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Knowing is half the battle

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She laughed at him, taking the phone and entering in her number.

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Mikey, Gerard and Frank sat in the living room watching TV when the phone rang. Mikey put the show on mute and picked up the phone


“Hello, Its Ms. Iero…..Frank’s mom….is he…is here awake yet?”

Mikey looked up at Frank, putting his hand on the speaker of the phone.

“Its your mom…..”

Frank looked over at Gerard. Gerard nodded and leaned closer to him for support. Frank sighed, knowing her couldn’t ignore her forever.

Mikey handed him the phone and Frank whispered into the phone


“Oh Frankie….I was so worried.”

“Sure you were”

“Frank, don’t blame this on me…..I’m doing the best I can here…..”

Frank growled “No your not. Your doing what is easiest and calling it your best.”

Ms. Iero was quiet on the other end of the phone. Frank was furious she was trying to make it out like he was the bad guy.

“If your not going to say anything, your racking up my friends phone bill. I’ll come home when I feel like it”

Frank’s voice was harsh, knowing he hurt his mom by saying that but not really caring. He hung up the phone and handed it back to Mikey. Gerard wrapped his arms around Frank, burring his face in his neck. Frank tensed up and looked over at Mikey.

Gerard mumbled “He knows Frank….its ok”

Frank sighed, still eyeing Mikey, not sure to trust him or not.

Mikey smiled warmly at Frank before getting up and walking into the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

“Coffee Frank?”

Frank was about to respond but Gerard bit down on his shoulder making him moan.

“Gee…..stop…” Frank tossed his head back, gripping Gerard’s shoulder.

He felt Gerard smirk against his skin, sucking at it, pulling at the flesh trying to leave a mark. Frank suddenly cried out in pain and when he pulled back, there was a large red mark on Frank’s neck. The mark was bleeding so Gerard licked at it, trying to make it better.

“sorry…” Gerard mumbled in Frank’s neck.

Frank smiled and pulled Gerard’s head up, kissing him softly. He wrapped his arms around Gerard, pulling him down on the couch. Gerard wrapped one arm around Frank, the other reaching out to grab the remote as they shifted on their sides, curling up together to watch TV.

“You know you two look really cute together” Mikey spoke, leaning against the door frame with a coffee cup in his hand. He pushed off the frame and walked over to them, sitting in the chair next to the couch.

Frank didn’t respond. He was still unsure of Mikey. Gerard however smiled, kissing Frank’s neck again.

“Don’t we?” His voice was muffled but understandable.

“Gee….stop” Frank gained enough strength to push him off.

Gerard sat up, looking hurt. “What?”

Frank lowered his head, not speaking. He stood up, grabbed his jacket and walked towards the door.

“I’m going for a walk…..I’ll be back later. Thanks for breakfast”

With that, Frank walked out the door, leaving a confused Mikey and a concerned Gerard.

Frank shoved his hands in his coat pockets but not before pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up. He walked down the sidewalk, thinking about Gerard and Mikey. He liked Mikey, he got along with Mikey but he didn’t know if he could trust him. Frank had always been shy around new people and had never trusted easily. As Frank walked, he passed several shops and side stores that would repulse the normal person. They were dirty, disgusting and falling apart. That’s what had attracted Frank to them. He found beauty in the things most people rejected.

Frank walked into one of them with his head down and his hood up. There was a girl at the register. She smiled at him, clearly not bothered by how he was dressed or looked. She had long black hair with bright purple streaks and a lip ring.

“Hello.” She said as walked passed her.

“Hi” he said, his head still down.

She leaned on the table and looked at him with her head tilted. “Round day?”

“You could say that?”

“If your planning to rob the store, please don’t. I really don’t like the police”

Frank looked up at her with a grin. “What makes you think that?”

She laughed “Well, you walked in, not saying much, with your head down and a hood on inside. Seems kinda suspious to me.”

Frank laughed too. “Sorry to disappoint you, but Im just in here to get out of the cold”

He pulled his hood off, shoving his hands back in his pockets. She stared at him for a moment before grinning.

“Your really cute…’ve gotta girlfriend?”

Frank stared at her in shock, not sure what to say. He had never been asked that by anyone…..Gerard was his first relationship. Gerard.

Frank shook his head “Boyfriend”

The girl laughed “Oh…my bad….is he cute?”

Frank smiled. He liked this girl. “Very”

“then why the sad face?”

Frank shrugged “Fear”

The girl walked around the counter and hopped up, sitting on it. She swung her legs back and forth, tilting her head to look at him.

“Do you love him?” She asked, her hair falling in her face.

Frank walked over next to her, hopping up and sitting next to her. “I do”

“Then what’s there to be scared of?”

“I don’t know….I…people I guess”

“You’re worried about what others will think?”


“Who gives a fuck! If you love the guy, and the guy loves you, tell anyone who gives you shit to kiss your ass!”

“Yeah but….”

“No buts! Don’t ever let someone else tell you who you should love. He makes you happy and in this world, that’s a hard emotion to come by. Once you have it, don’t ever let it go.”

Frank smiled as the girl was now screaming and flailing her hands in the air.

“yeah…I guess your right…..thanks”

She girl smiled “I’m Terra by the way”

She extended her hand and Frank did the same.


“Nice to meet your Frank.”

“Nice to meet you too Terra.”

She smiled “You gotta phone?”


“Gimme your number.”

Frank laughed and pulled out his phone, pushing some buttons before handing it to her.

“Here enter yours in…..i don’t know mine”

She laughed at him, taking the phone and entering in her number. When she was done, she sent herself a text and saved his number in his phone.

“Now, text me if you ever wana talk….or chill….”

Frank took his phone with a smile. “Totally. Hey, you a Blink 182 fan?”

She laughed and started to sing “Haning out behind the club on the weekend. Acting stupid getting drunk with my best friend”

Frank jumped in, knowing the song “I couldn’t wait for the summer and the warped tour, I remember the first time that I saw her there”

They both laughed, having a blast singing the song together. They sung it all the way through and before Frank knew it. It had gotten dark and she was starting to close up the shop.

“So, Blink is coming to this club in Trenton…you wana go?” Frank looked at her, hoping she would say yes.

She turned around, locking the register and walking over to the door that Frank was holding for her.

“Sure. When are they coming?”

She shut the door, locked it and walked out into the cold with Frank.

“the 15th.” Frank smiled, glad she wanted to go with him.

“I’m down. Which way you headed?”

Frank smiled and pointed to the left “That way. You?”

“Same. Walk me home?”

“eh why not” Frank shrugged and laughed, happy to have a friend.

They walked in the cold, talking about random stuff and finally they came up on the doorstep to her apartment.

She turned to him and smiled. “Thanks for the walk home.”

Frank hugged her, smiling “I had fun….I’ll text you later ok?”

Terra nodded, unlocking her door. “You better.”

She smiled and disappeared in her apartment leaving a smiling Frank on the stairs. He pulled his hood back over his head and decided to walk back to Gerard’s before he called the police.
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