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Authors Note

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Slightly important. Contains a clue!

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EHey Party People!

I'm writing this on my phone, so apologies for my typos! So, I have some news for you!

1) I'll be updating the moment I can. Double update, cause I love you guys!
2) much thanks for OVER a 1000 views. You have no idea how much that means to me. I honestly have an authors note written thanking you all, a few of you in particular.
3) just an FYI, if you review, I tend to update faster. Just wondering if anyone noticed ;)
4) I've gotten a TON of questions cooralating to Neon Sun and Dancing Spark. I'll be explaining them in a seperate note!
6) I'm starting another fiction! Wanna know about it? Review and you get a hint.

Hopefully, nobody kills me for what goes down in the following chapters. I know lots of you have a favorite person, and I regret having to do what I did to one of them. But, the plot needed it to happen.

Oh! Another thing! Sun's baby needs a name! A real name. Review with ideas for both boys and girls, it'd be SUCH a help for me! I know you're all going"but wait! Where's our hint?" OPEN YOUR EYES KIDS! It's somewhere in here!

Other than that... Still dreaming of all my chapters being rated to a five, and the whole thing being rated to a five! I'd love it so much if that happened!

One last thing... Welcome To the balck parade.

Destroy something perfect,

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