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If Heaven Is A Place Where The Angels Go...

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I know my facts, I see what they really are and I refuse to be apart of it.

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Author's Note: Ok! I usually don't do these before a story but I just want to point out some things!
First: This chapter has religious references and might start some debate among my readers. I just want to say that to anyone that is catholic, I do not mean to offend you by anything that is said. Please, no hating.
Second: I am ending this very soon. It may get 2 or 3 more chapters but then I am bringing the story to a close. Again, please no hating.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!!

Gerard sat on the couch, flipping through the TV channels when the front door opened and Frank walked in. Gerard stood up and walked over to Frank, leaning on the door frame.

“you ok?” He asked Frank.

Frank nodded, wrapping his arms around Gerard’s neck “Yeah. I am now. Did you stay up waiting?”

Gerard leaned down and kissed Frank’s lips softly “I did. Mikey is asleep in the other room. I wanted to make sure you came home safe. You were gone a while.”

Frank smiled at Gerard. He was happy that Gerard cared for him so much.

“Yeah. I met a friend…..I think she’s a friend at least. We got to talking and she helped me get a few things clear.” Frank spoke as he kissed Gerard’s soft lips.

Gerard kissed back, pushing Frank up against the wall, earning a moan. He slid his hands up Franks hips, over his stomach and up his shirt, pulling it off with one swift motion. Frank moaned as Gerard kissed and sucked on Frank’s neck, leaving a trail of saliva on his pale chest. Gerard trailed his tongue down Frank’s stomach and licked his belly button, making Frank buck his hips forward into the slimy object. Gerard giggled at how easily Frank could be controlled. His fingers worked at Frank’s belt, undoing it and yanking his pants down with ease. Frank slipped out of his pants, kicking them over to land next to his shirt. He pulled Gerard up, turning him around so he was now up against the wall. It was Frank’s turn.

Frank slid his hands up Gerard’s shirt, playing with his nipples, flicking them with his finger before rubbing them in between his index finger and thumb. Gerard moaned, tossing his head back at Frank’s touch. When he was satisfied, Frank pulled Gerard’s shirt up over his head so he could kiss his pale chest. Gerard was slightly taller than him so Frank had to lean upwards to kiss his neck. This made Gerard giggle.

“Frankie….” Gerard did a half giggle half moan.

“What’s so funny?” Frank jokingly pouted


“is that a short joke?”

“yes….But being short has its advantages.”

Frank grinned, his tongue trailing down Gerard’s chest, over his navel and right above his belt line. “And what would that be?”

His hands worked on Gerard’s belt, pulling his pants down, tossing them to the side.

There was a knock at the door but neither one of them was paying any attention. They were too focused on each other to notice.

Frank stood up, capturing Gerard’s lips with his own, kissing him roughly. The kiss was filled with lust and love. Gerard’s hands traveled down Frank’s body, his finger tips resting on the waistband of his boxers. Frank bucked his hips forward into Gerard’s, their hardened cocks grinding against each other.

The front door opened and neither Gerard nor Frank noticed until they heard a slight gasp.

Frank pulled away from Gerard to stare at the person who had interrupted them. His breath was caught in his throat and his heart momentarily stopped. Standing in the door way, was his mother. She looked terrified. Any mother would be if they had just caught their son making out with another boy, grinding his hard on against him.

“Frank…..” His mother stammered. She didn’t know what to say.

Frank just stared at her, not sure what to do. He remembered what Terra had told him and he had a burst of courage.

“Hey mom…..what are you doing here?” He was trying to act as casual as he could.

She looked at him, then over to Gerard. Her eyes hardened and she glared at him. “How dare you! How dare you touch my son. He is not and never will be…..that way. This isn’t Frankie.”

She begun to yell and walked forward, trying to pull him away from Gerard. Gerard tightened his grip on Frank’s waist and Frank leaned in closer to him, glaring at his mother.

“No mom. Your wrong. This is me. I love Gerard and he loves me.” Frank spoke with hinted anger in his voice. He was tired of her pushing him to be something he wasn’t. He was done.

She shook her head “no. Frankie he’s done something to you. You can’t love him….he’s..”

Frank interrupted her “Don’t tell me who I can love! He’s my boyfriend. He loves me. He makes me happy. He protected me when you weren’t there. He gave me a place to stay. He kept me warm and safe when you were too busy trying to get me to go back to that…..prison!”

Ms. Iero stammered “Frankie….I raised you. I fed you. Gave you a home and food on the table. You’re my son…”

“Exactly, I’m son. You should love me no matter what I am. No matter who I love but you don’t. I’m not the perfect alter boy you wanted and you hate me for that. You resent everything about me. Don’t you?”


“Don’t call me that! I’m not your little boy and more! You live in this world where everything is perfect and nothing is wrong. I can’t live there anymore. Do you or do you not love me?”

“Fra…Baby. I love you with all my heart…”

“Then tell me its ok to be gay. Tell me you will love me no matter who I’m holding hands with……Tell me Gerard is wonderful and that you are happy for me…..” Frank was on the verge of tears and he was being held close by Gerard.

Ms. Iero shook her head “I can’t…..Gay’s are….They….I just can’t…”

Gerard spoke this time. His voice was deep and sharp. It was down right deadly.

“Then get out. He’s your son and you won’t love him because of some stupid superficial religion? Because some man who you don’t even know truly exists says so? Here’s a fucking clue. The bible was written by man. Man is flawed there fore the bible is flawed. Jesus fell in love with a prostitute, Mary was knocked up before she was married and God sentenced his son to death before he was ever born so why the fuck can’t yours be gay?”

Ms. Iero stood back, speechless at what Gerard had just said. “You’re the pastors son… can you have such doubts?”

“I didn’t choose to be his son. I have doubts because unlike you I chose to think. I don’t follow a religion of hypocrites and liars. The catholic church has killed more people than any war ever will. I know my facts, I see what they really are and I refuse to be apart of it.”

Ms. Iero lowered her gaze “Your father will hear of this.”

Gerard laughed at her pathetic threat “I’m sure he will.”

She growled, glaring at Frank and Gerard one last time before leaving the house with an angry huff.

After she was gone, Gerard turned to Frank with concern in his eyes “Are you ok?”

Frank nodded sadly “Yeah….I just…..I’m her son….”

The tears fell freely now, and Frank buried his face in Gerard’s bare chest as he cried. He felt so weak. Gerard wrapped his arms around Frank, pulling him close.

“Shhhh. Its ok. You have me. I’m here remember?” He tried to hush and calm the sobbing boy in his arms.

Frank sniffed “Yeah…I know….I should be happy but…I just….I don’t know Gee.”

Gerard frowned “You don’t know what Frankie? Am I not good enough for you?”

Frank’s heart stopped “No! Gee….I love you so fucking much! You’re everything to me I just….I wish my mom…..god I sound so stupid right now. I’m sorry…”

Gerard pulled Frank’s face up so he was looking him in the eyes “Your not stupid. Don’t ever think you are. Your perfect just like this. Don’t ever be sorry for being yourself. Its you I fell in love with, not the boy your mom wants you to be.”

Frank nodded, holding Gerard close. Gerard picked him up and carried him over to the couch. He set him down them laid down next to him, curing up and falling asleep.
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