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Everything just keeps getting worse

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"Well we're not the stupid one's, who just got themselves caught, are we?" Party sneered, only to receive a growl from Nuclear.

"Want to play that game, do we?" She grinned back. But before Party Poison even had a chance to react her knee had collided with his crotch, causing him to instantly flinch and remove his gun from Nuclear's temple. This only resulted in him getting shoved to the side, as the troublesome teenager bolted for the door.

Nuclear could almost feel the cool air from the outside desert; she reached out and nearly had the door handle in her grasp…

Until Fun Ghoul grabbed her waist and forcefully pulled her to the ground with him. He pushed all of his weight on top of her, before straddling her waist and holding her arms by the side of her head.

"I think you just lost at your own game, Miss" Fun chuckled at her, only to receive more struggling from Nuclear. He turned his head, only to see his redheaded friend curled up on the floor holding his crotch, "Hey P? You alright down there?" Fun almost-giggled at him.

"Umpf" was the only reply he received.

"Kobra! We could do with a little help in here?" Ghoul shouted to the door that his two friends past through minutes before hand.

The door shot open, as Kobra's head popped out from around the frame. His eyes almost widened at the sight of his brother on the floor, holding his crotch, and his best friend straddling a teenager.

"What on EARTH, has happened? I leave the room for barely ten minutes and my brother turns into a cripple, and you've managed to floor a teenage girl." Kobra chuckled, "I do wonder about you two sometimes."

"Okay, K. You've had your fun. Just help me get her into the spare bedroom." Ghoul nodded his head towards the still-struggling Nuclear.

"It would be my pleasure" Kobra sarcastically replied before walking over to Fun and dragging the teenager off to the bedroom.


"Sir!" Draculoid 091 ran up behind Korse, who was busy admiring his 'Exterminated Killjoys' list. Korse knew that he would never be happy until all the Killjoys were exterminated, which would ensure he got revenge for his wife's death.

"Sir! News has been received about Jenny" Korse span around on the spot.

"All is well, I presume?" He inquired, having all the faith in the world in his daughter.

"Yes sir. No alerts have been given, or called in. Since her last message. If she's stuck to her schedule she should be infiltrating the Killjoy's base by now." The Draculoid reported with a straight body posture.

"Very well. Thank you very much. Make sure to report anything, as soon as possible." The Draculoid bowed slightly before running off, back though the corridor he emerged from.


"You bastards! Let me the hell out of here!" Nuclear was banging on the bedroom door, she was currently locked in. The Fabulous Killjoys had taken her gun and backpack, so she was left with no way to escape.

'My dad's going to go mad…' She thought to herself as she slid down the wall and slumped into the corner.

'or even worst. They're going to go mad when they look in my bag…' Her head rested on my knees, as all sorts of thoughts were going through her head, about how the four Killjoys will react, when they search through her belongings and piece the pieces together.

'Well done, Jenny. You've got yourself in a fine mess, here. Ah…shit'

_In Another Room_

"Party? I'm pretty sure you're not going to like this…" Jet Star called over to Party Poison, who was sat in one of the booths, sulking.

"What now?" Party mumbled half-heartedly.

"Well. You know the girl?" Jet started,

"The same 'girl' who kicked me, pushed me to the floor and tried to do a runner? Yes, I have a feeling I know that girl"

"Will you calm down about that? Anyway. I'd take a look at this," Jet Star chucked a ID tag towards the stroppy-killjoy, who swiftly caught it.

Party Poison shifted in his position, so he could lean over the ID tag and read the writing more clearly.

Party Poison swallowed deeply;

The laminated, white, plastic rectangle had clear, bold, black writing across the top stating; 'BL/ind'

On the left hand side, a photo of a teenage girl was stuck on, with the writing:

'Jenny. ID no: 170281315. Deputy Head Exterminator/ Bounty Hunter'

Party looked up from the card, to Jet, and then back down at the card.

"Shit. She's…"

"Correction, P. They've found us."
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