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8: So You Do.

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"Guess we’ll have to wait to know won’t we?”

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(Sun’s POV)

After uttering the words, I looked into the honey colored eyes in front of me. “Please say something, anything.” I beg him. I wanted his voice, just to say something, say anything really.

“Are you messing with me?” He asks seriously. I shake my head, moving my hands from his. “Sun, promise me you aren’t lying.” He says to me, as I shrink away. His pupils were dilating to pin prick size, something that happened when he got angry, or felt any strong emotion. He moves closer to me, and I automatically fear for my baby’s safety, not my own. I scootch away from him, as far as I possibly can without leaving the bed.

“You can hit me if you like, as long as you stay away from the baby. I care about her more than anybody.” I say. “But I’m not lying to you. I have a test to prove it Party.”

“Wait, so I’m gonna be a daddy?” He says, and I nod my head at him. Suddenly, he flies at me, wrapping his arms around me. “I’m gonna be a daddy!”

“Yeah, you’re gonna be a daddy.” I laugh at his sentences, happy that he was excited.

“Well, you’re gonna be a mommy!” He says, sounding excited. We pull from our hug, and look at each other. “She’s gonna be beautiful, just like her mom.” My lips want so desperately to mesh with his, but I can’t. Not with Ghoul waiting for me. I pick up Party’s radio, moving it to my lips.

“Hey Ghoul, I’m not gonna make it to your room tonight. Sorry Ghoulie.” I whip out the pet names, trying to brace myself for the heartbreak I was going to cause when I finally told him I was having a baby. His friends baby. The friend I ditched him for, the one I broke our engagement for.

“It’s fine babe, sweet dreams.” He says, and his radio clicks off. I turn Party’s off, putting it back on the floor. Once I’m sure it’s off, I resume my conversation.

“How long have you known that you were going to be having a baby? Namely mine.” Party asks me, lying back against his pillow. He’d procured more from somewhere. Probably his brothers Block. Patting the space next to him, I am invited to join him. I gladly do.

I consider his question for a moment. “For sure? About an hour or two. I thought I was for about three weeks. I just didn’t wanna tell you, in case I wasn’t.”

“So, who all knows?” He asks.

“You, Violet Rage, Infernal Heartbreak…. Me.” I tick off, purposely forgetting Dancing Spark. That’d lead to questions I didn’t want to answer yet.

“So, any ideas on if you want a boy or a girl?” He asks me, and I nod.

“Defiantly a little girl. Hopefully she’ll get your eyes.” I say, and he chuckles. “They’re much more normal.”

“But if she get’s your mutations, because they messed with your genes….maybe she’ll get mine for her natural color and your talent. I dunno, does the mutation over ride my genes?” Party asks me, and I shrug. “Guess we’ll have to wait to know won’t we?”

“Yeah. I hope I don’t lose her.” I mutter, rubbing where the baby is currently. “Please stick around,” I whisper to it, trying to let it know I loved it. “We really want you.”

“Well, we always did talk about us as a future one day.” Party says to me. “Kids were part of that plan.”

“Yeah, after we got married, if we got married. That plan also involved BLI being a nonentity in the world.” I tell him. Secretly, I’d always kinda wanted to marry him. “This all kinda happened out of order.”

“Yeah, we weren’t scheduled to have a big dramatic fight until month 9, day two.” Party says. “We’re ahead of schedule.”

“By about nine months.” I laugh, and he does too. We laugh for a while longer. “I can’t believe I said all that stuff earlier today Poison.” I tell him, and he nods.

“We both said stuff we didn’t mean out of anger, and we both regret it.” He agrees.

“Well, I’m sorry. Honestly I am.” I say, and he laughs. “What?”

“It’s just funny. We’re laughing like how we used to when we first got together, like around two months in. How just one look at the other person makes us laugh, and that laugh makes the other person laugh. And then we dissolve into this big giggling fit.”

“Good, I want the baby to think that its parent’s know how to laugh.” I tell him firmly.

“What’s this about parents?” He asks me, and my heart starts to hammer. “Who said I was going to help you at all?” All my worst fears are coming to be. My heart feels like it’s about to explode. I start crying again, turning into a hormonal mess. Baby ella, please stop making me so emotional. I’m emotional enough as is. “Oh, baby, I’m just messing. I’m sorry!” He says, hugging me.

“One tear and you fall all over yourself to help me.” I laugh into his shoulder, taking a deep breath. “One request for now.”

“Sure!” He says, sounding a lot happier than he was earlier today.

“No smoking around me. Unless you want a sick baby, no smoking around me. Period.” I say, and he sighs. “That’s kinda a big thing to me.”

“Fine.” He agrees to my condition. Usually, I’d kiss him. But, because of my pesky little boyfriend situation…that wasn’t going to happen no matter how bad I wanted it to. “I wonder what the littlest Way is going to be like?” He says, more of a thought then an actual question.

“Rambunctious, amazing, beautiful, smart like her daddy, funny like him too with any luck.” I tick off some of the qualities I loved in Poison.

“I just want her to be an individual.” He says. “Beautiful means having to deal with boys somewhere down the road.” He frowns.

“Are you actually planning her teenage life when she’s not even born yet?” I ask him, giggling. “Silly Party Poison.” I ruffle his hair playfully, and he crinkles his nose.

“I’m not a puppy!” He says with a laugh.

“I think she’ll be an individual, I mean, look at her parents. Both rebels, both a tad bit on the wild side when they want to be.” I try not to purr that last sentence, but I do. His eyes widen a miniscule amount, and mine flush to a bright pink. I struggle to rein it in, not give him the wrong idea. Too late. His mouth is already furiously working against mine. Please don’t let this be a dream. If it is, I don’t want to wake back up. My hands wrap around his neck, pulling him closer. I climb onto his lap, closing as much distance between us as possible. He pulls away from me, a sharp and sudden pull.

“This is wrong.” He says. “You said you wouldn’t do that to Ghoul.” He mutters. “God, you look so…kissable.”

“Then kiss me. I don’t care if it’s wrong. I want you to.” I tell him. “Please?” He complies, acting like it’s some big request that he may not be able to fulfill. I know it’s sad, but I’d been without his kisses for less than twenty-four hours, and I was already craving them. I’d missed his lips meshing against mine, the way my body fit in perfectly with his. I don’t want this moment to stop, just stay here, with him, like this, forever. He hums into the kiss, and it makes me feel warm. My tongue and his have started dancing, welcoming each other back. God, I wanted to just call Ghoul up on the radio, shout that it was over, and then resume where Gerard and I left off. But just the thought of Ghoul sucked all the warmth from my body. I pull back as gently as I can from the kiss.

“I can’t…” I start sputtering. “I have to tell Ghoul. Party I have to tell him.” I sob to his shoulder.

“Shh, Sunnie, it’ll be okay. I’ll go with you to tell him.” He says, rubbing my back, trying to comfort me. “We’re gonna have to get more food, because you’re eating for two minimum right now.” He instructs. “Wow. I can’t believe we’re gonna have a little kid.” He says, and we both release each other from our hug. It’s slow, painful almost.

“Have you talked to it?” He asks me. I nod, and he starts laughing. “Well fine, I guess I have to then don’t I?”

“I doubt anything we say matters at this point, I mean, he or she’s only like, two and a half weeks old if my math is right. Heart’s beating, but I dunno about anything else. I never really learned that whole deal. I mean, I remember my mom being pregnant with my little sister. But it’s not like I got a whole run down of what all was happening.” I tell him, and he smiles.

“Well, still.” He says, and then touches me lightly. “Hey there you. I’m your dad. Uh, hi. Mom’s gonna eat, so you aren’t hungry or anything. I know your gonna be awesome, just like your parents are. We love you, and know you’re going to be perfect.” He says, and moves away from me. “Remember that your mommy and daddy love you very much, and try not to make mommy too emotional, she get’s worried about you so easy. I promise to keep you safe, even before you’re born. I’m sure you’ll like it here at the Academy, it’s pretty cool. Uh, remember we love you, and to not make mommy too sick in the mornings. We don’t really like her vomiting. So yeah. We love you.”

“I’m sure he or she loved the uplifting message.” I laugh to him, though I want to cry with happiness over the fact that he’s willing to help me here. Most guys around here would back out; offer to help pay for it to be “taken care of” in the towns somewhere. I refused to do that to this to my baby. She or he was mine. And I was going to love this baby, no matter who was going to help me raise it. I’d do it on my own if I had to.

“Do you want to sleep in here tonight? My bed is comfier, and we have tomorrow off, cause it’s Saturday. We can go to Dr. Death Defying, tell him. Can I tell Kobra Kid?” He asks me excitedly. “I want to tell him I’m gonna be a daddy!”

“Party Poison, let’s wait until I’m sure this little baby is going to make it until we tell people. I’ll make sure Kobra Kid is the very first person we tell together, other than Fun Ghoul.” I tell him, and nestle back into his chest. “I’ll be spending the night here. I don’t want to sleep alone. Not when I have the option of sleeping next to the guy I love.”

“Well, the guy you love wants the girl he loves and their baby right here next to him.” Party whispers to me. “Do you want my jacket to sleep in?” He asks, and I nod, stripping my shirt off down to a tank top. It was bright red, and made of soft cotton or some other material that I loved the feel of. It shrunk when I washed it, making it a bit tight for me. But, in my current state, it hung off my frame. I planned on changing that, to protect the little person inside me. I rub at my stomach, approximately where my baby is. A jacket is draped over my shoulders, a blanket over the both of us. I tug the jacket on, and suddenly remember a large important detail of this whole pregnancy thing. This wasn’t just my baby. It was Party’s too. This thing was half of him.

I didn’t even care that we ran the risk of Fun Ghoul finding the two of us. Party had his arms wrapped around me, hands resting where a baby was. My hands very carefully moved to rest on top of his. I felt safe with him, like a little bubble of happiness encircled the both of us. I close my eyes, letting myself drift off to sleep in his arms.

(Party’s POV)

The girl I loved was sleeping in my arms. My jacket covered her. We shared a blanket. My kid was inside her. Mine. So why was she still with my best friend? Didn’t my long declaration of love for her do anything? I thought there was something in that kiss.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe there wasn’t anything there. Maybe she was just playing the role, because she’d soon be my kid’s mother. Oh God, that was scary. How could I’ve done this to a 19 year old? Ten years ago, she’d be on some crappy reality TV show because of it. But with BLI in charge, she’d have to hide it.

What if there was a raid? If she got hurt, or worse, taken by BL/ND again, they’d find out quickly that she was pregnant. And they’d make sure that wasn’t a state she was in for long, no matter how much she loved her baby. There was no doubt in my mind that this little one was mine, I’d been the only guy in this time frame that it could possibly be. I highly doubted she’d cheated on me, because she’d spent nearly every night in my Block, or I spent nearly every night in hers after our anniversary. This little thing inside her was definitely half me, and obviously half her.

She mumbles something in her sleep, something I’ve come to expect from her. I catch the word baby. I wondered if maybe she was dreaming about her kid, what he or she would be like. Would we even get to know ahead of time? That’d require going into the towns, which might be dangerous for her. I wasn’t exactly like most people there had flaming red hair, or a girlfriend that was knocked up. That was for married people, or so we were taught in school. Not that I much paid any attention, but still, the general message was conveyed.

A radio crackles. “Hey, you ever get a chance to talk to Sun? Rage keeps worrying about our food supply for some reason. Is Neon back to eating again?” It bothered me how Kobra Kid knew all about everybody’s ticks, everybody’s insecurities, everybody’s secrets. This was one secret he couldn’t know for another few weeks. I doubted I could wait that long. “Poison? You there?”

“Yeah, I’m here Kobra.” I tell him. Sun wakes, I’d been too loud. Without realizing the radio was on, I coo to her. “Sh, go back to sleep baby. It’s fine. This is a dream.” I say, and Sun nods.

“mm, okay. Love you.” She says, and goes back to sleep, cuddling into me. I rub her stomach, trying to comfort her back to sleep.

“Party, who’s with you in your Bunk?” Violet’s voice pops up on the radio.

“Yeah, I’m here. Uh, yeah, I got to talk to her. It didn’t go well.” In my head, I say something much different. It went amazing, I figured out that in about nine months, I’m going to be a father. Surprise! But, I don’t say that out loud, not knowing what campers might be on the radios they’d made from part’s they’d stolen or traded for. “Uh, nobody?” What was supposed to be a nice, confident statement came out as a question. Brilliant.

“Liar. I’m coming to your Block right now.” Kobra Kid says. Before I can do anything, before I can get Sunshine up and outta here, Kobra Kid is busting through my doors, pulling his helmet off. “I honestly hope that’s not what I think it is.”

I turn, withdrawing my hands from where they rested on Sun’s. Putting a finger to my lips, I mmove to Kobra Kid stealthily, so as to not wake Sun up.

“Easy there.” I say, leading the pair of us outside. Shutting the door behind me quietly, I motion for him to start walking with me. We walk a ways away from camp in complete silence, and I’m the first to speak when we do. “It wasn’t what it looked like.” I say to him, and he raises an eyebrow.

“Then what was it? Because to me it looked like your buddy’s girlfriend was nice and wrapped in your arms, fast asleep!” He doesn’t sound angry, just confused and anxious. He knew something was up, and I had to hide it from him.

“It was her sleeping there because she was exhausted, and had just helped me with something.” I lie easily. Well, the exhaustion wasn’t a lie. I’d be exhausted after a day like this.

“You’re lying to me Party. Don’t lie to me!” He says, sounding angry. “Ghoul already knows something is up. He said she sounded nervous on the radio.”

“Look, what if I told you she had a problem?” I ask my brother. “She’s in some major trouble, and she needed to talk to me.”

He looks skeptical. “What kind of problem?”

“The kind that could hurt her.” I knew having a kid hurt. I mean, c’mon, consider the logistics. “It could hurt us all really, if word got out about it.” Another lie. I’m sorry Mikes, but it’s necessary right now. You’ll know in good time….

“What? You mean her pregnancy?” I let my jaw drop. “Oh God, did you not know?”

“No, I did.” I shake my head, trying to clear it. “How did you know?”

“Waking up every morning and puking…the fact that she looked so nervous every time she saw you. How during fight class, nobody was allowed near her stomach or abdomen. How she kept touching her abdomen.” He ticks off symptoms. “Oh come on dude, how did you not know?”

“How is it that you always figure this stuff out?” I ask him. Sadly shaking my head, I continue. “So, what do you suggest we do?” I ask my brother.

“I suggest you two decide if you want to keep it or not.” Mikey tells me. I nod. “Uh, you two have decided right?”

“We did.” I say bluntly.

“And?” he carries the word out, waiting for a reply.

“You’re gonna be an uncle.” I tell him. “But you can’t let Sun know that you know, because we’re gonna tell everybody soon.”

“Uh, Hey.” Ghoul says, showing up behind us.

“HI!” I say, sounding over excited. “What’s up Ghoulie?”

“Anybody seen Sun? She isn’t in her Block.” He sounds worried. “She seemed upset today. She kept shoving food down her throat.”

“I think she’s just scared that she isn’t eating enough,” Mikey starts a lie easily. “Defying finally got to her.”

Frank accepts this lie easily. “Oh, that’s good. Uh, hey, I was kinda considering something.” He says, walking with us now. My smile is tight, bordering on fake looking. I wanted to rub it in his face, rub it in that his girlfriend had my kid growing inside her. I wanted to rub it in his face that she was keeping my kid, letting me call myself daddy.

“Oh, what is it?” I ask him, and he pulls a cigarette out of his vest pocket, and lights it. I grab one from his pocket, lighting it on my own lighter. “Nothin to serious I hope.” I pull off my cigarette, glad to be able to have one. No baby to worry about here.

“Uh, I was just wondering when it would be…tactful to have Sun and I tell people we’re dating?” Fun Ghoul asks us. I try not seethe with rage. She was going to be mine soon enough.

“I’d say about…two weeks?” I offer my advice. Too bad she’ll be busy sleeping next to me in two weeks…

“Party,” he says, but I cut him off.

“We can use our names around here.” I tell him, taking another drag off my cigarette, as does Ghoul.

“Gerard, why are you being so nice about this? I thought you hated her. You wouldn’t even look at her when she apologized. You called her all sort of horrible things, kicked her, beat her. Emotionally, she’s done with you.” Oh, how wrong you are dearest Frankie. I love her so much, and she loves me just as much.

Another drag off the illicit cancer stick. “I just want my best friend to be happy. We had our goodbye kiss; everything ended how it needed to. You two will be good together.” As long as it lasts. So basically, another week and that girl is mine all mine.

“Oh, well thanks.” Frank says, giving me a nod of appreciation and taking a pull off his stick.

“No problem buddy. So you hit that today?” I ask, putting the cigarette between my lips and tracing an outline in the air of a girl’s body in the air. The cigarette goes back in between my fingers. “Didn’t hear anything, and she wasn’t flushing like she usually does.”

“Hey, I’m not discussing our sex life with you. You’re the ex-boyfriend; you don’t get to know that stuff.” He says with a laugh, blowing smoke rings. I follow suit, laughing with him like we used to. “Man, what happened to us?”

“A pretty pair of color shifting eyes and a nice smile made us kinda go crazy.” I lie. I fell in love, you did too. Not our faults, nor hers. Just…nature.

“Yeah.,” Frank laughs, and it brings me back to good times. “Remind me why we sprung her again?”

Because I’d been in love with her since pretty much the moment I looked at her? Is what I want to say to my oldest friend, to let him know why we sprung her from the labs. “Dunno, something, or rather, a purple haired someone, told me to.” I laugh, blow some more smoke in his general direction.

“I remember the old us.” Frank starts to look slightly dreamy as we approach the Block we started outside of. “The us that used to kiss for the heck of it.”

“I remember the us that fought constantly.” I sound bitter, and he knows I am. “The us that never wanted to commit, because the black haired one of us was too busy chasing pretty girls in bars, while the taller one of us was waiting for him back here.”

“I remember the us that used to talk for hours, fall asleep together.” He counters. He sounds wistful. “I remember the us that stopped talking for two months because of a girl.”

“A girl that the tattooed one of us now has.” I mutter, letting my resent for letting Sun go show very clearly. “A girl that I totally don’t want.” I cover the lie.

“The short one of us knows that the red head is lying.” Frank says, throwing his cigarette to the ground and crushing it with his boot. “And I want to know why you keep lying.”

“Because I’m protecting people.” I say, the god honest truth. “Mostly me.”

“Oh, don’t give me that crap!” Frank says, sounding angry, but keeping his voice normal in tone. “Don’t go all angsty on me.”

“You know what?” I ask, throwing my still lit cigarette to his feet. “I’m not going all angst ridden on you Frankie dearest. I’m telling you that I honestly don’t want to get to close to people, because if Sun get’s taken again, I will lose it, I will shut down.” I tell him. He stops short.

“Where is she right now?” He asks me. I stay silent. “ANSWER ME!” He screams, and a ray gun comes out of a holster when I keep silent again, giving it away. Block lights flip on, and student’s come pouring out of them. My ray gun is drawn in a flash.

“I’m not telling you.” I taunt him. If he shot me, it was his mess to clean up when Sun’s baby didn’t have a proper daddy. He could deal with having to bury my body, watch Sun sobbing. He could deal with the broken pieces.

“I’ll shoot you.” Frank says. “Tell me where my girlfriend is.”

“No. She has a right to privacy.” I say, watching the entire school circle up around us. “You really want to shoot me Ghoul? Go ahead, just make sure the entire camp sees you do it. They can take you up in front of council for murder, watch you get tried and sentenced. I’ll go down, but guess what….you’ll be taking Sun with me.”

“Party!” A menagerie of female voices scream, busting through the crowd. Sun appears, flanked by Infernal and Rage, both of whom are running as fast as they can. Violet Rage tackles me, knocking the gun from my hand.

“I assume she told you?” she whispers to me, and I nod. “Good. Don’t hurt her or I’ll kill you.”

“I don’t plan on it. I’m working on getting everything cleared up right now. If you would get off me, that’d be great.” I growl to her, still a whisper though. “Just let me deal with it.”

“By deal with, you mean reveal that Sunnie has a little baby ‘joy growing in her? Then no, no I will not get off you.” She laughs at my request.

“No, I meant shoot Fun Ghoul, thus claiming Sun.” I whisper back. A punch lands on my jaw.

“No shooting him. It’d kill her.” She growls. I throw my weight to the right, sending Violet and I rolling around. That’s when I see something quite worrisome. “What the heck?!?!?”

Neon Sun, my Neon Sun, my baby’s mother, is now wrapped around Fun Ghoul.

{(Fun Ghoul’s POV)]

Suck it Party! That’s all I can think when Neon starts sucking my face off –not that I’m fighting it- in front of the entire group of students. She jumps into my arms, still attacking me with her kisses. There’s something though, something out of place. Something isn’t quite right, and I can’t put my finger on what it is. Instead of putting my finger on it, I put my lips on hers. Fair enough tradeoff in my opinion.

“You little!” Party screams at us, and my girlfriend breaks from me, arms staying around my neck. She looks scared, and shocked, and a whole mess of other emotions. I hug her to me tighter.

“Easy there spider monkey.” I whisper to her, and she giggles. “We can get close later.” I purr to her.

“You little bit-” Party starts to scream at Sun. I cut him off, moving closer to him.

“Don’t call her that!” I scream at him, dropping Sun, who lands with a screech on her stomach. Her hands fly to her stomach. She mouth’s something, looking down. I don’t catch it. He moves closer to her, and lifts her up, really carefully. He moves to hug her, and her hands stay on her stomach. She probably has bruises from where he beat her today.

“You stay away from her!” I scream at Party. “Stay away from my girlfriend.” I growl the words, approaching him. He let’s go of her. “Look red head,” I start to talk, but he just laughs.

Party scoffs before speaking.“She was never yours in the first place, so don’t call her your anything.” He’s taunting me now. He wants a reaction? He can have one. “Don’t order me around; I’m not your slave, or your play toy.”

“Maybe he was trying to help me because I fell!” Sun screams, trying to get our attention. “He was just trying to help me Fun Ghoul!”

“Stay out of it Sunnie.” I growl to her. “Go to bed.”

“NO!” She screams at me. “Don’t tell me what to do!” Great, we were having our very first fight in front of the whole camp. “I’m not your possession, not your puppy dog. Don’t tell me what to do with myself! I’m the strongest person here, and you can’t tell me what to do!”

“Go to bed!” I command.

She crosses her arms, huffing. The whole crowd of students stay silent. Violet put’s an arm around Sun, and Infernal Heartbreak is clutching at her head. “No. I’m gonna stay here and watch you and Party duke it out. This is over me, and I deserve to watch.” She takes a brave step closer to me, and when we’re face to face again, I have the strongest urge too lash out and hit her, shove her away from me, anything to make her leave for a moment.

“No,” Party says, and I see Sun soften, take a step back. “Sunnie, you need to get rest.”

“I know, I know.” She huffs. “Please don’t kill each other.” She begs, and then starts clutching at her head to. She rubs her temples, and stops touching her head. “You all! Students, excluding upperclassjoys, need to go to bed immediately!” The student’s all grumble. “And if I catch a WORD about this on the radio, we’re all going running, doing extra cardio, and you’ll be getting up two hours earlier, and going to bed two hours later every single night for the next two weeks!” She screams at them, and the new kids -along with everybody that’s not an upperclassjoy- run for their tents or makeshift shelters.

“You two, finish this.” Violet says. Party glares at me.

He shakes his head at us. “No. This can be dealt with later. Sun is in no condition to have this kind of stress on her right now.” Of course he’d try to be the peacemaker. Just like him, to worry about her and use it as an excuse to not settle this like men.

“I’m fine Poison!” my girlfriend is practically fighting to keep her eyes open, and Violet is supporting her weight. “Really am fine.” She mumbles sleepily, and she stands up straight, trying to fake alertness. She slumps, and her weight, suddenly just dead weight, is too much for even Violet. Sun falls, asleep on the ground. I move to get her, but the redhead in the group of us pushes past me, hurrying to her. Party Poison picks her up, carrying her in his arms. Who did he think he was? Carrying around my girlfriend like that? That was my job!

“Because you can’t be a gentleman or a man at all, I will carry the object of your affections to her Block, because I’m a man and have decided to leave you with your pride.” He sneers at me, and Sun. “Sun and I will be visiting you sometime this week to talk with you, so we can sort some stuff out. I’ll be calling a meeting for all instructors as soon as possible.” He declares, and walks off, breaking the crowd of upperclassjoys to make his way to Block Juliet. I see him walk inside, and not reappear.

“Why are you still here?” I snarl to the student’s. Man, I was pissed off. “Get your scrawny, underachieving, out of shape butts to bed! We’re going for intense training tommrow. Talents, physical, interrogation, fight, everything!” I snarl, and they race for their bunks. “Run faster!” I scream at them, and they do.

Stupid kids. Always ruining things.

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