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Jon and Spencer

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"This is going to be one long game."

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Spencer and Jon walked up the steps to Ryan and Brendon's flat, both of them laughing and talking as they took the steps two at a time. They made it to the door, Jon knocking on it while Spencer talked.
"All I'm saying is that it's fucking weird that they call them tooth faeries." Spencer said while he rolled his eyes.
"Spencer, their called that because they eat the teeth first."
"Brendon will side with me." Spencer said with a smirk.
"Even so, we all know that Ryan is the folklore nerd and will tell you off." Jon said with a small smirk.
"Speaking of, why hasn't he answered the door?" Spencer knocked on the door, Jon peering into the window.
"Maybe we should just go in?" Jon suggested as he found the key to the small flat hiding in a rock next to a plant nearby.
Spencer nodded. "Yeah, they're probably stuck in the washroom or something." As he said it the two broke out into large grins, both laughing as Jon opened the door.
"All right, I'll go look for them if you raid the fridge for drinks." Spencer smirked.
"Sounds like a plan." Spencer walked off into the kitchen, digging through Brendon's beer as he looked for Ryan's vodka. Jon wondered around the flat, checking the open bedroom, walking down the hall to check the studio. He knocked on the washroom, getting no response.
"Ryyyyyan! Brendon!" He called as he walked back to the living room. Spencer walked back in, bottle and shot glasses in hand.
"I'm guessing you couldn't find them?" Spencer muttered as he put his findings down on the coffee table.
"Oh hey, I remember getting this shot glass for Ryan." Jon said with a laugh as he picked it up. "Remember how I would go to a souvenir store for every state we went to when we were on tour and I got him a glass from each store?" Spencer laughed nodding.
"And Brendon always helped by trying to find lighters that he would like."
"Help? That kid broke half of the glasses before I found one that would work." Jon said as the two laughed.
"Do you wanna call them while I order pizza?" Spencer asked. Jon nodded, walking into the other room, digging his phone out of his pocket. He called Ryan's cellphone, waiting for him to pick up. When it went straight to voice-mail he tried Brendon's. Nothing.
"Hey Spence, I don't think their here." Jon called as he walked back into the living room. Spencer was staring at the TV that had been left on.
"You know, Ryan never leaves the TV on if their going to do something." He muttered. Jon looked at him, his brows furrowing.
"What do you mean?"
"Look." Spencer pointed to the TV, and Jon walked over to him, sitting down before looking at the TV's screen. "You want to know why they aren't in their apartment, their in the game." Jon picked up one of the controllers, pressing play.
"Put that headset on, and pick up the controller. I feel like we should see if this is just a well programed game or if there's something wrong and their actually...."
"In the game?" Brendon said, looking himself up and down.
"How the hell did we get here?" Ryan muttered as he looked himself up and down.
"What. The. Fuck." Spencer said as he stared at them.
"Try moving Brendon forward." Jon said with a large grin. Spencer moved the analogue stick forward, which in turn forced Brendon to walk forward and into Ryan.
"Ha, we get to control them like their actual characters." Spencer said with a large smirk.
"Great, now figure out a way to get us out of here." Ryan yelled.
Jon laughed a little. "Can you guys see us?"
"No, but we can hear you." Brendon said.
"Right then, who do you think we get them out?" Spencer asked as he looked over at Jon.
"Well, we could try ejecting the disk."
"But we would still be stuck on it." Ryan stated.
"We could just turn off the system." Spencer suggested.
"Then we would be deleted forever." Ryan said as he put his head in his hands. "Our lives are in the hands of two incompetent fools." He muttered. Jon hit the A button, forcing Ryan to jump. Everyone laughed, watching Ryan jump up and down as Jon continued to press the button.
"Yeah, what's your guess Ryan?" Jon asked as he continued to push the A button over and over.
"I." Ryan jumped. "Will tell." Jon pressed the A button. "You." He jumped again before screaming. "Ifyouquitpressingthatfuckingbutton!" Jon stopped and Ryan sighed, trying to catch his breath. "Okay, why don't we try playing through the game?" Everyone stayed silent.
"That could work." Spencer said as he stared at the screen.
"It seems probable." Jon added.
"Let's do this!" Brendon said with a large grin, giving Ryan a large hug.
Ryan sighed. "I'm guessing that the fact that Brendon and I can't move our legs is because you guys are controlling us. Which means that you have to play us through the game. But four people working on each puzzle should make it go faster, right?" Everyone stayed silent once more.
"Oh god, Spencer, let Jon play me." Brendon begged. Jon and Ryan laughed, Spencer looking offended.
"Am I really not good enough for you Brendon?" Spencer said with a large frown.
"It's just that Jon's better at gaming." Brendon said almost silently, trying to defend himself while trying to not hurt Spencer any more than he already had. Ryan and Jon kept laughing.
"Yeah Brendon? You really want to say that to the person that can make you walk off a cliff?" Spencer said as he started to move Brendon over to the edge of the walkway, getting ready to force him to walk off of it.
"No!" Ryan screamed, stopping Spencer. "You can't do that. We don't know if that will kill him or not. We could only have this once chance to live and you don't want to kill Brendon here if it'll kill him in the real world to, right?" Spencer nodded.
"All right. So we'll try to not allow you to die." Jon said with a nod. "Good luck Brendon." He muttered. Ryan laughed a little.
"You're an average gamer Spencer." Ryan said with a small laugh, Jon also laughing lightly.
"Okay, let's get the fuck out of this game!" Brendon said excitedly.
"Wait, before we start. Ryan, why do they call them tooth faeries." Spencer asked. Ryan sighed a little.
"This is going to be one long game." He muttered.


Okayokayokayokay. So it's been forever since I wrote the first chapter for this story, and I've realized that it has a high rating and a lot of positive reviews (thank those of you who reviewed by the way) so I'm going to go back to it and try and finish it up. I feel kind of bad for ignoring it for such a long time. Forgiveness?
And some more good news about stories that I've been ignoring for the past...forever, I'm working on the next chapter of Life is Full of False Hopes (longest tittle ever), along with a few other old stories that I started and never finished because they weren't exactly popular and because I ended up losing interest in them. So that's good news, right?
Okay, this authors note is excessively long, and I'm just going to guess that most of you have stopped reading it by now, so I'm going to tell you a little secret, I'm a ninja. Just kidding, that's ridiculous.
Promise to update some other stories old and new sometime soon. Oh, and while I'm on new stories (this is a really long note, sorry), I'm starting on a new horror story! Yay. It'll probably be NC-17 because it's REALLY violent. But that's not going to get posted for another few weeks.
All right, I'm going to stop typing this now, because I'm sure that no one really cares as long as I update whatever the hell I want whenever I want. So I guess that's that.
-xoxo Pansy.
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