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Friends of the Family

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Brian has what is called a magnetic personality. He can gather people around him from all walks of life that are different from him. I'm a prime example of that. I never did well in school. I made passing grades and the only reason I kept my grades up was so I could stay in concert orcestra and perfom in the theaters and music halls with the other schools. I live to be onstage and make music. Not only is it easy for me but its something that I love to do. I was raised with music.

Brian on the other hand is freakishly smart. He has a photographic memory, and retains information like a super computer. He's constantly reading. Books, magazines, newspapers, fiction, non-fiction, history, science, new age, his nose is constantly in a book. Or he's watching the Discovery channel or History channel or the like. I wish I could be as smart as he is, and he wishes music would come to him as easily as it comes to me. We ballance each other.

Pogo, the keyboardist of the band, is also very smart. He and Brian are very similar in that fact. However, Pogo can pick up anything and learn how to use it in a mater of moments. When I met him he couldn't play guitar. He could analyze guitar parts in songs and tell you the theory of guitar, but he couldn't play. He sat with me while I learned to play bass after Brad left the band and next thing I know the man is playing bass guitar! I swear he's one of those people they have on TV that like use more of their brains than most people. Its crazy how fast he can figure things out. When I was pregnant with Daliah, Brian and I sat for almost an hour and a half trying to figure out how to put together her crib. Pogo comes in toting lunch and while Brian and I eat, he puts the thing together in fifteen minutes! Without looking at the directions. I love the man, but he's scary sometimes.

Kenny, or most of you know him as Ginger, is more like me. He loves music and it has always come easy to him. We were both raised in a musical family. Kenny is quiet around most people and we joke that he's the scary one in the band. He's not. He's just shy. When the whole group comes over for dinner or just because they're bored at their homes, Kenny disappears with the girls and we won't see hide nor hair of the three of them for hours. He loves the girls to pieces and loves to play with them. He'll play dolls, tea party, dress up, or anything else they can come up with. One time I went to check on them and the girls had wanted to play grocery store since we had found them some very real looking shopping carts and Hugh had made them a produce stand to match the check out isle he had made for their cash register. There's Kenny, on his knees, pushing a child sized shopping cart with a teddy bear in where the baby would ride, talking to Lolita about how nice the apples were. The apples were plastic.

Zimmy, or Timmy which ever gets his attention, is a bit of an odd man out. He's not freakishly smart like Pogo and Brian, and he has to work a little when it comes to music. He's a happy medium, I guess you could say. When he first joined he was a little freaked out by the thought that I had given birth to this cute little three year old girl, but the idea grew on him. I don't know if he thought it was a one time thing but when we told the guys that I was pregnant with Lolita he passed out. Looking back it was kind of funny, but it freaked me out at the time, I thought he had hurt himself! As time went on he became my shopping partner, helping me pick things out for the new baby, and design her room.

Brian has now picked up a new friend. I have yet to meet him, but they've been talking on the phone constantly. I find it hard to believe Barb and Hugh when they say that Brian had no friends when he was a teenager. He is able to talk with anyone, and always listens to what the other person is saying. I joke and say that he should have a self-help radio show on the side since he listens to people so well and always thinks out what his response is going to be. He only rolls his eyes at me.

I'm roused from my musings by Brian charging down the stairs. How he doesn't fall is a wonder to me.

"Where are you headed to so fast? If you're not careful you'll kill yourself in those boots."

"You remember the guy that our manager got me in contact with, Marshall?" Brian asks, slightly winded.

"Yeah. What about him?" I ask slightly confused.

"Well, Jacob called yesterday and said he was flying into LA and wanted to know if we wanted him to stay here instead of a hotel and I told him it was fine. Marshall should be here in about half an hour."

"And you didn't think to run this by me?" I demand.

"Well, he's bringing his daughter with him and she's right between Daliah and Lolita's age and I thought it would be easier for him while he's in meetings and the girls could make a new friend."

"The house is a mess, the guest room isn't made up, I haven't had time to go to the grocery store. We have nothing here to fix for dinner..." I start my rant only to be cut off with a light kiss.

"Doll, I cleaned up the guest room and changed the sheets. The house isn't that bad, he knows about the girls so he knows the house won't look like it would be on Cribs or something, you can go to the store later don't worry about it, and I was planning on getting some Chinese from Mr. Woo's for tonight. Stop worrying. Please." He says, petting my hair.

"What about ... you know... me?" I ask meekly.

"Don't worry, he know's I'm a bit, unorthodox, so is he. Don't worry. Just go back to watching TV and relax, I'll take care of everything. I don't want you getting upset. It's not good for your health." Brian answers with a kiss to my forehead right as the doorbell rings.

Brian makes his way to the front door as I sit back down on the couch, rubbing my slightly protruding belly. God that I don't believe in, I hope this goes ok.

"Marshall, this is Jeordie, you know him better as Twiggy. Doll, this is Marshall and his daughter Hayley." Brian says leading two people into the living room.

"It's nice to meet you two." I say getting up off the couch. "How are you Hayley? Would you like to meet my two girls, Daliah and Lolita?" I ask Hayley bending down a bit to her level. She nods her head and hides a bit behind her dad.

"How about we go up stairs and I'll show you the guest room and Jeordie can take Hayley to the girls' playroom. Lolita should be getting up from her nap by now right?" Brian asks me as he picks up one of Marshall's bags.

We all make our way up the stairs, and I notice Marshall looking at me out of the corner of his eye every so often, but he doesn't look disgusted, only curious. Most people either don't belive me when I tell them what my condition is or if they do they treat me like a diseased freak. Brian and Marshall turn into the guest room and I take Hayley to the playroom.

"Are you ready to be amazed?" I whisper in a secretive vioce. Her eyes light up and she nods quickly. "Alright, here we go!"

I open the door to the playroom and her eyes go wide. Daliah looks up from her book to see what's going on. "Who's that Mama?"

"This is Hayley, you're daddy's friend's daughter. They're staying with us for the week, so I want you girls to have as much fun as possible k? Hayley, this is Daliah, and she's eight. I'll go and get Lolita up from her nap." I leave Hayley with Daliah and make my way to Lolita's room. I open the door to see her already up and waiting for me.

"You couldn't get out of bed by yourself? You had to wait for me to come and get you?" I ask with my hands on my hips, trying to keep a straight face. She only grins at me. "There's someone here that I want you to meet, so up you get! Let's go to the playroom." Lolita grabs her Mad Hatter stuffed doll and gets out of bed, grabbing my hand and dragging me down the hall to the playroom.

"Hayley, this is Lolita, she's four. Lolita, this is Hayley, she and her dad are going to be staying with us for the week, k?" Lolita nods and then the girls all start to play. "Are you three going to be ok up here for a while?" They all three nod their heads. "Alright I'm going to check on your dads."

I head back into the guest room to find it empty. I then head down to the kitchen and grab a notepad off of the fridge and a pen and head into the living room. As soon as I cross the threshold all conversation stops and they both turn to look at me.

"What? Is there something on my face?" I ask nervously. They both shake their heads no and still look at me. "Then what is it?" Brian clears his throat and nudges Marshall with his elbow.

"Um, so, you, uh, are a, uh ..... I don't want to like make you mad or anything, but uh..." Marshall struggles.

"A hermaphrodite? Yes. Did I carry and give birth to two girls? Yes. Am I pregnant again? Yes. Why are you wearing a dress? Because I like it, and so does Brian. Are you wearing woman's undies too? Why, as a matter of fact, yes..."

"Ok Jeordie that's enough. He doesn't need to know all of your weird kinks. Quit being a smartass." Brian cuts me off in the middle of my fun. I flop down on one of the chairs and cross my arms across my chest and pout. "Sorry about him Em, he's a rascal."

"It's cool. Kinda helped me relax. Still weird though." Marshall says running his hand over his head.

"Hey, my weird kinks are your kinks too, and what's weird about it? Women carry babies every day." I ask and scratch my head, I must not have gotten all the glitter out of my hair.

" But you're a guy." He answers slowly starting to look more and more like a beet.

"No I'm not, I'm a hermaphrodite, the third gender if you will. A guy would be able to father children with sperm. I have none, I have eggs. There is a theory that if I were to have my female organs removed I may produce sperm, but I'm happy with the way I am. Infact I like being pregnant, believe it or not. Now, what do you want from the grocery store?"

Marshall looks at me like I'm crazy and Brian slaps his forehead.

"What? I like being pregnant and he likes to get me pregnant. Match made in heaven. Now what should I get a the grocery store? What's Hayley like to snack on?"

"Welcome to my world. Jeordie's . . . . unique? I hope he doesn't drive you crazy while you're here." Brian mumbles while he rubs his temples.

"Nah, it's cool. This might actually be really fun. Most of the people I'm around on a daily basis take themselves way too seriously. Always have a image and rep to keep up. This should be relaxing. As long as I don't hear you two going at it at night." Marshall says with a laugh.

"Eh, you won't hear us, Brian's been gagging me lately since I have a tendency to scream. Don't want to wake up the girls." I try to say with a straight face but fail when Brian groans and falls back against the couch cushions in humiliation. Marshall falls over laughing and I have a minor giggle fit.

"You think you're funny, Doll?" Brian asks tilting his head up and looking at me through his fingers. I grin and nod my head. He then grabs my arm and pulls me into his lap and starts to tickle my sides mercilessly.

"AHH! BRIAN! NOT FUNNY! NO! I'M GONNA PEE!" I squeal while trying to get him to stop. He knows how ticklish I am.

"What do you say?" He asks still holding my sides.

"I'm sorry, he doesn't gag me." I say between pants and giggles. "Now let me up, I gotta pee. You're lucky I didn't pee on you. You know I always have to pee when I'm pregnant, then you have to go and tickle me, geeze."
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