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"Shit! Jet? Holy… Jet Star? You okay?" Fun Ghoul started to frantically flap around, as he saw a gaping laser wound in, a screaming and crying, Jet Star's shoulder.

"Does it LOOK like he's okay, Fun?" Party replied, pushing him out of the way, so he could get a clear view of the injury. Party drew an intake of breath, as he saw the amount of blood and burnt body tissue, "It doesn't look in great shape, but I don't think it'll cost you your arm." He reassured Jet, as the poofy-haired man was trying his best at holding back the tears. Screams of pain were emanating from him, as the blood still endlessly poured out.

"We've got to take him inside or something." Fun screeched from behind Poison

"Well done, for pointing out the obvious Sherlock. But there's not much we can do, until Double K gives us the all clear."

"What the hell is Kobra even doing?" Jet spoke through gritted teeth.

Party sighed and took in a deep breath, "To cut it long story short; He's going out of the back door of the diner, Sneaking around the boulders and then hopefully cutting off the shooter." He put emphasis on the hopefully.

"And there's obviously no floors in that plan…" Ghoul mumbled sarcastically.

"Shut up and help me clean the burn." Party started, as he pulled out a bottle of water, from his jacket pocket, "Pour this on the burn, bit by bit. I'll try and get all the dirt out." As he finished the instruction, he pulled out his bandana from his pocket, and started to pour a bit of the water onto the bandana, before passing the bottle to Ghoul.

"Fine" Ghoul sighed.


"Now, if I were you, I'd do exactly as I say. Because I'm feeling a bit trigger happy, at this moment in time." Kobra spat, as he shoved the end of the ray gun, into the back of Nuclear's neck. Nuclear tensed up, but managed to nod her head in agreement. "Don't try any clever shit, because it won't work, and you'll be dead on the floor before you can even say 'Coffee'. Understand?" Nuclear reluctantly nodded her head again.

"Good. Now WALK!" Kobra growled, before shoving Nuclear in front of him. She tripped over her own feet, before regaining balance.

"Fuck you!" She spat, wishing she didn't have a ray gun aimed at the back of her head.

"You wish." Kobra replied. Nuclear and Kobra reached the diner doors within seconds. "Guys! It's okay. You can go inside, if you want!" Kobra didn't shift his glance or move his ray gun, from Nuclear.

They heard a slight shuffling sound, and a couple of mumbled cursing, before seeing three men stroll from around the corner of the wall.

Nuclear almost instantly grew butterflies in her stomach, as she recognised them.

"FUCK YOU! What the fuck do you think your doing? You blew a hole in my SHOULDER?" Jet Star screamed at the girl, who was backed up against the diner window, with Kobra's gun pointed at her face.

"To bad it wasn't your head." She growled in response.

"Bitch!" Jet shouted back, before pulling his ray gun, back out from his holster and pointing it point Blanc at her temple. Party Poison and Fun Ghoul stood behind him, death-glaring Nuclear. "Who are you?" Kobra snarled, "And what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Piss off." Nuclear Acidity spat on the floor in response, which earned her a smack over the head by Jet's gun.

"I said, 'who are you'." Kobra Kid repeated.

"And I said, 'Piss off'." Nuclear shot daggers at him. Obviously not keen on having two ray guns pointed at her head, and four mean staring at her, wishing to kill her.

"Get the fuck into that diner!" Party spat, before lurching forward and grabbing her t-shirt, dragging her inside. The other three quickly followed him. Once inside, Party still held tightly onto Nuclear's T-shirt, with Fun Ghoul right behind him. Jet and Kobra holstered their guns, and locked the door behind them.

"Here, Jet. Let me have a look at that." Kobra stood analysing Jet Star's shoulder.

"I'll be fine. It just burns like a bitch." Jet reassured both himself and Kobra.

"That really doesn't look 'fine'" and with that Kobra kid led Jet Star off into another room, before closing the door.

Party threw Nuclear into the wall, at the side of the Diner, before unholstering his gun and jabbing it into her forehead. "You're a fucking Drac, aren't you?" he screamed in her face. Fun Ghoul stood just behind him.

"Do I look like a Drac? Or are you blind as well as stupid?" She replied, whilst staring at the gun in her face.

"This is going to be a long night" Fun Ghoul sighed.
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