me that he probably wouldn't properly appreciate it. Suddenly, he noticed me standing there, not fifteen feet from him.

"Lily!" He shouted and was in front me before I could blink. "Did he hurt you?!"
"No Gerard, I'm fine," I assured him with a smile.

"Good, because I wasn't really looking forward to touching Beckett guts." Gerard joked and threw Beckett a look. Then, he turned and looked at our enemy, probably thinking of the best way to kill him and get us downstairs to help our friends. I saw my hands involuntarily pull open my jacket and take out the stake from earlier. Gerard still had his back to me.

"!!!" I tried to scream for him to turn around but my breath caught in my throat. I couldn't do anything. Gerard took a few steps towards Beckett and my body followed. A warning from what seemed like forever or more ago rang through my head.

"What about Gerard? What if I were to make you drive a stake through his heart?"
Beckett had planned this. He had planned for it to be finished this way. He wanted nothing more than to conquer me and this was the key to shattering me.

I tried with all my might to resist the force that was making my body lean closer to Gerard. I even turned my head and attempted to beg with my eyes to Beckett, who was pretending to lay unconscious on the ground. Gerard was standing bent over Beckett at this point with his own stake prepared, he thought he was going to kill Beckett. My arm raised just above his back, I didn't have to guess that it was positioned perfectly to strike the heart. Beckett wasn't Mike, he wasn't going to let me miss.

"Okay Lily, after this it will be all over. All of our nightmares will have ended and we can finally go on that date I promised you." I could tell by his voice that Gerard was smiling. My own voice came back to me and words that were not my own spilled out.

"I'm so glad this is it. It's finally going to be done," a relieved voice that sounded like my own answered. Gerard's head nodded. My arm raised, poised to kill.

"By the way Lily, I love you."

Tears stung my eyes and that voice that sounded like mine spoke softly to him again. "I love you too, Gee."

We simultaneously brought our stakes down. Then, before either of them could connect, Pete collided right into Gerard, sending Gerard to the ground a few feet away. My body immediately halted and the stake dropped from my hand. Pete snatched it before it fell and drove it at Beckett's heart. Beckett caught it just before it went into his chest and it was a battle of strength. As they did this something that felt like a fog, lifted off of me and all movement returned to my body. Something told me that I was in control of myself again.
"Lily, get back!" I suddenly heard Gerard's voice shout. He was, however, too late because Beckett managed to shove Pete back off of him and Pete flew backwards into me, causing us both to fall onto the concrete. I grunted in pain and Pete climbed off of me immediately. We both stood and saw that Beckett was also on his feet looking amused.

"God! Could you for once stop acting like everything amuses you?!" I shouted in disgust.
"No, Lillian, because everything does amuse me, or at least, everything related to you does." He smiled one of those twisted smiles of his and Pete bared his fangs. I rolled my eyes at both of them.

"Do you want to know why I don't belong with you Beckett? Do you want to know why you are totally wrong in this belief of yours that I am something you could ever actually have?" I questioned, knowing this would pick at his curiosity. He licked his lips.
"This should be VERY amusing, do tell, dearest Lillian."

I grinned. "Well you see Beckett, you are some sort of blood thirsty mad man who thinks that he has every right to do what ever the hell he wants and destroy whoever the hell he wants because he has sharper canines than regular people. You've destroyed the lives of most of the people closest to me. You ripped Gerard of his only chance to have a normal life and achieve his dreams of being a musician all because you thought it would be entertaining. When I meet people like you I have only one goal in mind, kicking their ass. Face it, you know deep down inside that you could never have me. You said that parts of me make you love me, but I could never love you."

By now Beckett looked a little annoyed with me but I continued anyways. "And of course we all know that you are so deluded into thinking that you could actually beak me and have me. You obviously only want me because you think I'd be a good asset and because I amuse you. You don't even love me for a real fucking reason. You just want me because somebody else has me. You're like a selfish four year old. Grow the fuck up, you've had over four hundred years. Time to act your age and realize that you don't own the fucking planet. Get down off your ego trip, and your tacky clothes, and come to terms with the fact that YOU will never have me, at least not like Gerard does. He is the only one who I will ever say, "has me", because he is the only person who truly loves me. You've never gone out of your way to protect me, you have never tried to ensure my happiness, and you have most certainly never treasured the people and things I love just because I love them."

Now Beckett had his eyes narrowed at me but I ignored him and went on, "No, you don't have me and you never fucking will because honestly, my heart and my mind belong to Gerard. You could change me or you could kill me, but in the end I will always love him and be his, not yours."

I sighed and took a deep as I finished. I had chewed a lot of people out over the years for things but that, that was the most amazing thing I have ever said to anyone. I do believe I deserve an award for that piece of work.

Beckett on the other hand, didn't seem to agree with my thoughts and looked MAJORLY ticked. In fact, he raced forward, drop kicked Pete, and grabbed me by the neck. He squeezed tightly and I could feel all of my airways constricted. He was so distracted with coming at me and shooting back his own retort, that he had forgotten that Gerard was still standing nearby. "No, it is you that is wrong, dearest Lillian. Because you see, when I have had all of my fun and I have murdered all of your little friends and driven a stake through your boyfriend's heart, I will make you love me. You will be so powerful and you will be mine.

Then, I will make you forget." His tone turned soft, "I will make you forget all of the pain and all of the sadness you have felt as human. I can do that, I can make you forget everything and then you will be at peace." He began stroking my hair with his free hand, " I can make you forget it all, I can erase all the sorrow that plagues you as a human. I can let you start anew, as my vampiress. So why don't you come join me, Lily?"

My eyes locked onto his, and a smirk formed on his lips. Beckett leaned down by my neck and that's when it ended.


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