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Chapter 3

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George gets a response from Pattie.

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A few days later, George got a letter back from Pattie. He had told her to send any responses to the studio, so the others were there when he opened it.
“What’d she say? What’d she say?” Paul asked repeatedly.
“Boy, Paul, you sound like a little kid at Christmas!” John joked. Paul ignored him.
George’s mind was racing. He couldn’t wait to see what Pattie had said. He had waited to hear from her, and now she was finally responding to him! He fidgeted with the letter, and stumbled upon opening it. When he finally read what she had to say, the smile he had put on his face slowly vanished and twisted.
“What’s wrong, Geo?” John asked. “What’d she say?”
George crumpled up the letter and threw it on the ground. He then left them to sit on the couch. Ringo picked up the letter and read it with the others. It said:
Mr. George H. Harrison:
Nice try. Too bad you didn’t write it!
Miss Patricia Boyd
“What song did you use?” Paul asked.
“’Do You Want to Know a Secret?’” he responded.
“Hmm… why not try another song- maybe one you wrote?” Paul suggested. George nodded his head.
The boys then got back to work, and George thought of the perfect song for Pattie. He just couldn’t wait for work to be over.
A few days later, Brian picked up the phone.
“Hello, Abbey Road Studios? …Yeah, he’s here. Hold on-,” Brian put his hand on the receiver end of the phone. “George, it’s for you.”
George got up and took the phone from Brian.
“’Ello?” he answered. Then, his eyes grew wider and a smile grew on his face. “Pattie? I thought you weren’t talking to me! …Oh, what’d you think?” His happy expression became concerned as he listened. Then, it became angry. “That’s not what I meant!” he shouted at the phone. “Besides- you were off key!” He angrily hung up the phone.
“What’d she say?” Paul asked.
“She just wanted to return my letter. I used ‘Don’t Bother Me’, and she sang-,” Then, in a girly voice, he sang, “I won’t come around, I’ll leave you alone, I won’t bother you!”
“Why not just write a new song?” Ringo suggested. “She could see that you took time to do something for her!”
“Hmm… I’ll think about that…,”
“And while we’re thinking, why don’t we get some work done, hmm?” Brian said. With that said, the boys got back to work.
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